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Business Data Analytics Real World Application


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Many times we hear people talk about Data Analytics and how it can benefit your business. No more jargon, let's talk specific business real world applications

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Business Data Analytics Real World Application

  1. 1. Business Data Analytics #BigData #DataScience #DataMining #DataAnalytics #MachineLearning
  2. 2. Real World Applications
  3. 3. Competitor Benchmarking
  4. 4. Market Trends
  5. 5. Demand Forecasting
  6. 6. Collecting Processing Analyzing Customer Data
  7. 7. Promo client response
  8. 8. Data, not intuition
  9. 9. Learn Customer Behavior Patterns
  10. 10. Identify business opportunities
  11. 11. Learn expected Customer Experience
  12. 12. Thank you