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Learning Sessions #6 Residency Incubator: InterActive Theater Company


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Learning Sessions #6 Residency Incubator: InterActive Theater Company

  1. 1. Residency Incubator ProgramClass of 2013Participant:Program Term:09/2010 – 08/2013Contact:Robb
  2. 2. Participant Profile:“The mission of InterActive Theater Company is to engage and inspire childrenthrough live theater productions that reflect their own experiencesand challenge their own understanding of the world in which they live. ”• Incorporated in 1999• Operating budget ending July 2010 = $179,397• Number of Board Members in August 2010 = 4• Full time paid staff in August 2010 = 2• Main challenges we faced prior to the Program:• Financial Viability• Venue Constraints• Poor Marketing Strategy• Non-existent fundraising strategies• Lack of participation by Board of DirectorsEnters Residency Incubator Program September 2010.
  3. 3. 3• Hired a Marketing Director for 2/3of program.• Development of online promotions tothe point where IATC was completely ableto promote the entire season.• Development of marketing plan has begun& improved.•Provided much needed technologyimprovements that aided ticket sales.•Provided a central office while searchingfor a new home/base.•Working with other focused incubators wasencouraging.• Provided funds to expand contractemployees in crucial areas.• Improved awareness of proper boardfunctions; board more active in fundingmatters & growth.• Board turnover / transition waseasier due to involvementin the Incubator program.•Increased company’s health and improvedthe way funders perceived IATC•Able to retire any debt.•Contracted development consultant.Money(Revenue /Expenses)Management(Board & Staff)Marketing/PRSystems(admin / facilities)Outcomes SummaryWhat difference did the Incubator program make?
  4. 4. Financial Profile$194,659$213,402$179,397 $160,546$114,902$155,000$175,000$195,000$0$50,000$100,000$150,000$200,000$250,000Jul-08 Jul-09 Jul-10 Jul-11 Jul-12 Jul-13 Jul-14 Jul-15OperatingBudgetRevenue Expenses Linear (Revenue) Linear (Expenses)Residency Incubator Program(September 2010 to August 2013)Actual ProjectedYearEnding
  5. 5. Board Management ProfileWhat difference did the Incubator program make?Board Profile 2010 2013# of Board Members 4 4Board President Michael Foster Randall Neighbour% of Board Giving 100% 100%Active Committees None 2% of current BODserving consecutivelysince 2010n/a n/aProvide a brief statement on changes in board management &governance throughout the Incubator Program.• InterActive has undergone a complete restructuring in the past 3years. The Board is active in fundraising and each member isessential for the aid they lend to the recently appointed ExecutiveDirector.• Each individual on the board is more qualified and experienced inthe non-profit sector than in past years, when our board consistedof friends and family.
  6. 6. Staff Management ProfileWhat difference did the Incubator program make?Staff Profile 2010 2012Executive Artistic Director Angela Foster Robb Brunson# of Full Time Staff 2 1# of Part-Time Staff 1 0# of Contractual Staff (nonartist contract)1 4# Artists Employed 11 18$ Total Fees to ArtistsEmployed35197 19,155% of Artist fees to TotalExpenses29% 20%Provide a brief statement on changes in staff managementthroughout the Incubator Program.• Robb Brunson has taken over as executive director mid-waythrough the program. As EAD, he is implementing a plan of usingcontract labor to help the company grow in fiscal health, whilethey settle in their new location, and grow audience & cash flow.• The next position added to the administration will be inMarketing, an area neglected in the 16 year history of InterActive.
  7. 7. Organizational ChallengesOrganizational Challenges(September 2010)ChallengesAddressed?(2013)INDICATORS(Indicators measure whether or not your organizationaddressed these challenges.)Financial Viability – although current board hastaken a more active role in ITC’s financial activitythan previous Board in the company’s history.YesReduction of Administrative overhead, implementation of contractstaff, and the creation of new year round programs have allowedInterActive to increase cash-flow and pay off 3 years of debt.Venue constraints: location on the extreme edgeof downtown has prevented ITC from increasing ourmarket and expanding our operations; makingaudiences stagnant & limited to school groupsfacing budget cuts.YesWe are planning for our 3rd Season of Plays at the Heights Venue,which wishes us to stay for as long as we wish. We are currentlyworking with the managers to sign a 3 year lease. Our Audiencenumbers have increased for each production, and our Saturdaysare well attended due to a pre-season sales campaign and ourlocation is in an historic neighborhood.Poor marketing strategy: need to capitalize onBVA marketing retreat, development of marketingplan, and donated website redesign byimplementing goals on the marketing plan.OngoingOur website has been very effective for channelling ticket sales,and our online marketing has reached more new audiences for thepast season than ever before. Pre-season sales sold 1,296 tickets.Non-existent fundraising strategies: implementgoals set forth on completed strategic fundraisingplan that begun May 2010 w/ consultant SaraKellner.YesHeld our first fundraiser in 6 years-successfully, there was anincrease in pre-season ticket sales in the 2nd year of onlinemarketing, Contributions went up 200% FY13, and ticket sales areincreasing. Summer programming has been scheduled to helpwith cash flow issues.Board of Directors: inactive & in violation of by-laws from 2005-2009; in the last year however,these non-participating Boards retired & 4active/new board members are recruited.OngoingThe Board increased their contributions 200% and participated in anew season fundraiser, which brought in an increase to individualcontributions of 2000%. In the process of recruiting 3-4 newmembers before fiscal year’s end.
  8. 8. Vision for GraduationOrganizational Goal(September 2010)GoalAchieved?(2013)INDICATORS(Indicators measure whether or not your organizationachieved your organizational goals.)Expansion of board members from 4 to 10 withsame high level of financial support (100% giving)NoWith the changeover of EAD, the past board rolled off, and a new boardwas brought in. Currently, we are attempting to recruit. Our goal byyears end is 7-8 members.Significantly broaden ITC audiences, w/ betterperformance schedules, a variety of larger &accessible venues, & collaboration with arts orgs.YesThe Heights offers us 10 schools to groom for regular audiences, on topof our 4 county wide list of school patrons. Our new space seats 400and has been tested this year with audiences reaching 375. We havecollaborated with city, ocrchestral, theatrical and dance organizations.Implementation all goals of the 2010 marketingplan with measurable success of audience growth,higher performance attendance, & increasedperformance revenue; measure 3 year performanceto assess & modify marketing plan accordingly.OngoingThere was a 20% increase in audience numbers this season, despitefinancial short-comings in the first quarter, which did not allow for anyprint materials this season. Season 2013-14 will be announced earlythis year, and materials will be mailed before the end of the school year.Have a regularly assessed fundraising plan andannual fundraising eventOngoingNew leadership requires a new plan, however there was a successfulfundraising event in September that brought in much needed finances.Next year’s fundraiser is already in the planning in position to hire a Development Directordetermine what fundraising & fund development willlook like for IATC (revised 11/2011)NoWe will continue to utilize Development Consultants, as they have beensuccessful. Rather, we will shift our focus to marketing and increasingticket sales. Our goal is an increase in ticket sales of 50%, which wouldbe a return to 2008 audience numbers.Move into a permanent venue that will allow forthe next phase of ITC artistic evolutionYesWe have found a space that serves our purposes in a neighborhood thatis arts, education and family friendly. The managers of this space feelthat we help the space fulfill it intended purpose and provide funds fortheir programming.
  9. 9. Keys to Success•In addressing future Incubator candidates,what did you do right that proved to becritical in completing the Program?oHired the right people with AdministrativeFunds - The added responsibility of managementof CBI funds helped us to look outside of ourcomfort zones and seek experienced help.oListened - opened my ears to the possibilitythat other people’s experience(s) had somethingto teach me. Even if a topic had nothing to dowith InterActive’s programming, it was essentialto look at everything as if it was. Inspirationcomes from strange places sometimes.oBonded with fellow incubators - no non-profitis an island. It is helpful to know that othercompanies struggle with the same issues.Insert photo 4
  10. 10. Lessons LearnedWhat were your significant course correctionsin the Incubator Program?oA complete restructuring of our company:administration, production and network. Theonly aspect left unaltered? Artistic.Did you learn anything through the Incubatorthat would have made you do thingsdifferently from the start of the Program?oChanged leadership earlier, so that trainingwould not be lost.oWould have included more of the staff intraining programs.oWould like to have jumped on board soonerwith consultants and programs offered. Thereis so much offered, it is good to experience asmuch as possible, even if it is not a good fit.(Chances are it will be good.)
  11. 11. Summary of Future PlansWhat happens next with your organization(programming and infrastructure?•Adding a Marketing Director, IncreaseContract Staff, recruit Board Members.What are your future targets (programming,fundraising, board/staff growth, etc.)? Whathas to happen to achieve them?•Increase Educational Workshop Programming.•Develop neighborhood relationships withNeighborhood Schools (PTAs & teachers)•Increase Ticket Sales 50% ( return to audienceattendance from 2008)•A board of 8 members.
  12. 12. HaikuPlease summarize our Incubator experience of 3years into at least 3 lines.A house plant knocked overNeeding light, water, & food...A 3 year green house!Grants, Ads, Boards, Sales, Asks,Vend, Plan, Write, Print, Flow, Lead, Meet...HAA, did you say?...Aaaah : )Raise funds for overhead?I just want to entertain!In-Cu-Bat-Torz, Ho!(That’s to be read as a war cry, not insinuating that we put out.)