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Learning Sessions #6 Residency Incubator: FrenetiCore


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Learning Sessions #6 Residency Incubator: FrenetiCore

  1. 1. Residency Incubator ProgramClass of 2013FrenetiCoreProgram Term:09/2010 – 08/2013Contact:Rebecca FrenchExecutive/Artistic Directorrebecca@freneticore.net713.449.8375www.freneticore.netInsert photo 1
  2. 2. Participant Profile:“FrenetiCore is a non-profit organization that offers creative community experiences to thepublic through the presentation and promotion of original theater, dance, film, music and visualart in Houston, Texas.Frenetic Theater promotes the creation and presentation of new work in Houston, TX byproviding an accessible venue for the exhibition of performing and visual arts; offers adult andchildren’s educational outreach programs; and produces an annual Fringe Festival to promoteoriginal performance art in Houston, TX.FrenetiCore Dance maintains a company of artists who perform collaborative and innovativemulti-media dance theater performances under the direction of Rebecca French.”• Incorporated in April 2003• Operating budget ending December 2009 = $92,761• Number of Board Members in August 2010 = 8• Full time paid staff in August 2010 = 0• Main challenges we faced prior to the Program:• Staff: understaffed at time of application.• Board Development: need guidance in board governance and implementation of long-term strategic planning.• Financial Management: lacking in financial planning, budgetary restrictions, saving, and investing funds.• Funding: majority of income to performance costs and theater renovations.
  3. 3. Outcomes SummaryWhat difference did the Incubator program make?•Incubator grant enabled us to hire apart-time Marketing Associate.•A Marketing Committee was created tohelp support the marketing efforts.•Marketing Plan was created and alignedwith Development Plan to increaseefficiency.•Having a dedicated office spaceincreased productivity.•Incubator co-workspace was great for staffmorale, collaborations, & information gathering.•Office interns had enough space to work,increasing organization’s productivity.•Officing in Montrose was convenient whenscheduling meetings with fellow directors &artists.•Incubator participation contributed to awareness ofappropriate board size and minimum givingrequirements for the organization.•Committees have been formed and meet regularly.•Executive Director is better at delegating tasks andholding staff accountable.•Conferences, seminars, and learning sessionshave been incredibly valuable in educatingstaff and board members in variousaspects of nonprofit management.• Involvement in the program increased funders’confidence in our administrative abilities, increasingthe size of grant awards.• Created a Finance Committee and recruited 2accountants to serve on the organization’s Board•The organization now has a savings account withoperating reserves in case of emergencies.•Planned and executed our first gala eventwith advice and guidance from fellowIncubator participants.•Planned and executed our firstannual campaign via mail.Money(Revenue /Expenses)Management(Board & Staff)Marketing/PRSystems(admin / facilities)
  4. 4. Financial Profile$106,795$92,761$138,728$195,795$207,147$240,000$270,000$300,000$0$50,000$100,000$150,000$200,000$250,000$300,000$350,000Dec-08 Dec-09 Dec-10 Dec-11 Dec-12 Dec-13 Dec-14 Dec-15OperatingBudgetRevenue Expenses Linear (Revenue) Linear (Expenses)Residency Incubator Program(September 2010 to August 2013)Actual ProjectedYear Ending
  5. 5. Board ProfileWhat difference did the Incubator program make?Board Profile 2010 2013# of Board Members 8 12Board President Jodi Mclaughlin Katie Jozwicki% of Board Giving 70% 100%Active CommitteesNominations,FinanceNominations,Finance,Development, Fringe,Marketing% of current BODserving consecutivelysince 2010n/a >10%• Board management and governance has vastly improved sinceFrenetiCore joined the Incubator program.• The organization has implemented best practices including:increasing board size and seeking out more business leaders toserve as members, finding a strong president to lead the board,increasing minimum giving requirements, forming newcommittees, having an annual board retreat to engage members,and enrolling the board to help with our first annual gala.• FrenetiCore learned about these practices from participation invarious workshops, seminars, and conferences provided by theIncubator program, as well as one-on-one discussions with pastand current CBI recipients.
  6. 6. Staff ProfileWhat difference did the Incubator program make?Staff Profile 2010 2012# of Full Time Staff 0 1# of Part-Time Staff 2 2# of Contractual Staff 0 0# Artists Employed 23 49$ Total Fees to ArtistsEmployed$9,467 $23,142% of Artist fees to TotalExpenses7% 11%Provide a brief statement on changes in staff managementthroughout the Incubator Program.o The Executive/Artistic Director hired additional help withadministrative duties in order to focus more on the programmingside of the organization.o Time management and task accountability for staff memberswas implemented. Each staff member logs their daily activities in adocument that the other staff members and board of directors canreview. Deadlines are met more effectively with the entire staffworking together on key tasks.
  7. 7. Organizational ChallengesOrganizational Challenges(September 2010)ChallengesAddressed?(2013)INDICATORS(Indicators measure whether or not your organizationaddressed these challenges.)Staff: understaffed at time ofapplication.OngoingOur staff size has grown and under-performing staffmembers have been replaced, and we’re currentlymaking the most of multiple interns for assistance withtheater, administrative and marketing tasks.Board Development: needguidance in board governance andimplementation of long-term strategicplanning.YesOur Board of Directors has increased in size to 12 andgrown in quality. We are going through the process ofcreating and implementing a strategic plan through theAccelerator grant.Financial Management: lackingin financial planning, budgetary restrictions,saving, and investing funds.OngoingThe organization still struggles occasionally withfinancial planning and inconsistent rental scheduling. Asavings account has been created and maintained.Funding: majority of income toperformance costs and theater renovations.Yes/OngoingThe majority of income comes from grants and theaterrentals, new efforts are being made to secureindividual/business donations through fundraisingappeals and an annual gala event. Income is being usedless for renovations and more for staff payment andincreased programming.
  8. 8. Vision for GraduationOrganizational Goal(September 2010)GoalAchieved?(2013)INDICATORS(Indicators measure whether or not your organizationachieved your organizational goals.)Expand an extracurricular kidsprogram to teach the arts tounderserved youth in East EndOngoingFrenetiKids began in 2010 and has grown each year. Bypartnering with Ripley House for the 2013-12 schoolyear the program serves over 40 East End area childreneach week.Generate enough income to maintainor increase programming,improvements, increase staff,marketing efforts, saving, & investingin funds.Yes/OngoingWe have expanded our programming to includeFrenetiKids, weekly teen/adult dance classes, Artist-in-Residence program and Artist Board. Our otherprograms including theater rental and Houston FringeFestival have continued to grow. A savings account hasbeen created.Increase 2 full time employees and 2-3 part time employees to successfullymanage FrenetiCore.NoFrenetiCore has 1 full-time employee, 2 part-timeemployees, 4 interns and an increasingly helpful andenergized Board of Directors.Implement strong governance &board development.Yes/OngoingBoard size has grown to 12 and multiple committeeshave been established to better support the needs ofthe organization.
  9. 9. Vision for GraduationOrganizational Goal(September 2010)GoalAchieved?(2013)INDICATORS(Indicators measure whether or not your organizationachieved your organizational goals.)Create an umbrella 501(c)3, East EndArts Coalition, to better serve localartists and arts groups throughenhanced marketing, groupfundraising, special events, grants,and local business relationships.Not yetThe local groups we began the East End Arts Coalitionwith weren’t able to put the time in to ensure the newgroup’s success. This project will happen within thenext two years. We believe the Port of Houston 100year celebration in the East End in 2014 will kick startthe coalition again.Become a recognized dance theatercompany with at least one out-of-state performance tour.Yes/OngoingFrenetiCore has become a well recognized and respecteddance theater company in Houston, with 2-3performances each year at Frenetic Theater as well asinvitations to perform at local festivals and events.FrenetiCore performed at the 2010 New Orleans FringeFestival and will continue to seek touring opportunities.Exercise strong financial stewardship,solvency, and long-term stability.Yes/OngoingOperating reserves in a savings account, strong Boardof Director membership, checks and balances in placeregarding financial reporting.Become an established venue fornational touring performances.Yes20% of theater rentals are from touring groups, theHouston Fringe Festival draws an increasing number ofout of town performers each year.
  10. 10. Keys to SuccessIn addressing future Incubator candidates,what did you do right that proved to becritical in completing the Program?oWe were open to working with otherorganizations in supporting each other throughcross-promotion, event attendance, donatingitems and services, and bartering.oWe met the requirements of the program bycompleting assignments on time and fulfillingour obligations.oMost importantly, we sent Jerome pictures offunny cats with captions.
  11. 11. Lessons LearnedWhat were your significant course corrections inthe Incubator Program?o Employees and board members that weren’tcontributing were replaced.oTime management and task accountability forstaff members was implemented.oThe Executive/Artistic Director hired additionalhelp with administrative duties in order to focusmore on the programming side of theorganization.Did you learn anything through the Incubator thatwould have made you do things differently fromthe start of the Program?oIn general, we learned that being flexible andopen to change enables organizations to surviveand thrive. Repeating mistakes in staff and boardmanagement will only hold an organization back!
  12. 12. Summary of Future PlansWhat happens next with your organization (programming and infrastructure?• Currently building an office space inside Frenetic Theater for staff, a newrehearsal space to meet increased rental demand, and the outdoorspace will become a new performance area.• Recently began an Artist Board to further local artists’ development andcollaboration. Provides free performance/exhibition space to members.• Committed to having at least 5 interns working weekly in the office andtheater, and increasing current level of donated goods and services.• Expansion of FrenetiKids, collaboration with Children’s Prison ArtsProject, summer dance workshop featuring Otis Cook of Pilobolus, planout of state performances for the dance company.• Strategic Plan will be created and implemented by July 2013.What are your future targets (programming, fundraising, board/staff growth,etc.)? What has to happen to achieve them?• Board of Directors will reach 15 members (currently 12) by 2014—needto enroll current members to help recruit.• Increase individual /business donations and grants by 30%--staff , board,and interns will work together to ensure success!• The dance company will perform at the Cullen Theater by the end of2013—need to work with HAA to secure donated night at Cullen.• The Houston Fringe Festival will increase audience attendance by at least30% from last year—HAA Marketing Grant will be invaluable, also needto make sure Fringe Committee is working to ensure great attendance.
  13. 13. HaikuWe all wear ten hatsCash flow headaches are exchangedHeroes bring cookies.We’re making HoustonMore alive and enrichingYou are not alone.Insert photo 7