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Learning Sessions #6 Residency Incubator Dance Source Houston


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Learning Sessions #6 Residency Incubator Dance Source Houston

  1. 1. Participant: Organization logo here Program Term: 09/2010 – 08/2013 Contact: Stephanie Todd Wong Executive Director 713.224.3262 www.dancesourcehouston.orgResidency Incubator Program Class of 2013
  2. 2. Participant Profile: The mission of Dance Source Houston is to nurture and support contemporary dance artists, the organizations that present them and build audiences for contemporary dance in the greater Houston area.• Incorporated in September 2004• Operating budget ending June 2010 = $74,582• Number of Board Members in August 2010 = 3• Number of full time paid staff in August 2010 = 0• Main challenges we faced prior to the Program: • Board Capacity • Development & fundraising inadequate • Staff Capacity • Metrics • Impending departure of founder/President/Executive Director Enters Residency Incubator Program September 2010.
  3. 3. Outcomes Summary What difference did the Incubator program make? •New Treasurer •Revamp entire Board structure •Quick Books training for staff members •Hired the organization’s first paid full time •Implementation of financial internal Executive Director controls •Implementation of yearly Board retreat •Better process for completion of 990 •Completion of the organization’s first •Better process for creation and strategic plan approval of yearly budget •Better more consistent fund raising Money Management (Revenue /Expenses) (Board & Staff) Systems Marketing/PR (admin / facilities)•Acquired Barnevelder •Redesign of Dance Card Movement/Arts Complex •Implementation of better social media•Developed a policies and procedures strategies handbook •Awareness of the need for consistent•Created accurate written job descriptions messaging for each staff position•Developed a process for employee review
  4. 4. Financial Profile Residency Incubator Program (September 2010 to August 2013) $250,000 $229,460 $208,600 $200,000Operating Budget $150,000 $120,000 $107,147 $99,688 $98,619 $100,000 $67,253 $74,582 $50,000 $0 Year Ending Jun-08 Jun-09 Jun-10 Jun-11 Jun-12 Jun-13 Jun-14 Jun-15 Actual Projected Revenue Expenses Linear (Revenue) Linear (Expenses)
  5. 5. Board Management Profile What difference did the Incubator program make?Board Profile 2010 2013# of Board Members 3 7Board President Christina Giannelli Christina Giannelli% of Board Giving 100% 100% Finance DevelopmentTypes of Committees None Board Development Facilities% of current BODserving consecutively n/a 29%since 2010Provide a brief statement on changes in board management &governance throughout the Incubator Program.• Our board has doubled in size while a part of the Incubator program. And while still small, each of the current members if very active and engaged in the organization.• Committees have been added to address the issues of finance, development, board development and facility management.• Overall, a much stronger infrastructure has been put in place to help support the organization and its staff.
  6. 6. Staff Management Profile What difference did the Incubator program make?Staff Profile 2010 2012# of Full Time Staff 0 1# of Part-Time Staff 3 2# of Contractual Staff 0 5# Artists Employed n/a n/a$ Total Fees to Artists n/a n/aEmployed% of Artist fees to Total n/a n/aExpensesProvide a brief statement on changes in staff managementthroughout the Incubator Program.• Hiring the organization’s first full time, paid Executive Director was a pivotal step on our development. This created a clearer delineation between the board and staff and provided more consistency to our programming and development efforts.• While Dance Source is still operating at its current staff capacity, it is leaving the program in a much better position to continue growing.
  7. 7. Organizational Challenges Challenges INDICATORS Organizational Challenges (September 2010) Addressed? (Indicators measure whether or not your (2013) organization addressed these challenges.)Board capacity: alternative leadership & board • Grew board of directors from 3 to 7capacity not in place to manage ED departure; size remains Ongoingtoo small & board tasks devolved to staff or neglected; • Would like to add 3 more by end of FY13Development & fundraising inadequate: • Implemented PatronManager CRMdonor base too small; current donor tracking is rudimentary Ongoing • More consistent fundraisingat best; no one 9n-house with experience in corporatesponsorship development • Donor base still too smallStaff capacity: need more staff hours to improve and • Hired first full time Executive Directordevelop new and existing programs; must engage more • Refocused the programmingdance community/volunteer involvement but currently lack Ongoingthe staff or board member capacity to develop/implement • Acquisition of Barnevelder = need for theatreplan manager • Implementation of quarterly member meetingsMetrics: need metrics for measuring health of dance • Completion of Strategic Plan based on feedback Ongoingcommunity and effectiveness of DSH programs. from the community • Launch of Who’s There pilot programDeparture of founder/President/ExecutiveDirector – unpaid role as ED whom experienced admin Yes • Hired first full time, paid ED in July 2011burn-out
  8. 8. Vision for Graduation Goal INDICATORS Organizational Goal Insert photo 4 (September 2010) Achieved? (Indicators measure whether or not your organization (2013) achieved your organizational goals.)Increased number of Board Members with effective • Board has grown to 7board subcommittees in areas including finance, Ongoing • Committees set up in areas of finance, development, boarddevelopment, governance (4 by 2011; 12 by 2012; 15by 2013). development and facilities • Budget and cash flow have been improvedA balanced budget and debt completely discharged. Ongoing • Debt to Founder still outstanding, but has not increasedAcquisition and implementation of development Yes • Implemented PatronManager in May 2012management software. • Secured 2 year grant from Houston EndowmentRealistic development/fundraising goals including a Yes • Developed a consistent development calendarplan to increase individual & corporate giving. • Successfully implemented an IndieGoGo campaignMetrics and information gathering systems to assessour impact and effectiveness in the community and to Ongoing • Preparing to launch a pilot of the Who’s There programvarious subcommittees. (TRG)Updated and refined mission statement & feedbackfrom the board & staff indicating clear understanding Yes • Completed the organization’s first Strategic Plan in June 2012of mission, vision, and goals. To be addressed at12/2011 Board Retreat.
  9. 9. Keys to SuccessIn addressing future Incubatorcandidates, what did you do right thatproved to be critical in completing theProgram?oBe open to changeoMake the time to focus on infrastructureoGet everyone (Board, staff, otherstakeholders) on boardoAsk for help
  10. 10. Lessons LearnedWhat were your significant coursecorrections in the Incubator Program?oSeparating staff and boardoCreation of strategic plan andrefocusing of programsoAcquisition of BarnevelderMovement/Arts ComplexDid you learn anything through the Incubatorthat would have made you do thingsdifferently from the start of the Program?oIncluded more staff in the processduring the first year of the program
  11. 11. Summary of Future PlansWhat happens next with your organization(programming and infrastructure? R /1 o eher:F F • D rs W . F 1 8- T nyF ree all ive e orks F 2/1 K wingW T C m U F rA • R 5 no hen o o e p o ir S 3 6 A inte c ,pe rm tiveins lla A /1 n ra tive fo a ta tion S 2/1 Rc dP duc nsa D B T a r. A 6 e ke ro tio nd rive y he te• Revisit the strategic plan cm o bininga m ic da ea rt, us , nc nd la ge T e va . D rs Wrks ngua . im s ry ive e o . www rs wo .org. • .dive e rks Afluidthe tric l jo y indulgingin a a urne , thee ra no repo xhila tio f s ndingtothe m m nt. 8 . T P to o o o e pm he ho bo th n M ntro e www rinre k.c m• o s. .e c o T 1 9- F ingD e• K re S sDnc .• U /2 ram anc a n toke a e T 1 1 E a l pe rm nc .T e va . H /3 duc tiona rfo a e im s ry F 2/22 Sattered • Sc tyfo thePrfo ing R c o ie r e rm Develop new programming Z . www re to s nc .o • ilkha .ka ns ke da e rg A . U c m ny M tio us e re rts K o pa , o nho e xplo s thehum nre tio hipwithwa r. 8 . a la ns te pm F 2/1 C S :L G R ullen eries es randsB allets Clle www pa us n.o •• S 2/2 C A anadiensdeM ntréal • W o orks u n. .s ho to rg arthen • Erthe Grow, grow, grow (Board, staff, inc Cnta a FurSa o by lude a ta nd o e s ns Ita nc o phe M uroB nz tti. lia hore gra r a igo e S 2/23 E entallyE A lem V se Dnc C pa . T c m ny’s e s ls a e om ny he o pa a n 8pm C n. www tonba t.o • development) . ulle S 2/2 H us nC D eInvitatio A o to ity anc .hous lle rg nal 1 thc le tiono B c H torym nth 5 e bra f la k is c m sne c m s dwork, o bine wly om isione o C Dnc . Prform nc sbylo a ity a e e a e cl s gere a a SS P d . T e ta pris ls nd i e ue e im s c m nie . 7 0pm C Dnc S . o pa s :3 . ity a e tudio va . Z . www vs nc .org • ry ilkha .e da eWhat are your future targets (programming, www us nc nc .c m • .ho to ityda e o H 1 a ayadère • H to B lle A T 2/2 - L B ous n a t. S 3 brillia firegod,opiumdre m a a U /2 nt a s nd o n aptured • E J C a e M tio C RC Dncfundraising, board/staff growth, etc.)? What M nth. Ac nc rt o da eo film o o e f nc n . c s te ple toldthro c sic l ra hing m , ba t withato ho B lle ugh la s a uc f ollywoo T e d. im s 8pm E J C www rjc ho ton.o •has to happen to achieve them? S 2/9 M heleB A ic . RC. .e c us rg rangw D eE em en anc ns ble va . B wn. www us nba t.o • ry ro .ho to lle rg F 2 2 C tial M hanic • B yA a R /2 eles ec s a re• Cnte po ryd nc toliv o l o m ra a e e rigina m s . T e va . B rne e r. u ic im s ry a v lde S 2 3 H tonB lle &T a . Ac ctio A /2 ous a t he tre olle n 3 new Board members www ngw nd nc .o • Cm .bra e a e rg o panyE• E J C a eM nth. RC Dnc o o inno tiveworks 7 . D s f va T a r. www hbt.o • he te . pm e tiny .ba rg S 2/23 R rittenInS ne • U nSuls• A e ningof c re gra from n ve ho o phy A e/W to rba o Dnc Cm ny Cle tingthe a e o pa . e bra Part-time theatre manager and Is e a S in,pre e dbythis Ws ra l nd pa s nte a hingto ba e c m ny 8pm n s d o pa . . 1 0tha rs ryo theE a ipa n 5 nnive a f m nc tio P c m tio 8 . U C n. ro la a n. pm H ulle E J C www rjc hous • RC. .e c to development staff T 2/1 Im vis M ic&D e • T y U 2 pro ed us anc he , S 2/24 V U www ns uls nc c pa .c • .urba o da e om ny om enturingO • “the ...inthe ut re W S ho ound. F a e turingN o B r ic le indle• a L s Sa s 7 0pm H rdy& nd e lie c te . :3 . a sunlight.” a Rdne F il Dnc nd e rrus e a e Build our donor base N nc S e S . www c boo a e tre t tudios c m ve /25 7 1 1 3 3 / • o /e nts 06 6 6 7 06 8 .fa e k. Cm ny Inform l pe rm nc s rie o pa . a rfo a e e s withadis usiona re e n. 5 . c s nd c ptio pm C Dnc S . www yda e rg • ity a e tudio .ya nc .o H 4 alentine’sS w • V uL A ria T 2/1 V ho a t. e l burle ques wby V uL s ntsa s ho a t tude nd S 3/2 M hM edB • C Dnc . Wrks A arc ix ag ity a e o te c rs 8pm V uL H us n. a he . . a t o to inprogre sb S re eCm ll a s y he s a pe nd www tonic us n.c m• .gyro ho to o J m eV la. 4 . C Dnc S . a ie ile pm ity a e tudio www us nc nc .c m• .ho to ityda e o
  12. 12. Haiku Safe haven for changeDig deep to nourish the roots Emerge to take flight