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Learning sessions #6 Residency Incubator brazilian arts foundation


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Learning sessions #6 Residency Incubator brazilian arts foundation

  1. 1. Participant:Insert photo 1 Organizatio n logo here Program Term: 09/2010 – 08/2013 Contact: Mauricio Campos President/CEO 713-557-8022 Residency Incubator Program Class of 2013
  2. 2. Participant Profile:“Our mission is to build community through the preservation and sharing of the Brazilian culture.” • Incorporated in December 2001 • Operating budget ending December 2009 = $180,515 • Number of Board Members in August 2010 = 9 • Number of full time staff August 2010 = 1 • Main challenges we faced prior to the Program: • Staff Capacity • No formal fundraising strategy • Need to develop non-artist volunteer base • Effective method for reaching new constituentsEnters Residency Incubator Program on September 2010.
  3. 3. Outcomes Summary What difference did the Incubator program make?• Increased revenues • New Board nominating• Minimized expenses procedures• Net cash increased last year • Add a Treasurer• Created better budget • First Board retreat • Three new contract staff • New Internship Program Money Management (Revenue /Expenses) (Board & Staff) Systems Marketing/PR (admin / facilities) • Internal controls • New website • Double facility space • New Facebook Pages • Created new programs • Hire contracted • New Marketing Plan with policy and procedures
  4. 4. Financial Profile Residency Incubator Program (September 2010 to August 2013) $450,000 $420,000 $400,000 $370,000 $350,000 $325,000Operating Budget $273,756 $300,000 $281,826 $250,000 $197,336 $180,515 $200,000 $153,981 $150,000 $100,000 $50,000 $0 Year Ending Dec-08 Dec-09 Dec-10 Dec-11 Dec-12 Dec-13 Dec-14 Dec-15 Actual Projected Revenue Expenses Linear (Revenue) Linear (Expenses)
  5. 5. Board Management Profile What difference did the Incubator program make?Board Profile 2010 2013 Insert photo 2# of Board Members 9 4Board President John Denson John Denson% of Board Giving 0% 100% Finance, Fund Development,Types of Committees Fundraising Marketing, Volunteer, Grants, Educational# of current BODserving consecutively n/a 3since 2010Provide a brief statement on changes in board management &governance throughout the Incubator Program.• We created job descriptions and a commitment pledge.• The Board got smaller as we now have four members but they all have a passion for our mission, are donating time and funds and all of them are participating in planning and execution of our fundraising efforts.• We were also able to have our first Board retreat in the end of 2012 which was the first step in developing our Strategic Plan.
  6. 6. Staff Management Profile What difference did the Incubator program make?Staff Profile 2010 2012# of Full Time Staff 1 1 Insert photo 3# of Part-Time Staff 0 0# of Contractual Staff 0 5# Artists Employed 10 20$ Total Fees to Artists 16,345 44,200Employed% of Artist fees to Total 10% 18%ExpensesProvide a brief statement on changes in staff managementthroughout the Incubator Program.- Hire another fulltime staff in the beginning of the program- Divided the same position by three contracted staff, marketing consultant, volunteers coordinator, grants consultant.- Hiring a fulltime office staff to allow President to focus more on Fund and Board Development and also in the Educational and Artistic areas.
  7. 7. Organizational Challenges Challenges INDICATORS Organizational Challenges (September 2010) Addressed? (Indicators measure whether or not your organization (2013) addressed these challenges.)Staff Capacity Ongoing New contracted staff and another fulltime staffNo formal fundraising strategy Yes We have created an annual fundraiser eventNeed to Develop non-artist We have a Volunteers Coordinator and 250 volunteers Yesvolunteer base listed.Effective method for reaching new Ongoing Stronger marketing and more community eventsconstituents
  8. 8. Vision for Graduation Goal INDICATORS Organizational Goal (September 2010) Achieved? (Indicators measure whether or not your organization (2013) achieved your organizational goals.)Increase the number of artistic We focus on non artist volunteers and create contractvolunteers through residency & No with all artists where we paid for every rehearsal andworkshop programs performances.Expansion of current facility to allowfor dedicated office for staff, Yes Double our space in 2012segregated area for language classesand storageIncrease outreach to young people Increase YAH collaboration in schools and created newby working more closely with local Ongoing programs for specific age groups.schools
  9. 9. Keys to SuccessIn addressing future Incubator candidates, Insert photo 4what did you do right that proved to becritical in completing the Program?oStay focus on your missionoClear vision of what you do and who you serveoLearn from others but follow your needsoDon’t spend what you don’t haveoFind the balance between business andpassionoStay connected and listen to your staff, boardand volunteers.oHave the right people in the right position.
  10. 10. Lessons Learned Insert photo 5What were your significant course corrections inthe Incubator Program?oClear vision of how our Board should operateand how members should be nominated.oBetter understanding of how to create abudget.oPolicy and proceduresoJob descriptionsoFundraiser EventoMarketing Plan including a contractual staffDid you learn anything through the Incubator thatwould have made you do things differently fromthe start of the Program?oDividing the Operations Manager position intofour different positions.
  11. 11. Summary of Future PlansWhat happens next with your organization(programming and infrastructure? Insert photo 6• Finish the planning and execute our first fundraiser event in May.• Start two new programs and two new services by midyear.What are your future targets (programming,fundraising, board/staff growth, etc.)? Whathas to happen to achieve them?• Free President’s time to focus more on Fund development, artistic and educational components by hiring a new staff member.• Finalize our Strategic Plan by the end of 2013.
  12. 12. HaikuPlease summarize our Incubator experience of 3years into at least 3 lines. Insert photo 7The incubatora masters degree in thenon profit sector.The P&S staffa support system that keepson giving and believingknowledge we received is foreverfeel much better prepared and confidentto be a great leader.There is no wayWe could be at we are todaywithout support of HAA.