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Learning Sessions #5 Pre Incubator - WindSync


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Learning Sessions #5 Pre Incubator - WindSync

  1. 1. Participant: Program Term: 02/2012 – 1/2013 Contact: Tracy Jacobson Anni Hochhalter Garrett Hudson 908.723.2115 windsync.orgPre-Incubator Program
  2. 2. Participant Profile:“WindSync’s mission is to enrich the lives of children, families, and members of thecommunity through innovative, interactive chamber music concerts and educationalprograms.” • Initially structured through fiscal sponsorship with Fractured Atlas. • 2011 operating expenses = $18,200 • Incorporated in 02/2012 • Number of Board Members = 3 • Main challenges we faced prior to the Program: • Developing a strong support system in the Houston community • Transitioning to a non-profit from Fiscal Sponsorship • Creating standard processes by which the organization functions • Increasing the organizations audience size and fund-raising potential Enters the Pre-Incubator Program on Feb 2012
  3. 3. Outcomes Summary progress during grant term– Salaries paid to all personnel to ensure the highest level of artistic excellence– Free Houston community concert series established (4 concerts)– Anti-bullying campaign launched in Houston elementary schools– Partnerships with the First Unitarian Church on Fannin, KUHA and HSPVA strengthened– Board procedures and interaction with the organization regulated– National recognition received • Grand Teton Music Festival, Artist in Residence WindSync with St. John Flynn from KUHA Jackson, WY The Ghost of Mozart: October 27th, 2012 • Winner of the Concert Artists Guild First Unitarian Universalist Church on Fannin Competition, Adventurous Artist Prize New York, NY
  4. 4. Play Different Project ABOUT THE PROJECT Play Different Project is an awareness campaign about helping children learn to appreciate individual differences and unique qualities. This project engages an even broader system of support beginning in Houston, and reaches across the United States and all over the world. Pilot School: Crockett ElementaryIndiegogo Fundraising 12/10-14/2012Campaign
  5. 5. Use of FundsAwarded $7500 towards administrative and/or programmatic expenses including a part-timeExecutive Director, office rental fees, community programming, & music education concerts. Description1 Amount Type 2 Insert photo 3 The Ghost of $2634.66 Program Mozart Concert The Nutcracker $2,047.51 Program Concert Studio Rent $1,789.30 Admin. Publicity $277.32 Admin. Play Different $750.00 Program Project WindSync performing the Nutcracker Totals= $7,498.79 The Nutcracker and other Bon Bons: December 7th, 2012 First Unitarian Universalist Church on Fannin
  6. 6. Financial Trend $600,000 500,000 $500,000Operating Budget $400,000 250,000 $300,000 130,000 $200,000 104,270.63 $100,000 21,698 $0 2010-11 FY 2012-13 FY 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 -$100,000 (projected) (projected) (projected) Revenue Expenses Linear (Revenue) Linear (Expenses)
  7. 7. Keys to Success and strides made throughout the grant term• Financial Stability • Heavy fundraising early in the process to develop sufficient funds to free the organization from immanent financial worries and focus on achieving goals.• Big Risk for Big Gain • Leaving Houston for one month in order to compete in the Concert Artists Guild Competition. Because of this commitment to preparation for the competition, we were able to win a management contract including concerts internationally and a Carnegie Hall debut recital, November 19, 2014 .• Artistic Quality Above All • Changing personnel by hiring the most accomplished musicians available significantly increased the level of music making and elevated the artistic status of the whole organization.
  8. 8. Lessons Learned and challenges throughout the grant term• 501c(3) and Visa Delays • Working with V&E to become a 501c(3) turned out to take significantly longer than had been anticipated because of a significant number of revisions. • After May 2012 when we had finished all of the revisions, the lawyers at V&E took an additional 2 months to submit the application • The expectation is by February WindSync will be a 501c(3) however it is still unsure exactly when the status will be approved • Lesson Learned: Continually follow up with lawyers in order to ensure that work is being done well and promptly• Incorporating traditional structures and systems into an unconventional organization
  9. 9. Summary of Future PlansThis Season• Henri Tomasi International competition Insert photo 6• Executive Director search• Board recruitmentFuture Seasons• Houston artist collaborations (composers, choreographers, visual artists)• Corporate/community sponsors for school appearances• Carnegie Hall debut• International touring (Europe, Canada, Asia)
  10. 10. HaikuThe arts take strong root Creative souls boundIn Houston bud, grow and bloom By our song and art alliesA bountiful spring Paint this town, Houston