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Learning sessions #5 pre incubator - BooTown


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Learning sessions #5 pre incubator - BooTown

  1. 1. Program Term: 02/2012 – 1/2013 Contact: Emily Hynds Co-Artistic Director 832-541-2861 www.bootown.orgPre-Incubator Program
  2. 2. Participant Profile:“BooTown creates original performance events that combine the traditions oftheatre and performance art with modern interdisciplinary methods.” • Incorporated in 06/2007 • 2012 operating budget = $20,000 • Number of Board Members = 8 • Main challenges we faced prior to the Program: • Board Development • Board Organization • Fundraising • Weak administrative systems Enters the Pre-Incubator Program on Feb 2012
  3. 3. Outcomes Summary What difference did the Pre-Incubator Program make?• Administrative systems and financial schedules in place, such as staff duties, time sheets, etc.• Board more fully understands their duties and participates where appropriate. Board president runs each meeting efficiently and appropriate documents are distributed at each meeting, such as updated P&L reports, a quarterly company update, minutes from the last meeting, etc.. The Board President acts as liason between the Artistic Directors and the Board. Board Binders have been built and distributed to each Board Member• Instituted a Marketing Committee of the Board, which has been instrumental in implementation of existing systems and brainstorming new ideas. We are also in the process of going through a re- brand exercise, something we could not have done prior. We are producing a zine of the best of “Grown-up Storytime,” a theory that has been around for years but is just now becoming a reality.• Baby steps towards creating an outreach program built around the Grown-up Storytime series
  4. 4. Use of FundsAwarded $6000 towards administrative & programmatic expenses including stipends forboth Co-Artistic Directors and payment for a courier to deliver print material (marketing). Description Amount Type Co-Artistic Director $2,350.00 Admin Stipend Co-Artistic Director $2,350.00 Admin Stipend Courier $1,300.00 Program Because of these funding investments we were able to hire a courier to distribute all of our print material, which previously had been the job of the Artistic Directors. The Cast of Mijo, February 2012 We were also able to pay the AD’s a larger stipend, enabling them to focus more time on fundraising, researching on outreach program, and duties related to programming.
  5. 5. Financial Trend $30,000 $25,000Operating Budget $20,250 $20,000 $10,955 $15,000 $10,490 $10,000 $5,000 Actual Projected $0 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 Revenue Expenses Linear (Revenue) Linear (Expenses)
  6. 6. Keys to Success• Setting up our accounting system (Quickbooks) prior to entering the program, or just as we entered, was crucial. Since we already had that going we were able to focus on other areas, such as Board Development, that we were very weak on.• We attended every workshop and learning session possible, even the non-mandatory ones. You never know when someone might say something useful.• After each one-on-one, workshop, lecture or learning session, Co-Artistic Director Emily Hynds made it a point to immediately discuss the material covered with Co-Artistic Director Lindsay Burleson or one of the very active Board Members so that we could ascertain what our potential take-aways from each could be. This helped spread the knowledge beyond one person and “make it real,” so it wasn’t just Emily attending meetings and then potentially forgetting everything that was presented.
  7. 7. Lessons Learned• What were your course corrections? We should have made better friends with our cohorts in the Pre-Incubator program. It’s hard when we are all so busy, but I wish that we had made more of an effort to attend our colleagues events. Networking!• Do you have significant findings from within your organizational structure that might be applicable to or advice for future Pre-Incubators developing their capacity? Diversify! Diversify your board (so that they can help you across a broad spectrum), diversify your fundraising strategies (so you don’t rely on just one Co-Artistic Director Lindsay Burleson directs thing). Also, get that Quickbooks done. It River Bottom Rules, June 2012. makes reporting SO MUCH easier and then you can focus on other things.
  8. 8. Summary of Future Plans• Up next for BooTown this coming season regarding programming and infrastructure: pilot outreach program (March 2013), first edition of GUST Best Insert photo 6 Of Zine (June 2013), addition of online ticketing service (spring 2013), expanded Board of Directors, start of a capital fundraising campaign, completion of Brand exercise.• Future targets: Full scale Outreach Program (create team, goals, and meet regularly to update), create a comprehensive Marketing Plan once Brand Exercise has been completed (utilize experience of Marketing Committee), increase operating budget to $50,000 by diversifying fundraising (focusing on even revenue, grants, and individual donors), grow Board of Directors to 11 members. Puppet works-in-progress for Love in the Time of Lasers, running through February 9, 2013)
  9. 9. Haiku Some days, it’s no fun.Let’s be honest, okay guys? Worth it, we promise. Sarah Haghpeykar reading at GUST in March, 2009