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Learning sessions #5 pre incubator - aperio


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Learning sessions #5 pre incubator - aperio

  1. 1. Participant: Program Term: 02/2012 – 1/2013 Contact: Michael Zuraw, D.M.A. President & Artistic Director 317.517.0225 www.aperioamericas.orgPre-Incubator Program
  2. 2. Participant Profile:Aperio is an ensemble of local and internationally recognized musicians dedicated topreserving chamber music literature through performances that showcasecontemporary composers from the Americas. Through an interactive performanceformat, the ensembles programming examines the art music of South & North America,while revealing mutual impact that each cultural tradition has had on the other. • Incorporated in 03/2006 • 2012 operating budget = $43,187 • Number of Board Members = 4 • Main challenges we faced prior to the Program: • Refining bookkeeping • Board of Directors development • Developing marketing strategies • Documentation of organizational policies and procedures Enters the Pre-Incubator Program on Feb 2012
  3. 3. Outcomes Summary What difference did the Pre-Incubator program make?• What is different now compared to the beginning of the grant term? – Better delineation of roles for directors and committees pertaining to governance, fiscal responsibility, protocols, and procedures. – Transparent presentation of finances and fiscal planning – Greater control of Administrative and Financial Calendar – Better understanding of marketing to promote organization’s mission and cultivate audiences – Implementation of CRM to organize all aspects of the organization’s administration (ticket sales, donations, constituent relationships, etc.) – Organization of Aperio BOD Manual
  4. 4. Use of Funds Awarded $6000 towards administrative and/or program expenses including a part-time Executive Director, program travel expenses, and venue rental.Description Amount Type Insert photo 3Down payment forZilkha Hall Rental for $3,183.80 programtwo dates in 2013-2014 seasonAirfare from Seoul,Korea to Houstonfor composer. $1,591.20 ProgramThomas Osborne forevent at ASTC on6/1/2013Part-Time Executive $1,200 adminDirector• These funding investments enabled Aperio to complete programming objectives for FY 2013, increase potential ticket revenues for FY 2014 with bookings at a larger venue, and support artistic director compensation.
  5. 5. Financial Trend $90,000 $80,000 $73,830Operating Budget $70,000 $53,138 $60,000 $48,650 $50,000 $41,910 $40,000 $30,000 Actual Projected $20,000 $10,000 $0 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 Revenue Expenses Linear (Revenue) Linear (Expenses)
  6. 6. Keys to Success• Thoroughly evaluate financial controls for Insert photo 4 greater transparency in bookkeeping and budget planning• Continually compare the organization’s objectives with the means of achieving them keeping an eye on sustainability• Establish clear communication between the action committee and other directors• Study all learning materials and brainstorm with action committee members for ways to implement new strategies through the chain of command in a timely manner• Work from the perspective that fiscal realities frequently control artistic outcomes, but don’t forget that your product is the key motivator for generating future support
  7. 7. Lessons Learned• It is SUPER important to continually evaluate the clarity of your bookkeeping. Proper planning cannot be built upon overly complicated or unrefined financial reporting.• Marketing effectiveness is not the same thing as high-visibility advertising. The continuum of marketing efforts run the gamut from trivial social media interactions to relationships with important people in the media.• Artistic integrity and fiscal responsibility can be viscous rivals. They can also enjoy a symbiotic relationship with properly established boundaries.
  8. 8. Summary of Future Plans• Aperio will balance programming to include presentations for larger audiences, which will support other events in more intimate settings. Insert photo 6• Implementation of PatronManager CRM• Aperio plans to grow its Board of Directors to eight members within four years• The organization will have an executive director in four years, with two staff positions (artistic director, administrator)• Development of a marketable educational program within two years• Future targets include: six concerts per season, residencies, ticket revenues reaching 30% of budget, development of corporate underwriting. Marketing and development plans will support accomplishing these goals.
  9. 9. Haiku Insert photo 7Artistic Integritywill lingerthrough sound fiscalhusbandry