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2013 01 24 learning sessions 4 presentation meca


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2013 01 24 learning sessions 4 presentation meca

  1. 1. Client: Grant Term: 10/2011 – 09/2012 Contact: Alice Valdez, Founder and Executive Director 832-865-6157 www.meca-houston.orgSustainability Program – Phase II
  2. 2. Mission and Vision MISSION• MECA is a community-based nonprofit organization committed to the healthy development of underserved youth and adults through arts and cultural programming, academic excellence, support services and community building. VISION• MECA’s vision is to be a nationally-recognized multi-cultural community center know for its:• High Quality Instruction, performance and demonstration of the performing, visual and cultural arts• Excellent academic and social support services for youth and their families• Leadership in building partnerships that celebrate cultural diversity• Special events and celebrations that reflect our diverse communities Dia de los Muertos Altar Tour & Workshop Quail Valley Middle School
  3. 3. Use of Funds Increase financial sustainability through Board and Staff intervention, thus strengthening MECA’s capacity to deliver ongoing programs. ( Towards the use … ) Key Activities Key Deliverables• Decide on formal membership system/campaign • Implement BOD approved policy on MECAfor MECA membership system, with immediate staff• Leverage Crowdsource funding tactics implementation• Cultivate Former Board Members • Initiate 6 week$5,000 KickStarter (crowdsource)• Identify staff person to assist Development campaign for inspection certificationDirector • Host Committee of former BOD & MECA Alumni• Hire a full-time Development Director confirmed• Implement PatronManager (PM) software • Confirm Non-Profit Management Intern Position• Develop & solicit MECA teacher curriculum • Development Director Hiredprogram • Conduct Org wide PM training by Jessica & Mardi• Establish org wide policy on program fees to • Initiate 6 week $5,000 KickStarter (crowdsource)increase earned income campaign for youth work program• Increase corporate & foundation support (local & • Master Educational Intern is ready with materialsnational) to solicit schools & community centers• Create multi-tier level of services for schools, tour • Development, Program, & Music Directors makebuses, visitations, etc. recommendation (for fee schedule) to A. Valdez • Increased Corporate Support by $50,000 & foundation support by $200,000 • Create 10 new arts education programs
  4. 4. Use of Funds Continued Key Resources• MODE $20,000 funding• MECA Administrative Staff• MECA Program Directors•MECA Development Staff•Hired Additional part time staff •Anniversary Gala Coordinator •Art Curator •Graphic Artist•All Board Members•MECA Advisory Board•Gala Planning Committee Katrina at Calavera Rendevous Style Show Collaboration with The Art Institute of Houston
  5. 5. Outcomes & Indicators ANTICIPATED ACTUAL INDICATORS SHORT TERM SHORT TERM (Indicators measure whether or not a program achieves its OUTCOMES OUTCOMES expected outcomes. ) (beginning of grant) (end of grant)Improve Cash Flow Improved Cash Flow 7 New Corporate, Govt., & Foundation Grants Awarded $58,000. Anniversary gala gross revenue - $60,563.00 Gala cash revenue included $7,600 from 11 new corporate donors In Kind donations for the gala from 15 new corporate donors valued at $13,300 Cut Summer Arts Day Camp for 2012 – reduced payroll & overhead for building utilities
  6. 6. Outcomes & Indicators ANTICIPATED ACTUAL INDICATORS SHORT TERM SHORT TERM (Indicators measure whether or not a program achieves its OUTCOMES OUTCOMES expected outcomes. ) (beginning of grant) (end of grant)Increase new ways to build Increase new ways to build •90 new gala sponsors, donors,sustainable funds (i.e. Individual sustainable funds (i.e. Individual and businesses that advertisedgiving & earned income). giving & earned income). will be cultivated for ongoing support of MECA •15% Increase in Tuition for Classes starting Fall 2012 •Increased Annual Contracts for Space Rental - 1 more space $6,000 annually •Rolled out MECA Membership plan to gala attendees •Rented 2 more rooms net $6,000 annually •Increased rental rates for daily use of rooms and auditorium •Reserve Fund - Working on challenge grant to raise money for 2 months operating funds
  7. 7. Outcomes & Indicators - Continued ANTICIPATED ACTUAL INDICATORS SHORT TERM SHORT TERM (Indicators measure whether or not a program achieves its OUTCOMES OUTCOMES expected outcomes. ) (beginning of grant) (end of grant)Increase “footprint” in the Increase “footprint” in the •3 Dia de los Muertos School Tourscommunity via educational community via educational – Over 350 students and teachersprograms, building programs, building collaborations on MECA Campus learned aboutcollaborations & new audiences. & new audiences. Dia de los Muertos customs for ofrendas, participated in an art project, and viewed the altars. •Julio Martinez, Harpist with Mariachi Vargas, master class at MECA and performance with HSPVA Orchestra and Mariachi Ensemble •Jewish Community Center Dance Camp •“Mariachi High” & Lemon Film screening with Houston PBS& KUHF – 250 attendees at Talento Bilingue de Houston •Main Street Theater & MECA “Musica del Cielo Pastorela”
  8. 8. Outcomes & Indicators - Continued ANTICIPATED ACTUAL INDICATORS SHORT TERM SHORT TERM (Indicators measure whether or not a program achieves its OUTCOMES OUTCOMES expected outcomes. ) (beginning of grant) (end of grant)Increase “footprint” in the Continued •Main Street Theater & MECAcommunity via educational “Musica del Cielo Pastorela”programs, building •Advertising in new wayscollaborations & new audiences. • “Houston Press” • “Mi Familia” • Azteca 51 Trade Agreement •Several other collaborations, classes and workshops El Librotraficante Underground Library Ballet Folklorico Workshop Jarana class Accordion Competition with Heritage Arts Productions Houston Heights Orchestra American Festival for the Arts Nameless Sound – Pauline Oliveros workshop KPFT Community Program
  9. 9. Outcomes & Indicators - Continued ANTICIPATED ACTUAL INDICATORS SHORT TERM SHORT TERM (Indicators measure whether or not a program achieves its OUTCOMES OUTCOMES expected outcomes. ) (beginning of grant) (end of grant)Review staff realignment & Review staff realignment & invest •Hired Development Director ininvest in staff performance. in staff performance. May 2012; •Reassigned 2 Interns to assist Development Director and Executive Director for grant research, gala planning, Dia de los Muertos marketing. •Staff attended conferences NPN Americas; United Way Outcomes sessions – 6 page report created to use for statistical tracking of outcomes •Adjusted responsibilities of management staff
  10. 10. Outcomes Summary• Eliminated use of Ticket Web• Implemented PatronManager Online Ticket Sales• Dia de los Muertos Ofrendas (Altars) – changed set up deadline to 1 week prior to the start of the festival• Art Curator Critical for Success – Designed, planned, executed displays for the Gala photography exhibit and Dia de los Muertos altars and art – Critical to look and feel of the building for those large events.• Many attendees at gala had never been to MECA’s campus. Many said they will return for future concerts and festivals. Dia de los Muertos Altars
  11. 11. Keys to Success Encouraged Board and Leadership team to start implementation of MECA’s Strategic Plan Solicited gala sponsors from list of large donors from recent years Solicited gala sponsors from new sources including friends of board members, businesses along Washington corridor, and restaurants New Development Director caught up on grant requests from sources who have historically supported MECA, then began applying to new funders from research in the Foundation Center system MECA and Dow School Anniversary Gala 35th/100th Hired new visual art curator with Committee Co-Chairs and Sponsors funding
  12. 12. Lessons Learned• Defined too many tasks to accomplish in 1 year with small staff and small board.• We had to rework the expected outputs for the year – Mariachi Curriculum Writing is an example. • The Leadership Team discovered that one of us is a retired educator with a curriculum writing background. She is now spearheading the project.• Having quarterly goals and deadlines for reporting to HAA kept us on track on the tasks. Everyone had goals for each period.• Need for a Development Director who can focus on overseeing the grant tasks and deadlines and a fulltime project leader to continue with capacity building initiatives.• Set funding goal too high in a recession year Ceacatl from Huehuetl Performs for the arts Indigenous Mexican Music at Gala
  13. 13. Summary of Future Plans• Continue the Membership Solicitation Project by creating a better marketing brochure and communicating via mail, email, and social media.• Continue to upgrade the Mariachi Curriculum. When complete, write other curriculum for dance, music, and creative art.• Continue to implement all phases of PatronManager – Contacts, households, PatronMail, tracking of donors, grantors, and use of the robust reporting system.• Used Everyone Gives crowdsourcing functionality without much success. In 2013 will use Power2Give available through HAA for a new project.
  14. 14. Summary of Future Plans cont.• Acquired new donors who will be cultivated – expect individual giving to improve.• Volunteer list grew – cultivate them• Build audience numbers from new donors, volunteers, and gala attendees who were impressed with the artistic excellence of the performers at the gala• MECA is now part of Engage Houston a 3 year initiative funded by the MidAmerica Arts Alliance. Continue tackling the strategic plan in the areas of Board Governance, Finance and Fundraising, and Programs improvement• Sell annual concert series program advertisement space to businesses• Continue to complete strategic plan MECA Ballet Folklorico