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2013 01 24 learning sessions 4 presentation hope stone


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2013 01 24 learning sessions 4 presentation hope stone

  1. 1. Insert photo 1 Client: Organization logo here Grant Term: 10/2011 – 09/2012 Contact: Jane Weiner President & CEO 713.526.1907 Accelerator Program – Phase I
  2. 2. Mission and Vision MISSION • Hope Stone, Inc. exists to unlock the innate creativity of young people and adults through our dance and movement classes, our professional company Hope Stone Dance, and our youth arts outreach program Hope Stone Kids. VISION• Art for all: expanding boundaries through engaging experiences.
  3. 3. Use of FundsTowards the use of engaging consultants for the creation of a multi-year strategic plan. Consultant Selection Planning Process• Leadership Team brainstormed and • Conveyed current status andidentified required qualities and challenges of Hope Stone to thequalifications of a consultant consultant• Leadership Team determined a • Engaged a diverse team of staff,corporate organizational model moving board members, clients, HSDforward was desired performers, HSK parents and students and Advisory Board members to attend• Board President and President & CEO the 2 day Strategic Planning retreatinterviewed potential consultantconveying expectations for StrategicPlanning process and outcome• Negotiated a contract with consultant
  4. 4. Goal 1: President & CEO to focus more on programming and less on administrative tasks• Objectives supporting the above goal: – * Allocate administrative tasks to newly appointed Managing Director and Development Director – * President & CEO focuses more time on growing programming for Hope Stone Dance and Hope Stone Kids – * Expand the Hope Stone Kids Satellite programming – * Shift some of the decision making to the executive staff to increase administrative efficiency * Denotes objectives to address in the next 12 months.
  5. 5. Goal 2: Better manage clients, funders and audience• Objectives supporting the above goal: – * Identify and implement a CRM solution – * Streamline internal reporting methods for increased administrative efficiency – *New Website that is more user friendly and informative * Denotes objectives to address in the next 12 months.
  6. 6. Goal 3: Create a Fundraising and Marketing Plan• Objectives supporting the above goal: – * Task Marketing Consultant and Development Director with researching and creating a Fundraising and Marketing Plan – * Establish guidelines for branding and communicating who Hope Stone is to potential funders, clients and audience members – * Create strategy to engage now donor groups to increase funding base – * Create measureable goals that can be reported back to Board * Denotes objectives to address in the next 12 months.
  7. 7. Goal 4: Expand Hope Stone Kids Satellite programming• Objectives supporting the above goal:• – * Create a HSK Teaching Methodology and Teacher Training program – * Determine approach for expansion including paying and scholarship based satellite partners – * Secure 4 to 5 new satellite partners for 2013-2014 season – * Hire an Education Director* Denotes objectives to address in the next 12 months.
  8. 8. Keys to Success• List significant accomplishments and strides made throughout your grant – Engaging a diverse team of staff, board members, dancers, teachers, HSK parents and students, and Hope Stone Studio clients for the Strategic Planning Retreat – Weekly meetings with Executive Administrative Staff – Communication with staff and board of a clear trajectory of the organization – Engaging a consultant who was experienced with many different types of organizations; i.e. big, small, for profit, not for profit
  9. 9. Lessons Learned• What were your course corrections? – Learning to let the experts be the Operate experts and engage them for advice and guidance – Not to “bite off more than we can chew” in terms of too much too fast Change Business Support – The administrative staff is a team of Process leaders rather than a single point of leadership – We have a built a strong staff with clear job descriptions and expectations Optimize
  10. 10. Summary of Future Plans• We have lofty although attainable goals agreed upon by everyone in the organization and with clearer plans for the future and a way to measure our progress.• Quarterly meetings take place to review our present status against the Strategic Plan with short term actions item put into place to ensure goals are met.• The strategic planning process has created a platform on which the staff and board can work in tandem. This ensures accountability as we move forward to expand the organization’s reach both in the performing arts and in arts education.