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2012.09.27 Learning Sessions 3 - Houston Center for Photograhy


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2012.09.27 Learning Sessions 3 - Houston Center for Photograhy

  1. 1. Accelerator Program – Phase IBeneficiary:Grant Term:04/2011 – 03/2012Contact:Bevin Bering DubrowskiExecutive Directorbevin@hcponline.org713-529-4755 x
  2. 2. Mission and VisionMISSIONHouston Center for Photographys mission is toincrease societys understanding and appreciation ofphotography and its evolving role in contemporaryculture. HCP strives to encourage artists, buildaudiences, stimulate dialogue, and promote inquiryabout photography and related media througheducation, exhibitions, publications, fellowshipprograms, and community collaborations.VISIONHouston Center for Photography exists toConnect People with Photography.This is accomplished through exhibitions of,competitions for, and publications aboutcontemporary photography, as well as education inall aspects of photography.Public Lecture at HCP withCollector WM Hunt
  3. 3. Use of FundsFunding for Accelerator Phase 1 will be used towardsthe creation of a multi-year strategic plan.Consultant Selection• HCP first reached out to peer non-profit groups forrecommendations. Joe Synan of LeadingwellAssociates received excellent reviews from ExecutiveDirector of the Houston Center for ContemporaryCraft and Lawndale Art Center. HCP also recognizedthat Joe Synan is listed on the Houston Arts Alliancerecommendation board• HCP scheduled an interview with Joe Synan.• HCP’s Executive Director conducted a phoneinterview with Sterling and Associates.• HCP’s Executive Director and [then] Boardpresident interviewed Dini Partners.• Executive Director and [then] Board Presidentrecommended Joe Synan to the Board of Directors.The Board of Directors approved the hiring of JoeSynan.Planning Process• Executive Director, Board President, andConsultant Joe Synan established goals forStrategic Planning process• Consultant led HCP staff in a retreat to be surethat staff goals and concerns were addressed instrategic planning process• Staff and Board prepared for Board of DirectorsRetreat by answering surveys and discussing ideasduring Board and Executive Committee meetings• Board of Directors Retreat established content forStrategic Plan• Strategic Plan was formatted and edited byConsultant, Staff, and Board of Directors, thenapproved by Board of Directors• Strategic Plan becomes living, working documentto guide decisions and goals of the organizations
  4. 4. Goal 1: ExhibitionsObjectives:• Increase on-site audience numbers by10% each year*• Increase e-newsletter frequency*• Publish 6 month exhibitioncalendar*• Increase social media presence*• Create more educational tactics*• HCP uses QR codes and OnCell toprovide electronic docents ofeach exhibition*• Stagger exhibition opening dates• Increase Learning Center Gallery traffic• Maintain free admission to the public*• Offer 1 “blockbuster” exhibition eachyear*Exhibition Opening Reception –November 17, 2012* Denotes objectives to address in the next 12 months.
  5. 5. Goal 2: CompetitionsObjectives:• Create recognizable prize• Increase prize to $5,000*(from $2,000)• Increased prize to $2,500 in 2012• Fellowship recipients teach an HCP Master Class• Have nationally recognized jurors*• 2012 Fellowship Juror – ChristopherRauschenberg, Blue Sky Gallery,Portland, Oregon• 2012 Membership Exhibition Juror –Anne Wilkes Tucker, Gus and LyndallWortham Curator of Photography,Museum of Fine Arts, Houston• Increase number of applicants to 500 for eachcompetition*• Use (onlinesubmission process) to increasenumber of applicants*2012 HCP Fellowship recipient Isa Leshko in conversationwith Juror Christopher Rauschenberg* Denotes objectives to address in the next 12 months.2012 Carol Crow Memorial Fellowship recipient David Politzer inconversation with Juror Christopher Rauschenberg
  6. 6. Goal 3: EducationObjectives:• Enhance workshop quality*• Comprehensive curriculum hasbeen developed and will beimplemented in Sept 2012*• Expand educational services*• HCP has developed a curriculumfor teen classes and workshops• HCP now offers summer campsfor young photographers (ages10 -16)• Implement alternative delivery methods• Attract well-known instructors• Establish instructor evaluation andtraining*HCP Intern, artist, and HCP staff gatherduring HCP’s First Tuesday program* Denotes objectives to address in the next 12 months.Students in HCP’s computer-based class
  7. 7. Goal 4: PublicationsObjectives:• Re-evaluate presentation of information inSpot*• Spot is now presented in aninterview format• Expand distribution of Spot (paper)• Research alternative deliverymethods• Expand distribution of Spot (electronic)• Develop online/mobileapplications to supplement paperversion• Increase page count to 64 pages per issue(currently at 48 pages)• Research renaming/rebranding “Spot”*• Decision has been made tomaintain the name of SpotCover of SpotLeft - Fall 2011; Right - Spring 2012* Denotes objectives to address in the next 12 months.
  8. 8. Goal 5: MembershipObjectives:• Increase HCP’s membership base to 2,500(from 1,365 – previous organizationalhigh)*• HCP had 1,600 members on April30, 2012• Have a 70% retention rate of members• On April 30, 2012 – HCP’srenewal rate was 54%Students in HCP Member-only Master ClassesTop – With Joni Sternbach;Bottom – With Dan Burkholder* Denotes objectives to address in the next 12 months.© Joni Sternbach
  9. 9. Keys to Success1. The Board and Staff are literally on thesame page in regards to goals andpriorities.2. The Strategic Plan provides a guidingcompass for all major decisions.3. The Strategic Plan allows HCP tocommunicate its goals to the communityand funders in a more efficient manner.4. Thanks to the Strategic Plan, HCP hasgrown tremendously over the past yearand is primed to move forward with themajor goals outlined in the Strategic Plan.HCP Staff
  10. 10. Lessons Learned• This process ran incredibly smoothly andwe plan to repeat similar steps in thefuture.• We recommend hiring a consultant thatwill work as a team member with the staffand Board of Directors. We recommendgetting the Board of Directors excitedabout the process early on and treatingthe process as an opportunity.• Staff meeting and Board of Directorsmeetings now focus on the goals set forthin the Strategic Plan. Please see HCP’sStrategic Plan for organizational goals forthe next 5 years.A living, working document
  11. 11. Summary of Future Plans• HCP’s Board of Directors attended the annualBoard Retreat on April 27 – 28, 2012.• At this Retreat, the approved strategic planwas evaluated and amended to add a fifthyear.• HCP plans to continue to add to the StrategicPlan each year so there is always a five-year planfor the organization.• HCP Board of Directors receive a Fact Pack ateach Retreat containing in depth information onthe organization as a whole. Board andCommittee members use this informationthroughout the year to stay informed on theorganization as a whole and how each programinteracts with the others.• HCP staff, Board of Directors, and CommitteeChairs will continue to report on the goals setforth in the Strategic Plan to maintain forwardmomentum in the organization striving toachieve those goals.HCP Staff – November 3, 2011