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2012.06.28 Learning Sessions 2 - VBB


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2012.06.28 Learning Sessions 2 - VBB

  1. 1. Accelerator Program – Phase IIClient:GrantTerm:04/2011 – 03/2012Contact:JoshuaTurnerInt. Executive
  2. 2. MissionandVisionMISSIONOur mission is to cross borders, sustaindialogue and incite social justice through art.VISIONVoices Breaking Boundaries exists to createopportunities for artists and communitymembers to present our art as our truths.We increase awareness of vibrant strugglesand cultures that exist around us and createspace for urgent voices to be heard.Photo credit: Katie Plocheck
  3. 3. UseofFundsFunding for MODE Intensive Services Program (ISP) Phase 2 was used towards establishing anadministratively stable & efficient staff structure, as well as cultivating a board culture of utilizing theorganization’s Long Range Plan.Key Activities• Secure Full-Time Administrative StaffMember• Conduct Search for & Interview StrategicPlanning Consultants• Hire Strategic Planning Consultant• Finalize Timetable for Events Leading toCompletion of a New Strategic Plan• Complete & Distribute Board & StaffSurvey• Conduct Board & Staff Retreat• Draft Outlines of Strategic Plan Options• Conduct Follow-Up Board Workshop toReview Strategic Plan Options• Edit & Revise Strategic Plan Options• Conduct Groundwork in Advance of PlanImplementation• Gain Board Approval of New StrategicPlanKey Deliverables• Full-Time Executive Director• Strategic Planning ConsultantUnder Contract• Completed Board & Staff Survey• Completed Board & Staff Retreat• Completed & Board ApprovedStrategic Plan• Improved Organizational StructureKey Resources• MODE $20,000 funding• Joe Synan, Strategic PlanningConsultant• Willing and Committed Board• High trust among staff & board
  4. 4. Outcomes&IndicatorsANTICIPATEDSHORT TERM OUTCOMES(beginning of grant)ACTUAL SHORT TERMOUTCOMES(end of grant)INDICATORS(Indicators measure whether or not aprogram achieves its expectedoutcomes. )• Establish an administratively stableand efficient staff structure resultingin:• An administratively stable andefficient staff was established.• VBB secured our Assistant Director asa full-time employee and promotedhim to Interim Executive Director towork alongside our Artistic Director.a) Addition of new funding sources.b) Maintenance of VBB’s financialhealth.c) Increased media coveraged) Increased efficiency inadministrative capabilitiesa) Private funding sources wereincreasedb) VBB maintains a healthy financialoutlook.c) Press coverage increasedd) Increased Operational capabilitiesa) VBB saw a greater than 20%increase in private donationsraised at our annual fundraiser.b) VBB’s cash reserve saw nodecrease during this time.c) VBB’s arts productions received a50% increase in Print/Onlinecoverage compared with theprevious year.• Cultivate a board culture of utilizingthe organization’s Long Range Planresulting in:• The board became invested in theLong-Term Plan of VBB and committedto its utilization.• 100% of board members wereactively involved in a VBB committeeor event during the year and 50% wereinvolved in more than one committee.a) higher board participation in VBBoperations; andb) increased organizationalknowledge by all board membersa) All board and staff participating inthe creation of a new Long-TermPlan.b) A board that became highlyinformed and engageda) 100% of the board/staff activelyparticipated in theconstruction/editing of our newStrategic Plan.b) 100% of the board felt moreinformed after our board retreat.
  5. 5. OutcomesSummary• Stronger and more efficient organizational &staff structure. (i.e. ED & AD structure)• New Long-Term Strategic Plan thatsolidifiesVBB’s mission and vision, andestablishes our future goals for the coming 5years.• An updated and improved approach toprogramming. (i.e. EELA  LRA)• A more knowledgeable and active board.• A formalized review structure forVBB’sdirectors.• A long-term succession plan ensuring thelongevity ofVBB beyond its FoundingDirector.• The establishment of new programming andadministrative goals. (e.g. fundraising goalsand attendance goals)Insert photo 3Photo credit: Eric Hester
  6. 6. KeystoSuccess• The hiring of a highly skilled Board Retreat &Strategic Planning Consultant.- We only found the right consultant afterseeking advice from a wide range oforganizations.• The establishment of a new organizationalstructure that provided flexibility & strength forthe organization moving forward.- It was critical that both staff memberswere open to any change that made theorganization stronger.• The assessment ofVBB’s previous StrategicPlan (goals v. achievements)- It was crucial to accommodate all boardmember schedules to insure 100%participation in the assessment.• Commitment by all board members and staffto the organization and its future.• The hiring of a full-time Executive Director.Photo credit: Burnell McCray
  7. 7. LessonsLearned• Midway through the planning process,VBB received ourfirst NEA grant award.The increase in attention that ourarts programming would need made it clear thatVBBneeded to speed up the timetable for the new plan’simplementation, specifically the change inorganizational structure.• VBB has grown considerably through the rigoroussurveys and long-term planning. Guided by ourconsultant - with input from the board - we createdmultiple drafts of the 5-Year Plan and changes weremade to accommodate the NEA funding.• We learned thatVBB was ready for restructuring so thatthe Artistic Director and Executive Director could beparallel positions.This shift clarifie responsibilities andalso allows for better planning for a succession plan andlong-term leadership transition.• Because of board input,VBB now has a more investedboard and each member is actively working to developthe board according to organizational needs.• VBB will continue to revisit the Plan annually, assess ourgrowth and adjust Plan according to challenges andsuccesses.Photo credit: Eric Hester
  8. 8. SummaryofFuturePlans• VBB will continue to strive to meet everygoal set out in our new Strategic Plan.• East End Live Art programs will transition tobecome small Living RoomArt productions.• VBB will continue to grow our individualdonor base as well as overall fundingthrough granting agencies.• VBB will increase the amount of our largeLiving RoomArt productions a year from 4to 6.• VBB will continue the separation of ArtisticandAdministrative duties that wasestablished with the new plan.• VBB will continue its partnership with JoeSynan to provide board retreats every yearthereby insuring active board participationand engagement.• VBB will work towards increasing staffcapabilities, especially in the areas ofmarketing and development.Photo credit: Mahwash Rahman