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2012.06.28 Learning Sessions 2 - HCCC


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2012.06.28 Learning Sessions 2 - HCCC

  1. 1. Sustainability Program – Phase IIClient:GrantTerm:04/2011 – 03/2012Contact:Julie FarrExecutive
  2. 2. MissionandVisionMISSION….to advance education about the process,product and history of craft.VISIONHouston Center for Contemporary Craft isnationally and locally prominent, presentingthe highest quality exhibitions and programs.HCCC makes a contribution to the field andelevates the quality and understanding ofcraft through artist development and publicinteraction.HCCC attracts and retains a large, diverseaudience representative of regionaldemographics. HCCC has a very aware public,is impactful in the educational community,and works in collaboration with cultural andcommunity organizations. HCCC is proactive,fiscally sound, and responsive to constituents.
  3. 3. UseofFundsFunding will be used toward the design and launch a new website.Key ActivitiesDesign and launch a new website withmatching enewsletter formatting.Key Deliverables• An efficient, manageable website withmodern programming•Clean look and feel reflective of aleading contemporary visual artsorganization•User-friendly layout with Spanishlanguage componentKey Resources• MODE $20,000 funding• Dedicated staff time and talent• Board support to reach institutional goals
  4. 4. Outcomes&IndicatorsANTICIPATEDSHORT TERMOUTCOMES(beginning of grant)ACTUALSHORT TERMOUTCOMES(end of grant)INDICATORS(Indicators measure whether ornot a program achieves itsexpected outcomes. )Newly designed website will belaunched to meet institutionalgoals of prominence andaudience participation.Newly designed website launchedthe week after the grant periodended.Within two days of new sitelaunch, public was respondingand using online forms tocommunicate with HCCC.Better in-house management ofsite content, especially onlineforms.Better in-house management ofsite content, especially onlineforms.Content is much more efficientlycontrolled by staff and can beupdated from any location.Website better reflects HCCCbranding and image.Website better reflects HCCCbranding and image.HCCC received very positivefeedback after new site wasannounced, no negativecomments.More accurate knowledge of ouronline participants.Google Analytics indicates thatwithin the first two weeks oflaunching, 77% of website visitorshave been new and 23% havebeen returning visitors.With the integration of socialmedia sharing tools on some ofour pages, visitors have alreadystarted sharing content onFacebook and Twitter.
  5. 5. OutcomesSummary• What is different now compared to thebeginning of the grant term?Include things like (but not limited to):– Policy or procedural changesyour organization made– Changes your target donorpatrons or audiences– Internal changes in approachamong staff and board– Community changes includingchanges to the physicalenvironment or demographics– Establishing partnerships orleveraging dollars to increase theimpact made or enhancesustainabilityHCCC has visually rebranded itselfwithout changing logo, mission ortagline. Design and aesthetics are allconsistent, managed in house, andreflect the quality of our exhibitions andprograms.
  6. 6. KeystoSuccess• Communications team met with all staffto research primary needs and prioritiesfor each program area and institutionalstrategies• Communications team created andrefined site plan and held multiplemeetings with the consulting group toview and revise plans• Communications team’s meticulousreview of consultant deliverables anddeadline-driven timeline• Communications team delivered contentand images on deadline and wereresponsive to vendor requests
  7. 7. LessonsLearnedAlthough we expressed concern about thevendors’ timeline and delays, ourcommunications should have been moreauthoritative early on.When we reached a critical stage in the sitedevelopment, staff did have a very directconversation about their customer service,which resulted in more attention and timelyresponses.We would advise addressing any problemwith vendors as soon as they are apparentand setting a precedent that great service anddelivery are expected.Also, some delays should be expected due tothe nature of building and testing a website –build extra time into your plan.BusinessProcessOperateSupportOptimizeChange
  8. 8. SummaryofFuturePlans• HCCC’s strategic goals all relate to publicinteraction and artistic development. Ayounger and more diverse visitorship isanticipated. With the new website,information about current and formerresident artists and artists represented inthe retail gallery is readily accessible.• A modern website is essential tocommunicate and get attention in today’sdigital era.The matching e-newslettertemplate quickly delivers information in away that viewers can easily capture.• For our web admin, making updates tothe website is easier and faster.The newCMS (Content Management System) is ona WordPress platform and its user-friendly interface makes her enjoy herjob even more. As we continue getting toknow the platform and making updates,we hope that our new online presencemakes visitors come through the door.