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2012.06.28 Learning Sessions 2 - ArtBridge


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2012.06.28 Learning Sessions 2 - ArtBridge

  1. 1. Accelerator Program – Phase IClient:ArtBridge HoustonAn Arts Program forHomeless ChildrenGrantTerm:04/2011 – 03/2012Contact:Nick MeriwetherExecutive
  2. 2. MissionandVisionMISSIONThe mission of ArtBridge is to provide highquality expressive arts programs for Houston-area homeless children within a supportiveand creative environment. ArtBridgeencourages self expression and nurturesimagination, hope and self-esteem whilecombating the despair of homelessness.VISIONArtBridge strives to efficiently expand toserve as many homeless children as possible.We continually work to strengthen ourprogram to ensure that our mission isfulfilled.
  3. 3. UseofFundsFunding for MODE Intensive Services Program (ISP) Phase 1 will be used towardsthe creation of a multi-year strategic plan.Consultant Selection•Barbara Bushong of SterlingAssociates•Direct and precise, immediately talked aboutproblem solving•Thorough and professional manner in which sheconducted the business of creating our StrategicPlan•Quickly understood the mission and goals ofArtBridge•Very personable and accessible during the entireprocessPlanning Process•Formed SWOT team leaders and teams(Strengths,Weaknesses, Opportunities,Threats)•Board members completed confidential boardsurvey to help determine SWOT•Held the following SWOT meetings: Board andGovernance, Staff andVolunteers, Finance andFundraising, Missions and Programs•Strategic PlanningCommittee met to determinegoals and priority areas of focus•Board retreat held to present results frommeetings and produce rough draft of StrategicPlan•Revised and adopted Strategic Plan
  4. 4. Goal1:Strengthengovernance,policiesandprocedures• Objectives supporting the above goal:– *Establish committees to achievestrategic goals– *Adopt and approve properpolicies and procedures– *Adopt annual process to recruitand orient new Board members– *Update by-laws– *Develop and institute annualprocess for Executive Directorevaluation– *Establish and affirm Boardmember expectations andresponsibilities* Denotes objectives addressed 4/2011 – 3/2012.
  5. 5. Goal2:Expandtheprogramtoserveasmanychildrenaspossible• Objectives supporting the above goal:– Increase the number of childrenserved to an attendance count of6,500 by 2015– *Develop a plan to add sessionsto existing locations to achievegrowth targets over time– *Forecast budgetary demandsand staffing implications ofgrowth plan– *Research possibility of shelterssharing program expenses* Denotes objectives addressed 4/2011 – 3/2012.
  6. 6. Goal3:Developcriteriatodefineandmeasureprogramming• Objectives supporting the above goal:– *Determine criteria that defines“high quality” programming– *Further develop and formalizequalitative and quantitativemeans to measure effectivenessto ensure consistency of qualityprogramming– *Evaluate field trips to assesshow they enhance programquality* Denotes objectives addressed 4/2011 – 3/2012.
  7. 7. Goal4:Developplantomoreeffectivelyuseandtrainemployeesandvolunteers• Objectives supporting the above goal:– *Determine and fill most pressingstaffing needs– *Formalize facilitator jobdescription and annual evaluationprocess– *Establish communicationpractices and meeting calendarfor facilitators and volunteers– *Increase continuing educationfor facilitators and volunteers– *Increase opportunities to utilizevolunteers effectively– *Formalize shelter requirements* Denotes objectives addressed 4/2011 – 3/2012.
  8. 8. Goal5:Improvedevelopmentandfundraising• Objectives supporting the above goal:– *Create formal process forbudget development– *Develop and implement annualdevelopment plan– *Form Development Committeeto help implement plans– *Increase public awareness* Denotes objectives addressed 4/2011 – 3/2012.
  9. 9. KeystoSuccess• List significant accomplishments andstrides made throughout your grant– Reached out to and engaged Boardfor more active participation– Formed SWOT teams based onstrengths of Board members– Used step by step approach toestablish new priorities and set fortha plan to accomplish them– Immediately began work on mostpressing needs determined byStrategic Plan (updated by-laws,implemented conflict of interestpolicy, examined programming)
  10. 10. LessonsLearned• What were your course corrections?– ArtBridge was focused on programexpansion and Strategic Plandevelopment was very timely– Reexamination of structure andworking on foundation provide keysto future success and expansion– Board is more involved and workingmore collaboratively to implementStrategic Plan– Employees are working together tostrengthen programming and officeoperations
  11. 11. SummaryofFuturePlans• The Board has formed committeestargeting specific goals with timelines.The progress will be presented at Boardmeetings which have become morefrequent to accommodateimplementation of the Strategic Plan.• The Board committees will become moreproactive, organized and responsible.This will allow us to confidently approachcommunity partners, foundations andindividuals to increase public awarenessand fundraising.• The Strategic Plan has strengthened thefoundation of ArtBridge and given newenergy and focus to Board members andstaff. All are excited to put the plan intoaction.