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2012.04.05 Learning Sessions 1 - City ArtWorks


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2012.04.05 Learning Sessions 1 - City ArtWorks

  1. 1. Accelerator Phase 1Client:GrantTerm:09/2010 – 08/2011Contact:Keelan WackmanExecutive Directorkwackman@cityartworks.org713-681-1331www.cityartworks.orgInsert photo 1
  2. 2. UseofFundsISP Phase I (Strategic Plan) :To engage consultants and the creation of a long-term strategic plan.Process• A LeadershipTeam was assembled.•The LeadershipTeam reviewed consultants’proposals and made a determination of whom tocontract.• In bi-weekly meetings the LeadershipTeam wasguided by the consultant in reviewing materials,discussing values and objectives, as well asbrainstorming ideas about CA’s present and future.• Specific workgroups further discussed variousaspects of the organization.• Ideas were distilled, evaluated against objectives,and prioritized as they were integrated into thestrategic plan.• A three-year plan was finalized and approved bythe Board of Directors.Outputs• Refined Mission/Vision statements, core values,and organizational value proposition.• Specific and attainable goals were establishedand immediate progress was made in the areas offacility improvements, staff capacity, communityengagement, and technological optimization.•Work Groups continue to provide a valuableentre for new stakeholders and assist inprogressing various initiatives while providingmeaningful insight and connections.• A newly formedTeachers’ Leadership Council isbolstering program quality and teacher/staffrelations.• CA Board and staff became better aligned intheir understanding of the organization andkeenly focused on shared goals with sharedvalues.
  3. 3. Outcomes&IndicatorsANTICIPATEDSHORT TERMOUTCOMES(beginning of grant)ACTUALSHORT TERMOUTCOMES(end of grant)INDICATORS(Indicators measure whether ornot a program achieves itsexpected outcomes. )Develop a business plan which ensuresfinancial stability.A sound value proposition andthoughtful goals guides revenuedevelopment and stakeholderengagement.•20 more classes at elementaryschools in spring 2012 than in spring2011.•Host committee for new membershipdrive of over 50 people.• New CA Scene events will enticemore participation, awareness, andrevenue.Increase staff capacity to bettermanage work load.New staff and adjusted roles andresponsibilities make best use or staffresources allowing CA to growprogramming in multiple newdirections.• A Program & Marketing Coordinatorhired in the summer of 2011 hasincreased stakeholder communicationin all arenas and recruited additionalvolunteers.•Program Director became a full timeposition encompassing curriculumdevelopment.•Short –term, project specific Contractpositions created.
  4. 4. Outcomes&IndicatorsANTICIPATEDSHORT TERMOUTCOMES(beginning of grant)ACTUALSHORT TERMOUTCOMES(end of grant)INDICATORS(Indicators measure whether ornot a program achieves itsexpected outcomes. )Technology use is optimized. Better hardware and software isincreasing staff efficacy and improvingorganizational functionality.• New software allows CA to combineevent management, class registration,database , and online marketing.•Donated computers and printersimprove function of the office.•New staff increases utilization ofsocial media drawing morestakeholders.Financial analysis will ensure best useof resources and provide financialstability.Financial analysis yields real-timepricing and budget metrics. Financialprocedures are documented. Costsavings measures are identified andacted upon.• Budgets and tuition costs movetoward reflecting actual expenditures.• Staff and Board are aligned andplanning for succession.•Annual and monthly savings in vendorrelationships are realized.•Fixed and variable expenses are betterunderstood.
  5. 5. Outcomes• What is different now compared to thebeginning of the grant term?– Procedures have been created,documented and utilized toensure thorough systems are inplace in all aspects of theorganization.– Board and community have newopportunities to engage with CA.– Renewed vision aligns allcommunications and is infusedinto decision making at everylevel.– Staff and Board capacity isrecognized as the keystone torealizing CA’s vision.• Are these changes that will last?
  6. 6. KeystoSuccess• List significant accomplishments and stridesmade throughout your grant– The LeadershipTeam and work groupswere inclusive of Board, staff andcommunity members.– The need for change and improvementwas diplomatically discussed ensuringthat the legacy and past efforts of theorganization were not devalued.– Meeting facilitation allowed for uniqueview points and candid dialogue aboutthe organization strengths andopportunities.– Strategic goals were based on sharedvalues and objectives allowing them tobe implementable.Org logo here
  7. 7. LessonsLearned• What were your course corrections?– The amount of time which staff andBoard members needed to focus onstrategic planning wasunderestimated.Timelines had to beadjusted to allow for otherprogrammatic priorities as necessary.– Managing new initiatives along withexisting work load is challengingwithout the staff and monetaryresources needed.Thoughtful changemanagement is needed to ensurecontinued staff buy-in as roles andresponsibilities grow and change.– Consistent and clear communicationof the details of the plan must beinfused into all conversations to besure all stakeholders are kept in theloop.Org logo here
  8. 8. SummaryofFuturePlans• Three-year strategic initiatives will bedistilled to specific and measurable yearlygoals.• Additional resources will be sought toimplement aspects of the plan enabling CAto be well equipped for growth.• Efforts to broaden our base and engage newstakeholders will focus on revenuedevelopment, programmatic collaborations,and building the Board of Directors.• A fund-development/ grant-writing positionwill be formed as budget allows.• A new community studio/office will besought after and the resources needed torealize this dream will be evaluated.• Increased PR and Marketing efforts will beinfused with powerful and consistentmessaging to build our brand and leverageour value proposition.Org logo here