2012 06 28 learning sessions #2 Presentations


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2012 06 28 learning sessions #2 Presentations

  1. 1. Brazilian Arts FoundationIncubator Class of 2013 Capacity Building Initiative Program Overview
  2. 2. FreneticoreIncubator Class of 2013 To invest, impact, and inform the administrative capacity of arts organizations toward artistic excellence.
  3. 3. 1. INVESTProvide specialized support towards an organization’s infrastructure. Financial Administrative Resources Systems Board Staff Governance Management
  4. 4. Sustainability Accelerator Incubator Pre-Incubator
  5. 5. Nonprofit Lifecycles: Stage-Based Wisdom for NonProfit Capacity Dr. Susan Kenny Stevens
  6. 6. The Initiative at-a-glance PROGRAM: Pre-Incubator Incubator Accelerator Sustainability Develop orgs from Incubate orgs from Accelerate orgs from Sustain mature orgs through Goal idea to start-up start-up to growth growth to maturity decline & turnaroundPartnership Term 12 months 36 months 12 months 12 months Limited awards of $15,000/year Up to Up to Investment $5000 - $7500 for three years $10,000 - $20,000 $20,000 Client residency, Caapcity funding for Capacity funding for Management services & management multiyear strategic Services capacity funding services, & capacity planning or multiyear strategic planning or implementation funding implementationClient budget size $10K - $75K $75K - $200K $100K - $750K $750K+ Client staff size 0 – 1 FTE 0.5 – 2 FTE 2 – 4 FTE Staff > 3 FTE(Full Time Equivalent) Class of 2013 Class of 2013 Class of 2012 Art Cars of Houston Brazilian Arts ArtBridge Class of 2012 Aperio Foundation HITS Theatre BooTown Aurora Picture Show The Back Porch Players Classical Theatre Houston Center for 25 Houston Blues Museum Company Hope Stone Inc. Contemporary Craft Horse Head Theatre Company Current KASH Dance Source Houston Center for MECA Beneficiaries Lone Star Lyric Theatre Festival Houston Photography Mildred’s Umbrella NobleMotion Dance Freneticore Voices Breaking Stark Naked Theatre Company Boundaries WindSync InterActive Theatre Company Accepting new November 2012 May 2013 May 2013 May 2013 Applications
  7. 7. Capacity Building Initiative Business Grants Volunteers Program for the Arts strengthen our beneficiaries Arts Power to Database Give Program Patron ManagerPhoto courtesy of Voices Breaking BoundariesIncubator Class of 2011
  8. 8. Upcoming Events Houston Arts Resource Fair Saturday, July 28, 2012 | 9:00am – 6:00pm | at University of Saint Thomas Register at www.houstonartsresourcefair.com Power2Give Training Webinar Friday, June 29, 2012 | 10:00am – 11:00am Join the meeting online at: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/join/212639678 MODE Learning Sessions #3 with Aurora Picture Show & Houston Center for PhotographyThursday, September 27, 2012 | 11:30am – 1:00pm | at Houston Arts Alliance 8
  9. 9. Client: ArtBridge Houston An Arts Program for Homeless Children Grant Term: 04/2011 – 03/2012 Contact: Nick Meriwether Executive Director artbridgehouston@sbcglobal.net 713-527-9850 artbridgehouston.orgAccelerator Program – Phase I
  10. 10. Mission and Vision MISSION The mission of ArtBridge is to provide highquality expressive arts programs for Houston- area homeless children within a supportive and creative environment. ArtBridge encourages self expression and nurtures imagination, hope and self-esteem while combating the despair of homelessness. VISION ArtBridge strives to efficiently expand toserve as many homeless children as possible. We continually work to strengthen our program to ensure that our mission is fulfilled.
  11. 11. Use of Funds Funding for MODE Intensive Services Program (ISP) Phase 1 will be used towards the creation of a multi-year strategic plan. Consultant Selection Planning Process•Barbara Bushong of Sterling Associates •Formed SWOT team leaders and teams (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)•Direct and precise, immediately talked aboutproblem solving •Board members completed confidential board survey to help determine SWOT•Thorough and professional manner in which sheconducted the business of creating our Strategic •Held the following SWOT meetings: Board andPlan Governance, Staff and Volunteers, Finance and Fundraising, Missions and Programs•Quickly understood the mission and goals ofArtBridge •Strategic Planning Committee met to determine goals and priority areas of focus•Very personable and accessible during the entireprocess •Board retreat held to present results from meetings and produce rough draft of Strategic Plan •Revised and adopted Strategic Plan
  12. 12. Goal 1: Strengthen governance,policies and procedures• Objectives supporting the above goal: – *Establish committees to achieve strategic goals – *Adopt and approve proper policies and procedures – *Adopt annual process to recruit and orient new Board members – *Update by-laws – *Develop and institute annual process for Executive Director evaluation – *Establish and affirm Board member expectations and responsibilities* Denotes objectives addressed 4/2011 – 3/2012.
  13. 13. Goal 2: Expand the program toserve as many children as possible• Objectives supporting the above goal: – Increase the number of children served to an attendance count of 6,500 by 2015 – *Develop a plan to add sessions to existing locations to achieve growth targets over time – *Forecast budgetary demands and staffing implications of growth plan – *Research possibility of shelters sharing program expenses* Denotes objectives addressed 4/2011 – 3/2012.
  14. 14. Goal 3: Develop criteria todefine and measure programming• Objectives supporting the above goal: – *Determine criteria that defines “high quality” programming – *Further develop and formalize qualitative and quantitative means to measure effectiveness to ensure consistency of quality programming – *Evaluate field trips to assess how they enhance program quality* Denotes objectives addressed 4/2011 – 3/2012.
  15. 15. Goal 4: Develop plan to more effectivelyuse and train employees and volunteers• Objectives supporting the above goal: – *Determine and fill most pressing staffing needs – *Formalize facilitator job description and annual evaluation process – *Establish communication practices and meeting calendar for facilitators and volunteers – *Increase continuing education for facilitators and volunteers – *Increase opportunities to utilize volunteers effectively – *Formalize shelter requirements* Denotes objectives addressed 4/2011 – 3/2012.
  16. 16. Goal 5: Improve developmentand fundraising• Objectives supporting the above goal: – *Create formal process for budget development – *Develop and implement annual development plan – *Form Development Committee to help implement plans – *Increase public awareness* Denotes objectives addressed 4/2011 – 3/2012.
  17. 17. Keys to Success• List significant accomplishments and strides made throughout your grant – Reached out to and engaged Board for more active participation – Formed SWOT teams based on strengths of Board members – Used step by step approach to establish new priorities and set forth a plan to accomplish them – Immediately began work on most pressing needs determined by Strategic Plan (updated by-laws, implemented conflict of interest policy, examined programming)
  18. 18. Lessons Learned• What were your course corrections? – ArtBridge was focused on program expansion and Strategic Plan development was very timely – Reexamination of structure and working on foundation provide keys to future success and expansion – Board is more involved and working more collaboratively to implement Strategic Plan – Employees are working together to strengthen programming and office operations
  19. 19. Summary of Future Plans• The Board has formed committees targeting specific goals with timelines. The progress will be presented at Board meetings which have become more frequent to accommodate implementation of the Strategic Plan.• The Board committees will become more proactive, organized and responsible. This will allow us to confidently approach community partners, foundations and individuals to increase public awareness and fundraising.• The Strategic Plan has strengthened the foundation of ArtBridge and given new energy and focus to Board members and staff. All are excited to put the plan into action.
  20. 20. Client: Grant Term: 04/2011 – 03/2012 Contact: Joshua Turner Int. Executive Director joshua@vbbarts.org (713) 524-7821 www.vbbarts.orgAccelerator Program – Phase II
  21. 21. Mission and Vision Photo credit: Katie Plocheck MISSION Our mission is to cross borders, sustaindialogue and incite social justice through art. VISIONVoices Breaking Boundaries exists to create opportunities for artists and community members to present our art as our truths.We increase awareness of vibrant strugglesand cultures that exist around us and create space for urgent voices to be heard.
  22. 22. Use of Funds Funding for MODE Intensive Services Program (ISP) Phase 2 was used towards establishing an administratively stable & efficient staff structure, as well as cultivating a board culture of utilizing the organization’s Long Range Plan. Key Activities Key Deliverables• Secure Full-Time Administrative Staff • Full-Time Executive DirectorMember • Strategic Planning Consultant Under• Conduct Search for & Interview Strategic ContractPlanning Consultants • Completed Board & Staff Survey• Hire Strategic Planning Consultant• Finalize Timetable for Events Leading to • Completed Board & Staff RetreatCompletion of a New Strategic Plan • Completed & Board Approved• Complete & Distribute Board & Staff Survey Strategic Plan• Conduct Board & Staff Retreat • Improved Organizational Structure• Draft Outlines of Strategic Plan Options• Conduct Follow-Up Board Workshop to Key ResourcesReview Strategic Plan Options • MODE $20,000 funding• Edit & Revise Strategic Plan Options • Joe Synan, Strategic Planning• Conduct Groundwork in Advance of PlanImplementation Consultant• Gain Board Approval of New Strategic Plan • Willing and Committed Board• Implement New Strategic Plan • High trust among staff & board
  23. 23. Outcomes & Indicators ANTICIPATED ACTUAL SHORT TERM INDICATORS SHORT TERM OUTCOMES OUTCOMES (Indicators measure whether or not a (beginning of grant) (end of grant) program achieves its expected outcomes. ) • Establish an administratively stable • An administratively stable and • VBB secured our Assistant Director as and efficient staff structure resulting efficient staff was established. a full-time employee and promoted in: him to Interim Executive Director to work alongside our Artistic Director. a) Addition of new funding sources. a) Private funding sources were a) VBB saw a greater than 20% b) Maintenance of VBB’s financial increased increase in private donations health. b) VBB maintains a healthy financial raised at our annual fundraiser. c) Increased media coverage outlook. b) VBB’s cash reserve saw no d) Increased efficiency in c) Press coverage increased decrease during this time. administrative capabilities d) Increased Operational capabilities c) VBB’s arts productions received a 50% increase in Print/Online coverage compared with the previous year. • Cultivate a board culture of utilizing • The board became invested in the • 100% of board members were the organization’s Long Range Plan Long-Term Plan of VBB and committed actively involved in a VBB committee resulting in: to its utilization. or event during the year and 50% were involved in more than one committee. a) higher board participation in VBB a) All board and staff participating in a) 100% of the board/staff actively operations; and the creation of a new Long-Term participated in the b) increased organizational Plan. construction/editing of our new knowledge by all board members b) A board that became highly Strategic Plan. informed and engaged b) 100% of the board felt more informed after our board retreat.
  24. 24. Outcomes Summary Photo credit: Eric Hester• Stronger and more efficient organizational & Insert photo 3 staff structure. (i.e. ED & AD structure)• New Long-Term Strategic Plan that solidifies VBB’s mission and vision, and establishes our future goals for the coming 5 years.• An updated and improved approach to programming. (i.e. EELA  LRA)• A more knowledgeable and active board.• A formalized review structure for VBB’s directors.• A long-term succession plan ensuring the longevity of VBB beyond its Founding Director.• The establishment of new programming and administrative goals. (e.g. fundraising goals and attendance goals)
  25. 25. Keys to Success Photo credit: Burnell McCray• The hiring of a highly skilled Board Retreat & Strategic Planning Consultant. - We only found the right consultant after seeking advice from a wide range of organizations.• The establishment of a new organizational structure that provided flexibility & strength for the organization moving forward. - It was critical that both staff members were open to any change that made the organization stronger.• The assessment of VBB’s previous Strategic Plan (goals v. achievements) - It was crucial to accommodate all board member schedules to insure 100% participation in the assessment.• Commitment by all board members and staff to the organization and its future.• The hiring of a full-time Executive Director.
  26. 26. Lessons Learned Photo credit: Eric Hester• Midway through the planning process, VBB received our first NEA grant award. The increase in attention that our arts programming would need made it clear that VBB needed to speed up the timetable for the new plan’s implementation, specifically the change in organizational structure.• VBB has grown considerably through the rigorous surveys and long-term planning. Guided by our consultant - with input from the board - we created multiple drafts of the 5-Year Plan and changes were made to accommodate the NEA funding.• We learned that VBB was ready for restructuring so that the Artistic Director and Executive Director could be parallel positions. This shift clarifie responsibilities and also allows for better planning for a succession plan and long-term leadership transition.• Because of board input, VBB now has a more invested board and each member is actively working to develop the board according to organizational needs.• VBB will continue to revisit the Plan annually, assess our growth and adjust Plan according to challenges and successes.
  27. 27. Summary of Future Plans Photo credit: Mahwash Rahman• VBB will continue to strive to meet every goal set out in our new Strategic Plan.• East End Live Art programs will transition to become small Living Room Art productions.• VBB will continue to grow our individual donor base as well as overall funding through granting agencies.• VBB will increase the amount of our large Living Room Art productions a year from 4 to 6.• VBB will continue the separation of Artistic and Administrative duties that was established with the new plan.• VBB will continue its partnership with Joe Synan to provide board retreats every year thereby insuring active board participation and engagement.• VBB will work towards increasing staff capabilities, especially in the areas of marketing and development.
  28. 28. Client: Grant Term: 04/2011 – 03/2012 Contact: Julie Farr Executive Director jfarr@crafthouston.org 713.529.4848 www.crafthouston.orgSustainability Program – Phase II
  29. 29. Use of Funds Funding will be used toward the design and launch a new website. Key Activities Key ResourcesDesign and launch a new website • MODE $20,000 fundingwith matching enewsletter formatting. • Dedicated staff time and talent Key Deliverables • Board support to reach institutional• An efficient, manageable website goalswith modern programming•Clean look and feel reflective of aleading contemporary visual artsorganization•User-friendly layout with Spanishlanguage component
  30. 30. Outcomes & Indicators ANTICIPATED ACTUAL INDICATORS SHORT TERM SHORT TERM (Indicators measure whether or not a program achieves its OUTCOMES OUTCOMES expected outcomes. ) (beginning of grant) (end of grant) Newly designed website will be Newly designed website launched Within two days of new site launched to meet institutional the week after the grant period launch, public was responding goals of prominence and ended. and using online forms to audience participation. communicate with HCCC. Better in-house management of Better in-house management of Content is much more efficiently site content, especially online site content, especially online controlled by staff and can be forms. forms. updated from any location. Website better reflects HCCC Website better reflects HCCC HCCC received very positive branding and image. branding and image. feedback after new site was announced, no negative comments. More accurate knowledge of our Google Analytics indicates that With the integration of social online participants. within the first two weeks of media sharing tools on some of launching, 77% of website visitors our pages, visitors have already have been new and 23% have started sharing content on been returning visitors. Facebook and Twitter.
  31. 31. Outcomes Summary• What is different now compared to the beginning of the grant term? Include things like (but not limited to): – Policy or procedural changes your organization made – Changes your target donor HCCC has visually rebranded itself patrons or audiences without changing logo, mission or tagline. Design and aesthetics are all – Internal changes in approach among staff and board consistent, managed in house, and reflect the quality of our exhibitions – Community changes including and programs. changes to the physical environment or demographics – Establishing partnerships or leveraging dollars to increase the impact made or enhance sustainability
  32. 32. Keys to Success• Communications team met with all staff to research primary needs and priorities for each program area and institutional strategies• Communications team created and refined site plan and held multiple meetings with the consulting group to view and revise plans• Communications team’s meticulous review of consultant deliverables and deadline-driven timeline• Communications team delivered content and images on deadline and were responsive to vendor requests
  33. 33. Lessons LearnedAlthough we expressed concern about thevendors’ timeline and delays, our Operatecommunications should have been moreauthoritative early on.When we reached a critical stage in the sitedevelopment, staff did have a very directconversation about their customer service,which resulted in more attention and timely Businessresponses. Change Support ProcessWe would advise addressing any problemwith vendors as soon as they are apparentand setting a precedent that great service anddelivery are expected.Also, some delays should be expected due to Optimizethe nature of building and testing a website –build extra time into your plan.
  34. 34. Summary of Future Plans• HCCC’s strategic goals all relate to public interaction and artistic development. A younger and more diverse visitorship is anticipated. With the new website, information about current and former resident artists and artists represented in the retail gallery is readily accessible.• A modern website is essential to communicate and get attention in today’s digital era. The matching e-newsletter template quickly delivers information in a way that viewers can easily capture.• For our web admin, making updates to the website is easier and faster. The new CMS (Content Management System) is on a WordPress platform and its user- friendly interface makes her enjoy her job even more. As we continue getting to know the platform and making updates, we hope that our new online presence makes visitors come through the door.