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Success Today0709


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Delivered for the ICSBD this presentation gives techniques to increase effectiveness of marketing and sales activities in 2009

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Success Today0709

  1. 1. Marketing and Sales Techniques that Work in Today’s Market Jennifer Vessels July 15, 2009
  2. 2. Today’s World
  3. 3. Keys to Success Today 1. Spend sales time on Sales Ready prospects 2. Manage the pipeline closely 3. Build credibility through marketing assets 4. Focus messages to specific audiences 5. Refine approaches to address today’s needs
  4. 4. Alignment of Sales and Marketing Lead Nurturing Process Problem identification Branding, PR, advertising Inquiry Solution exploration (Suspect) Website, SEO, direct mail Solution selection Lead Events, seminars, trade shows, webinars (Prospect) Inbound telephone/email/web inquiries Vendor selection Sales-Ready Lead Lead nurturing opt-in email Sales Process Engage Sales calls, meetings Qualified Prospect Follow-up/close Customer
  5. 5. Marketing Success Today Prior to Trade Shows Today’s Search engines 2007 World Virtual events and Seminars workshops Telemarketing for Calling on leads clients/partners Segmented Broad campaigns campaigns Purchasing a list Development of of contacts house list Use of marketing Direct mail assets Brochures Vendor websites Advertising Social media
  6. 6. Marketing to YOUR target audience Small organizations: • Specific ads, offers in third party newsletters, white papers Medium size organizations: • Case studies, webinars, emails re new research and how-to’s Enterprise: • Personal relationships, targeted success stories, virtual workshops
  7. 7. The Value Selling Process
  8. 8. Value Selling Customer Engagement Process
  9. 9. Create Interest with Prospects • Introduce yourself and your company • Share the value YOU bring to clients • Relate to their issues • Provide validation and proof • Ask for follow-up Purpose: Create demand for further discussion
  10. 10. ACTIVITY: Elevator Pitch • Consider one of your clients or prospects • What are their ‘top of mind issues’ • Fine tune your elevator pitch based on the framework • Prepare to practice with the group • Listen for: • Value of ‘what you do’ • Link to top of mind issues • Validation and proof
  11. 11. Uncovering Customer Needs • Sales diagnosis is performed by questioning and listening • Question to direct conversation into areas that allow you to determine if the prospect has needs for your solution. • Listen to issues, problems, or opportunities that you can impact. Don’t prescribe before you diagnose!
  12. 12. Uncovering Needs Dialogue Mutual Value Needs Payoff Implication Problem Status
  13. 13. Value Selling Customer Engagement Process
  14. 14. Business Value of Your Offerings • Functional • Financial • Emotional
  15. 15. Assessing your Sales People • Hiring the RIGHT sales people • Time management and utilization • Calling on sales ready leads • Focus on qualified accounts • Value Selling Skills • Use of discovery questions • Building the business case • Ultimate assessment is in the pipeline
  16. 16. What you can do today 1. Enhance value sales techniques 2. Assess / improve sales team’s effectiveness 3. Nurture leads until they are Sales Ready 4. Build targeted marketing campaigns 5. Refine messages to address today’s needs
  17. 17. Action Plan I commit to completing the following actions within the month: Action Completed By 1. 2. 3.
  18. 18. Next Step Delivers Revenue Results • Take your company to the Next Step through: • Alignment of sales and marketing programs • Cost-effective lead generation / nurturing programs • Assessment and enhancement of sales team effectiveness • Targeted marketing programs that deliver revenue results. “Thanks to Next Step we now have the right team, sales “Thanks to Next Step we now have the right team, sales process and marketing resources in place for peak process and marketing resources in place for peak performance despite the current economic conditions.” performance despite the current economic conditions.” Amir Zoufonoun CEO Exalt Communications
  19. 19. Marketing and Sales Techniques that Work in Today’s Market Jennifer Vessels Next Step 650.361.1902