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Much Data 0.95


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\'Cloud\' brings many advantages. Among others, that much of your social media data will disappear ever more quickly -- as all the storage in the world cannot keep up with the growth of Big Data, hence ever more will be lost. For companies, that may be a problem...

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Much Data 0.95

  1. 1. Much DataDispersing into the Cloud Jurgen van der Vlugt SecureAmsterdam at Cisco, Sept 11 2012
  2. 2. Introduction• Jurgen = Ir.drs. J. van der Vlugt RE CISA CRISC• Maverisk Consultancy, IS Audit and Advisory services• (IS) Audit, (Info)Security, BCM, ERM/ORM• 17 years at KPMG, ABN AMRO Bank, Noordbeek, Achmea, ABN AMRO• ISSA, NOREA: Various prof development/practices committees
  3. 3. The big picture Processing → … managing this …!? → √ Much Data, perfected?‘Cloud’ Storage Much Data vs. storage Data Quality / Info Quality Networking → √ (Thanks, )
  4. 4. Much Data• Zetta, yotta, kibi, mebi, gibi, tebi, pebi, exbi, pebi, yobi• Social Media → Who owns that data / privacy• Company data → Do you know • What is yours, • Where it is, • What the value is, etc• No you don’t. [See Eric Nieuwland’s pres earlier]
  5. 5. Hegel and Derrida aside• Hegel: Reason will completely merge with the Universe• Derrida: Fuggeddaboudit. The material representation of language is unattached to Meaning (which is individual)• Conclusion: We will get lost• Corrolary: We will need I-T to help us• Which leads to / is Singularity• Infeasibility to the rescue (?): Infinite meta-loop• Kyoto School: The river doesn’t make any noise → Data is needed to have information
  6. 6. Storage, anyone ..?
  7. 7. Storage limits• Impossible to keep up; gap widening • Hoping for production crash • ‘Storage’ vs. ephemeral data• Facebook (doesn’t) knows what you did twenty summers ago • Phew! Reputation restauration possible (?) • Trust through reputation !?• When cloud providers run out of secondary provisioning
  8. 8. Data quality. IQ …? Every step up will be Wisdom harder to Insight ‘control’ Intelligence Knowledge The more data, the less Info InfoDebatable whetherwe have any clueabout how to dothose things Much Data
  9. 9. More data less control
  10. 10. Into the Cloud• Dump it there• Fogging up • The location • The existence • The blame (ownership / actions)• Same: ‘Outsourcing’
  11. 11. So, Some data is somewhere out there• Privacy• Social Media; production and privacy• Value (Data/Information/ …)• MIS Is A Mirage ( J. Dearden, HBR 1972 ..!)• A manager with a tool, is still a …• Nevertheless: Just do it™
  12. 12. Summarising the big picture Processing → … managing this …!? → √ Much Data, perfected?‘Cloud’ Storage Much Data vs. storage Data Quality / Info Quality Networking → √ (Thanks, ) Confidentiality → Least of your problems (?) Integrity → Lack of controls… Availability → Dream of Nightmare
  13. 13. CIA / CYAConfidentiality: • Know your data (which, where) • Protect ‘your’ data (privacy; data-bound crypto)Integrity: • Know your data (architecture, various levels) • Control integrity (various levels)Availability: • Transparent → transitive! Arrangements • Double, triple, … availability (storage req’s ..?)
  14. 14. Conclusion:It can be done …… but through complexity, difficulty will grow… and we don’t have enough clue yet √
  15. 15. That’s it for me √
  16. 16. Thank you