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Fairtrade quiz

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Fairtrade quiz jan_2010[1]

  1. 1. FAIRTRADE challenge Click on the buttons to choose your answers.
  2. 2. When is Fairtrade fortnight? The last two weeks The first two weeks of December of March The middle two weeks It changes every year of August
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  4. 4. Correct! Fairtrade fortnight is thefirst two weeks of March every year.
  5. 5. How many Fairtrade bananas were eaten as part of the Fairtrade Fortnight 2009 Go Bananas for Fairtrade world record? 240015 563 470001 10350
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  7. 7. Correct!470,001 bananas were eaten as partof the Go Bananas for Fairtradeworld record in 2009.
  8. 8. How many products have the Fairtrade mark?Under 100 Over 500Nearly 1000 Over 3000
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  10. 10. Correct!There are over3000 productscertified with the Fairtrade mark in theUK and the number is still growing!
  11. 11. Who set up the Fairtrade Foundation? CAFOD, Christian Aid, The Trade Justice Oxfam, Traidcraft and Movement the World Development Movement The Department of The QueenTrade and Industry (DTI)
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  13. 13. Correct! The Fairtrade Foundation wasset up by CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Traidcraft and the World Development Movement in 1992.
  14. 14. Who makes the Fairtradechocolate bar called ‘Divine’? The Day Chocolate Mars Company Green and Blacks Cadbury
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  16. 16. Correct! Day chocolate companymake Divine chocolate bars.And there’s more goodnews for cocoa farmersas Cadbury’s Dairy Milkgoes Fairtrade in 2009 too!
  17. 17. In April 2000, Garstang in Lancashire becamethe first Fairtrade town. How many Fairtradetowns were there in January 2010? About 150 Less than 100 Over 400 Over 200
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  19. 19. Correct!There are now over 400 Fairtrade Townsas well as more than 200 areascampaigning towards status. There are nowFairtrade Town campaigns in 17 countriesaround the world and all of these have been inspiredby the example in the UK!
  20. 20. What was the first product to be awarded the Fairtrade mark in March 1994? Green and Blacks Maya Clipper Tea Gold organic chocolate Bananas Café direct coffee
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  22. 22. Correct! Green and Black’s Maya Gold organic chocolate received the Fairtrade mark in March 1994. Soon after Clipper Tea and Café Direct coffeealso gained the mark. And in January 2010Green and Black’s announced that all their products would become Fairtrade by the end of 2011.
  23. 23. In what year did Fairtrade footballsand roses become available? 1999 2006 2004 2002
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  25. 25. Correct! In 2004 Fairtrade rosesfrom Kenya and Fairtrade footballs from Pakistan became available.
  26. 26. What does a school need to do to become a Fairtrade school?Set up a Fairtrade Learn about Fairtrade Steering Group issuesUse and promoteFairtrade products Have a Fairtrade policy when you can
  27. 27. Correct!In fact, all of the answers were correct. There are five goals to becoming a Fairtrade school. Click to read the goals and get startedon your mission to become a Fairtrade school
  28. 28. GOAL 1. Get talking! Set up a Fairtrade Steering Group in your school GOAL 2. Make it official! Have a whole school Fairtrade Policy GOAL 3. Shout about it!Make sure your school uses and promotes Fairtrade products when possible. (That means Fairtrade tea and coffee in the staff room for starters!) GOAL 4. Find out more! Make sure everyone in your school learns about Fairtrade issues GOAL 5. Spread the word! Now your school is committed to promoting and taking action for Fairtrade in school, it’s time to spread the word to the wider community
  29. 29. Find out more about Fairtrade by visiting www.cafod.org.uk www.fairtrade.org.uk Updated Jan 2010 Illustrations by Mary Gorton and Ellis Nadler