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Advertising i print ads

  1. 1. ADVERTISING IPrint ads
  2. 2. TYPES OF PRINT ADS Newspaper advertising Magazine advertising Yellow page advertising Off the beaten track advertising
  3. 3. NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING Pros  Reach a sizeable audience  Instant access to a diverse segment of population Cons  People under 30 are less likely to read newspapers  Pages tend to be cluttered
  4. 4. HOW TO USE NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING Choose a newspaper according to your target audience A full page ad may not necessarily be the best choice. Small ads appearing frequently over a specified period of time may work better. Keep the ad simple. A daily might not always be the best choice. A community newspaper, a targeted newspaper may work better.
  5. 5. MAGAZINE ADVERTISING Pros  Production quality is higher than a newspaper.  A finely selected market can be reached. Cons  More costly than a newspaper.  Magazines are not as frequent as a newspaper.
  6. 6. HOW TO USE MAGAZINE ADVERTISING Using magazines targeted for your target audience. You can use more colors in a magazine ad. Magazines can provide value added services like an interview for free publicity along with an ad. You can be creative with a magazine ad
  7. 7. YELLOW PAGE ADVERTISING Pros  Cheaper than newspaper or magazines  Customers are very clear in their search for a product/ service. Cons  People under 35 are more likely to log on to the internet instead of picking up an directory.
  8. 8. HOW TO USE A YELLOW PAGES AD Effective for less pricey services. Good for products considered comodities like plumbers or hardware stores. Printed once a year, so it would be better to go for a big ad to be noticed in a clutter of ads.
  9. 9. OFF THE BEATEN TRACK Pros  Include distributables, brochures, any method other than traditional advertising  Generally low cost. Cons  Not useful if you want to target a broader audience.
  10. 10. HOW TO USE OFF THE BEATEN TRACKADVERTISING Calendars and diaries are a good choice for high end clientele. Coupons can be a good idea for the frugal customer. Stickers might be a good idea for kids. Bookmarks for book lovers and so on… Brochures can be distributed at targeted locations.
  11. 11. FOR THE NEXT CLASS ON MONDAY Make groups of 4 – 5 people. Each group has to bring one chart sheet, colors and markers. Take a look at how to write a good print ad and types of print ad from the previous semester.