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2. advanced pr


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2. advanced pr

  1. 1. Advanced PR Corporate Image
  2. 2. Coporate Image ? How a business is percieved An accepted image of what the organization stands for It is not based on only the company but also other contributors like news media, unions, journalists, NGOs etc. All kinds of organizations from government to NGOs work to create a corporate image.
  3. 3. Building a corporate image What is the present image? How do the public see you and do the public and management both see the same image? What image does the firm want? It’s positioning. How do the products/services affect the image? Does this image vary by the audience for different products of the same organization? What must a firm do to win a new corporate image? Start with the internal culture. Procedures may need to be changed, product lines may need to be revised and sometimes even change in the name may be required (e.g Goldstar to LG).