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Not a cloud in the sky. In fact, the Sun is shining brighter than ever on Email. Year 2013 promises even more excitement for Email Marketing than the past. Drop-in to know how you can take advantage of this dynamic and interactive medium which is touted to be the best for engaging your customers. Lets ring in 2013 with new ideas and tackle new challenges in Email Marketing.

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  • Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining in to this seminar Email Marketing in 2013. 2013 is the year of the snake and this seminar has absolutely nothing to do with snakes. I just made the title that way so it would get more of you to attend. But I'm going to try and make it interesting anyway. And along the way if you do find it interesting tweet about this seminar with the hash tag Juvlon
  • That's me. Naresh Bhagtani. I head the company Niche Software which has created the email marketing product Juvlon. I have contributed to the development of Juvlon since the last 5 years And I've been consulting on email marketing since more than 8 now. But enough about me already, this seminar is not about me. And before I begin to tell you what this seminar is about, let me tell you what this seminar is not about. This webinar is not about email delivery. Its not about list management or list hygiene nor is it about crafting great subject lines. Its not even about best practices in email marketing. If you want to discuss these things we can do so with a dedicated one-to-one meeting at a special coffee shop we've reserved on the 3 rd floor for interested people.
  • So what is this seminar really about. It is really about the future of email marketing based on current trends. Hows its growing and how you can take advantage of it. The seminar is about what you should be prepared for, if you arenlt already, so that you don't get left behind. My email marketing commandments, if you will. It about new things happening in email marketing and how it applies to the Indian scenario. Its also about my predictions for 2013 and beyond.
  • Email marketing is growing in India at a fiery pace. I've put a very conservative growth of 40% because of the lack of a formal study yet. But I urge our peers over at IAMAI to take this up in the near future. What's contributing to this pace of growth. The user base has grown to more than 120mn active internet users in India. And most of them, actually 87% of them use the Internet mainly for Email. Internet usage has grown tremendously – 54% year on year. With growing usage, marketing also grows. As such with growing usage and the Indian email universe is also expanding. But there's something more to it. There is something else also thats contributing to this growth of internet and email usage.
  • What do you think can be a significant contributor to the the growth of Internet and Email usage? Say it aloud.
  • Absolutely, its Mobile. Internet and email usage is being driven by the medium of Mobile. People are now accessing email and internet everywhere through their mobile devices. This leads me to my first email marketing commandment of 2013.
  • Thou Shall Make Email for Mobile. I feel like Moses, if only I could hold these 2 tablets. See back in his day, Moses knew tablets would become verypopular. Anyway, I don't have 10 commandments, I have just 5. So one tablet will do just fine for me. Yes, back to the first commandment. The inbox of the future is mobile, in fact its getting mobile even now in the present.
  • These are some of the latest numbers that are hard facts to mobile's contribution to the growth of the Email and Internet In Oct 2012, IAMAI and IMRB released a study on mobile Internet in India. Their study revieled that 76million Indians are currently using the Internet on their mobile devices. It says 78.7 million here but you've got to discount dongle users. By now, they estimate 84 million mobile internet Indians. That's already close to 120million wired internet connections In two years this number will double to 164 million. That's the pace of growth of the Mobile Internet in India
  • Look at the traffic numbers. This graph is from Stat Counter. They monitor more than 3 million websites and they've seen mobile traffic already surpass desktop traffic from India. See the green line cross over the blue. And according to StatCounter this happened in Aug 2012
  • Then the people from Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers release their trends report where they show mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic from India about 2 months ago. Whether it happened in Aug or Nov 2012, we are in 2013 now. This already relevant. But this is about Mobie Internet usage. What does this have to do with Email, you ask? How is this relevant to Email on Mobile? Anybody?
  • Absolutely What do you think these 84 million Indians currently using the Mobile Internet are using it for? Email is the number one application even on mobile devices. This is the same IAMAI report of Oct 2012 which says 83% mobile Internet users are using email on their devices. Need I say more. Mobile is driving expansion of email usage in India. And that's the same case around the world too.
  • Look at the email open rates on mobile devices. Return Path, which is an email compliance and certification authority, says email opens on mobiles have grown by more than 80% year on year. People are reading and writing emails first thing in the morning over their phones or tablets. Then in the office during the day. Then back home after hours on their mobiles and even on weekends. Currently atleast 37% of all opens occur on a mobile device. And this percentage is increasing. The question is are you doing something about it. And its not just about design, its also about understanding how subscribers change their consumption through email.
  • How many of you here optimize your emails for mobile? How many don't yet but want to? (Vikas yaar, naam likh) How many here don't find it necessary for do so in their case?
  • You need to create a mobile first mindset. Its not going to happen overnight, it needs time. If you start now you will be ready when these open rates hit 50, 60, 70%. The first step towards tackling email over mobile is through optimized design.
  • Optimized email design means one creative that will suit both desktops and mobiles. Its also called reponsive design because the email adjusts itself to the screen size its viewed on. Responsive design is achieved through media-queries which are a part of CSS3. If this is too technical, your email marketing service provider should be able to help you or you can call upon us after this session at the Coffee Shop on the 3 rd floor. What... you can see that... that's the fine print. Its not supposed to be seen.
  • Oh yes... no support on BB and Symbian which is nearly all of Nokia. Which means this standard does not work on these mobile operating systems. But the good news is, with Android you are covered for 50% of smart phones in India and you can add another 1 or 2 percent for Apple devices. But let me show you a couple of examples of these responsive designs.
  • This is how a responsive design email looks on your desktop/laptop. Looks like a regular email.
  • And this is now the same email morphs itself when viewed on a mobile device. This is done through media queries. Notice you can specify entirely different images and content for mobile viewing. Here's another example.
  • You see that. Some of the content doesn't even appear in the email when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Its not just about design. Its about knowing your subscribers too. How are they engaging with your emails. You need to partner with a good technology provider who can provide data on how many users are engaging with your emails, and on what devices. Know what the people in your audience are doing with that email. This will enable you to segment and target consistent mobile users with unique content designed around them. If the last 3 consecutive email opens have occurred on a smartphone, then you know that the next open will also be on the smartphone. Thats the first and the longest commandment. Get yourself mobile ready. Then lets move to
  • Email haveth more interactivity. Non-biblically, I mean to say Email will be a lot more Interactive. And I don't mean click-throughs.
  • I mean with the completion of the HTML5 standard we will start to see applications running within the email. Video within email. Video tags within the HTML, no flash required. Geo-location, ie, map applications within an email. Live wall posts from your facebook pages or your latest tweets within the email. That's right, Apps within the email. And you're already starting to see some of these.
  • Well atleast video. Apple has whole heartedly supported HTML5 in their Mail software, on iPhones, iPads and even in Outlook running on a Mac. Hotmail supports video within email now. The others will follow suit very soon. Email is getting dynamic and you need to be ready to take advantage. That was a quick commandment. Moving on...
  • Commandment 3. Thou shalt craveth the Inbox. Which means it will get tougher to get into your subscribers' inboxes.
  • I think the Inbox will start getting less and less clutterred. Why? Because the Gmails, Yahoos and MSNs will be making sure of this. I've been reading up from the people who run the email filters at Yahoo mail, Hotmail and Gmail. They are very concerned. Not so much about the quality of marketing mails but the amount of these mails that make it to the Inbox – with the percentage of the Inbox marketing mails occupy. They are very concerned about end user experience, ie, your subscribers experience. So unless you get more relevant and engaging, they will simply start showing less and less of you. And that's how I mean the Inbox will get les cluttered.
  • This my friends, is a true commandment and not mine. Wise words people. Pay heed, pay heed.
  • My Commandment number 4 for email marketing in 2013 says that the Inbox wll be safer.
  • Safer in terms of authenticity. Safer meaning you will be able to see clearly who you can trust. This is a screen-shot from Hotmail which is already doing this in some of its own way
  • Best of all these are FREE FREE FREE! I remember Aamir Khan in 3 idiots. If you need a little direction here, lets catch-up after this session over tea on the 3 rd floor coffee shop.
  • This ones a golden oldie and still very relevant. My Commandment 5 says that you will be more careful with your money. You will test and test and test before you send your emails. In order to increase your return on investment, you will be forced to be sure about your email campaigns. That can be achieved through A/B split testing before sending.
  • There are times when you may have two creatives or two ideas to execute for a campaign and you don't know which will be successful There is a way to take the guesswork out of this situation A/B split testing is the best tool for campaign comparison Take 10-20% of your list and call this your focus group. Send Version A to one half of your focus group and Version B to the other. Whichever control performs better, send it to the rest 80% of your list. Lets get you in on this. You have 2 versions A and B on your screen. Which do you think will perform better?
  • You have Version A of an email on your screen This is an email from a financial house and they're promoting a guide to making good business plans The content features a headline, intro paragraph, 4 key points of value in the guide and a button to download the guide.
  • Now you have Version B of the same email on your screen The headline is different, the text include 3 paragraphs from the guide and a link to view the detailed guide
  • Look carefully now at both versions. In about 10 seconds you will get a screen where you need to vote on the version you think will perform better, ie, will get better click-throughs Ooh tough one for you and interesting for me because I know the answer. Wow, I thought we'd have an equal vote for each version. X% of you think Version A was more successful and Y% of the marketers thought Version B was more successful The folks at MarketingExperiments actually conducted this A/B test and found
  • Viola! Version B was actually more successful. Almost 29% more click-throughs. Its all in the headline, content and call-to-action. Tweak Tweak Tweak! That proves. Take the guesswork out before you send out. Let your subscribers decide.
  • So what have we learnt in the last 30-odd minutes.
  • Once again, thank you for attending. I'm Naresh Bhagtani signing off now and hope to see you at our next event.
  • Email Marketing in 2013

    1. 1. Email Marketing in 2013 Naresh BhagtaniTalk about this seminar #juvlon
    2. 2. Presenter Naresh Bhagtani Managing Director Niche Software Chief product architect of Juvlon email marketing Clients across the world Consulting since 8 years on email
    3. 3. Coming up...● Marketing through Email is growing by leaps● Whats driving the growth of Email Marketing in India● How can you capitalize on this growth in 2013 and beyond● My Commandments for 2013● Techniques and examples● Questions
    4. 4. Email Marketing in India● Growing at fiery pace of over 50% Y-o-Y● Internet user base of about 120 million active Internet users● 87% used Internet for Email● Internet usage has risen by 54% over 2011● Indian email universe is expanding
    5. 5. Whats driving this growth?What do you think is the most significant contributor to this growth?
    6. 6. Mobile
    7. 7. I.Thou ShaltMake Email for Mobile
    8. 8. Mobile is driving expansion of emailOct 2012 IMRB and IAMAI● 76 million Indians using Internet on mobileDec 2012 - 84 mn projectedMar 2015 - 164 mn Indians
    9. 9. Mobile is driving expansion of emailMobile Internet Traffic form India
    10. 10. Mobile is driving expansion of emailMobile Internet Traffic in India Indian Mobile Internet traffic has already overtaken Desktop traffic Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers, Dec 2012
    11. 11. Mobile is driving expansion of emailWhat do you think these 84 million Indians areusing their mobile Internet for?Email, of course! With 83%, Email is No.1
    12. 12. Mobile email open rates worldwideReturn Path, Jan 2013● Email opens on mobile devices grew 80% yoy● 37% of all opens are on mobile devices● Time of day influences which device people read emails on – desktop being the most popular during the work hours – mobile being more popular after hours and weekends
    13. 13. Have you optimized for mobile?
    14. 14. Mobile First Mindset● Design emails for mobile first – Mobile users will be your majority soon, if not already● Know your audience
    15. 15. Optimized design● One email for both desktop and mobile media● Responsive design● Use media-queries (CSS3)● Runs on Apple iOS, Android, Windows 8 *this is the fine-print. You should not be able to read this● Whats with the fine print?
    16. 16. Optimized design● One email for both desktop and mobile media● Responsive design● Use media-queries (CSS3)● Runs on Apple iOS, Android, Windows 8 *this is the fine-print. You should not be able to read this● Oh yeah... No Blackberry/Symbian support yet
    17. 17. Responsive design Desktop Email
    18. 18. Responsive Design Desktop Mobile Email Email
    19. 19. Responsive Design Desktop Email Mobile Email
    20. 20. Know your mobile audience● Partner with a technology provider● Get real-time data of – Subscribers who engage with your emails on mobile – Which mobile devices?● Segment and target consistent mobile users with content designed around them – If the last 3 opens of a subscriber has been on a mobile device, then...
    21. 21. II.Email HavethMore Interactivity
    22. 22. Future of email is interactiveCompletion of HTML5 standard● Video within email (RIP Flash)● Geo-location within email● Live social feeds within email● Even games within email● Email will have APPS within!
    23. 23. Future of email is interactiveSupport is building● Apple Mail, iPhone, iPad and Outlook on Mac● Hotmail has also started● Soon: Gmail, Yahoo, other Microsoft software● Email will get dynamic and you need to be ready to take advantage!
    24. 24. III.Thou ShaltCraveth the Inbox
    25. 25. Future of Inbox maybe less clutteredThe ISPs will be making sure of this● People at Yahoo, Gmail and Microsoft are concerned with your subscribers experience● Your email needs to be more relevant and engaging or itll see less and less of the Inbox● Respect your subscribers preferences● Rent qualified lists; dont buy lists
    26. 26. IV.Thou Shalt NotCommit AdulteryThis one is a real commandment,Pay heed people, pay heed
    27. 27. IV.Thy InboxShalt be Safe
    28. 28. Emails will become saferSafer in terms ofAuthenticity● Authentic senders will be clearly branded● Icon to show trust
    29. 29. How do I make my emails safe?● You need to authenticate your emails using SPF, DKIM and DMARC● Helps you gain trust● Protects your brand● FREE FREE FREE!!!
    30. 30. V.Thou ShaltTest Test Test
    31. 31. A/B Split Test, Beat your RoI● Compare Campaigns before sending● Focus Group: Take 10-20% of your list● Send Version A to 1st half of Focus Group nd● Send Version B to 2 half of Focus Group● Send better performing version to rest of List● Lets go interactive● Thanks to Marketing Experiments
    32. 32. Version A
    33. 33. Version B
    34. 34. Which version got more clicks?
    35. 35. A/B Split Test Result ● Version B takes the cake ● Almost 29% more click- throughs ● Content tweaking ● A/B split testing works!
    36. 36. What have we learnt● Email is getting intelligent, email marketing needs to keep up● Email is getting mobile and interactive. You need to be prepared● ISPs are getting smarter about marketing mails● Authenticity will only help you● Increase your RoI, A/B Split test before sending
    37. 37. Questions Naresh Bhagtani Managing Director Niche Software See you at our next event Try our product