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Ci from Ground to Cloud


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What is the challenges of implementing CI and what's the possible solutions?

What is Ci in Cloud? What can we benefit from it?

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Ci from Ground to Cloud

  1. 1. Continuous Integration From Ground To Cloud Juven Xu 许晓斌
  2. 2. Father, Programmer, Trainer, Coacher, and Author @juvenxu
  3. 3. I’m going to talk1. Challenges of CI, and possible solutions.2. What is CI in Cloud, and what we can benefit from it.
  4. 4. EssentialFast FeedbackHigh Quality
  5. 5. Challenges1. People don’t want to change2. Slow build3. No/little tests4. Communication gap between dev team and CI
  6. 6. People Don’t Want To ChangeFind their pain pointDemonstrate the new ideaSupport from management level
  7. 7. Slow Build1. Optimize your machine2. Optimize your code3. Optimize your build
  8. 8. Optimize Your BuildBuild StagesDedicated Build FarmParallel BuildIncremental BuildIn Memory Build
  9. 9. No/Little Tests1. Start with smoke test (best ROI)2. Introduce TDD/ATDD3. Use metrics to encourage people4. Support from management level
  10. 10. Communication Gapbetween dev and CI teamEat your own dog foodCI as a service
  11. 11. Where Is the Cloud?
  12. 12. Cloud Computing In a NutshellSaaS / PaaS / IaaSPublic / Private CloudCI in Cloud
  13. 13. Benefits of CI in CloudImprove Resource UtilizationReduce Maintenance Overhead
  14. 14. Benefits of CI in CloudMultiple build environment is easyParallel build is easyMultiple test environment is easy
  15. 15. Benefits of CI in CloudNo communication gap between devand CI team
  16. 16.
  17. 17. &
  18. 18. Concerns of CI in CloudIt might be slowerIt might have technical constraintsIt might not conform to your security policy
  19. 19. Q&A @juvenxu