When world's combine


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This is a presentation I gave at a Toastmasters meeting. It reviews Eric Hanselman from 451 Research paper entitled When World’s Combine Storage and Data Networking Convergence.

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  • Ethernet Technology Summit Santa Clara, CA USA April 2013
  • As shown in this data from Crehan Research, 10 Gigabit Ethernet prices have dropped dramatically. That in turn will fuel rapid market growth over the next three years.
  • Ethernet Technology Summit Santa Clara, CA USA April 2013
  • Ethernet Technology Summit Santa Clara, CA USA April 2013
  • When world's combine

    1. 1. BASED ON PAPER BY ERIC HANSELMANTHE 451 GROUPAUGUST 15, 2012Santa Clara, CA USAApril 20131When World’s CombineStorage and Data NetworkingConvergence
    2. 2. TopicsSanta Clara, CA USAApril 20132Two Data and Storage NetworksEvolution to ConvergenceConvergence Value PropositionAdoption Trends
    3. 3. Storage Networks Data NetworksSanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013High performanceShort distancesLow LatencyPredictablePerformanceReliable DeliveryLonger DistanceLow CostOperational FlexibilityBest effort reliability3Two NetworksTwo IT Organizations emerged to manage each network
    4. 4. Evolution to ConvergenceSanta Clara, CA USAApril 20134
    5. 5. Convergence Value PropositionSanta Clara, CA USAApril 20135Single network for storage andnetworkingReduces number of adapters andswitches, and simplify cabling byconsolidating on Ethernet Save 30% on adapters and switches,80% on cablesReduces OPEX with both power andmanagement savings Save 40% on power and cooling Simplified deployment
    6. 6. Adoption TrendsSanta Clara, CA USAApril 201362011: Less than 33% of respondents to InfoProstorage study indicated increased spending in FCoE2012: 54% had converged platforms in use or planned to 52% were going to increase spending in 10GbE 44% planned to increase spending in CNAs
    7. 7. 10GbE Shipments Rise as Prices DropPorts: x000Price: U$DSource: Crehan Research, Server-class Adapter and LOM Long-range Forecast, January 2013
    8. 8. Who is Converging?Santa Clara, CA USAApril 20138Convergence Accelerators New Data Centers Blade Servers Virtualization DeploymentsConvergence Decelerators 10G switch costs Fibre Channel rock-solid reputation Organizational issues
    9. 9. Worldwide FCoE Enabled PortsSanta Clara, CA USAApril 201394.5XSource Dell’Oro Jan 201310% Blade5% Rack1/3 10GbE Ports4% Blade (2X)5% Rack (4.5X)½ 10GbE Ports
    10. 10. Why IO Is Strategic Survey FindingsNetwork I/O Is StrategicCritical to Data Center GrowthConvergence Is HappeningSource: Emulex IT SurveyBandwidth Will Grow to 100Gbsaid theirnetworks willoperate at100Gbpsby 201654%76%believe network I/Ois the most criticalpotential bottleneckin the data centerbelieve storageand data networkswill inevitablyconverge into asingle unifiednetwork78%said growing demandfor increased networkbandwidth is one ofthe most criticalissues facing datacenters today81%
    11. 11. Santa Clara, CA USAApril 201311Thank Youjudi.uttal@emulex.com