Top Tips For Successful Recruitment 2012


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Recruit slow! Follow these steps and you will not go wrong, I guarantee it! No-one can recruit quickly and make the best appointment.

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Top Tips For Successful Recruitment 2012

  1. 1. Top tips for successfulrecruitment & selection
  2. 2. Prepare, prepare, prepare... Analyse the job Plan the workforce Create person spec Create job description Bin the old spec, What needs to be What qualities are Group theTalk to outgoing staff, done and when, what needed to do the job responsibilities into a Start from scratch, is the workflow, How effectively, natural order, includeWrong spec = wrong do we get from A to B communication, measures, timescales, person = major cost to C, who is involved. presentation, education salary etc
  3. 3. Attract the right people Advertise fairly Advertise Widely Easy to apply Web vs Newspaper Refer to the person Consider what the CV or application On-line is better for specification, make it people you need read, form, open day, applicant tracking, clear, promote watch and browse. Is employee referral, ease of application,diversity, avoid ‘young, it a specialist or one named contact, reach is global, shelf dynamic, energetic’ general role? include salary, life is longer benefits & culture
  4. 4. Be consistent when short-listing A Ensure candidates C Shortlist as a team of 3 HR, E Invite to interview know what needs to General Manager, & recruiting outlining how be illustrated on dept Manager to reduce errors assessment will be run. application. and/or discrimination TRANSPARENCY QUALITY PROFESSIONAL TRUST KNOWLEDGE B Inform candidates that D Apply criteria proof of identity and right evenly without to work are essentials to ambiguity be checked.
  5. 5. Interview each person exactly the same way People involved Place of interview Questions & Answers Avoid Halo & Horns Short-listing team Consider room layout Follow set questions Do not fall into the involved in all and how the interview for all interviewees. trap of scoring on the interviews, equal role will run, each persons Take notes throughout basis of who you liked for each person, use a role, what/who does and score each or disliked. Keep competency based the candidate see performance soon referring to the specs framework. from arrival? afterwards
  6. 6. Making the offer, what to include in the letter and why. Financial elements •Basic Salary Understand financial value •Pension of the job •Bonus/Overtime Work elements •Core hours Ensures clarity on time •Working week commitment expected •Holiday entitlement Benefits •Life/Health Insurance Focuses on security and the •Parking/Canteen longer term •Study support/CPD Culture •Invite to meet the team Allows the person to start •Company newsletter visualising the transition •Welcome note from MD
  7. 7. COMPANY PRESENTATIONChecks before commencement 1 – Eligibility to work 2 – Identity 3 – Qualifications required 4 – Work history 5 – Reference’s
  8. 8. CHARACTERISTICS OF ABACUS Established 2003 60+ yrs specialist 16 to date: Local market intel Business EXPERIENCE Qualified Staff Customer Service Consultants Multi-sector Audits NI and beyond IIP AWARDS SCOPE Profesisonal and Support Multi-national & indigenous SMEsClient-driven High-profile contracts Performance RESULTS QUALITYHigh-volume KPI Ratios Ad-hoc CVsContingency IV Prep Aftercare RELATIONSHIP CRM Delivery Client-focused Employer Branding
  9. 9. WORKING WITH YOU Contact People Justin Rush – Business Director Alan Braithwaite – Business Director Contact Points +44 (0) 2890 313157