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Workshops in the Swiętokrzyski National Park Poland


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Workshops in the Swiętokrzyski National Park Poland

  1. 1. Workshops in the forests of Europe- Poland Swiętokrzyski Park Narodowy COMENIUS ECO PALS 2014
  2. 2. Legends conected to the National Park – Saint Emeric of Hungary
  3. 3. King Jagiełło’s beech
  4. 4. Fir forest RULES
  5. 5. The Biodiversity in Swiętokrzyski Park
  6. 6. The Biodiversity in Swiętokrzyski Park
  7. 7. Boulder fields
  8. 8. A stone run (called also stone river, stone stream or stone sea is a conspicuous rock landform, result of the erosion of particular rock varieties caused by myriad freezing-thawing cycles taking place in periglacial conditions during the last Ice Age. The actual formation of stone runs involved no less than five processes: weathering, solifluction, frost heaving, frost sorting, and washing. The stone runs are essentially different from moraines, rock glaciers, and rock flows or other rock phenomena involving the actual flow of rock blocks under stress that is sufficient to break down the cement or to cause crushing of the angularities and points of the boulders. By contrast, the stone run boulders are fixed quite stably, providing for safer climbing and crossing of the run.
  9. 9. The Museum of Nature
  10. 10. The quiz for ECO PALS
  11. 11. The End