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Holy Cross Mountains class IV B


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Sports
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Holy Cross Mountains class IV B

  2. 2. LEGEND OF THE EMERYK The Legend of Emeryk’s tells the story of a knight, which fell on his knees to the holy cross. Knight is very boasted. During the expedition decided to rest. Then suddenly rang bells and knight by his pride turned to stone. Legend has it that every year a stone knight moves grain of sand to get to the top to kiss the Holy Cross. When this will be the end of the world.
  3. 3. Legend of the devils and the Holy Cross The Legend of devils and saints Cross talks about the devils who want to destroy the holy cross. So they took a huge boulder to drop it on the holy cross. Almost arrived but the cock crowed and got the morning and then the devils lose their power, so left stone before the holy cross.
  4. 4. Animals of Holy Cross Mountains Fox Deer
  5. 5. Animals in the Holy Cross Mountains Lizard Mouse
  6. 6. Flints
  7. 7. Trails which we entered to top
  8. 8. Presentations prepared Kamil Sledz Kacper Orlikowski Albert Smistek Mikolaj Kaczmarczyk Emilia Jaworska