You Could Live In The Top 2


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You Could Live In The Top 2

  1. 1. You could live in the top 2% of America!<br />But what does this mean?<br />Having enough income to live the life you want. No longer worrying about day-to-day expenses and knowing that you and your family will have enough to maintain that lifestyle in the future.<br />Being physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Feeling energetic and alive at any age. Having happy and rewarding relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.<br />Being fully engaged and passionate about life, facing every day with a feeling of expectation and excitement.<br />It’s no wonder only 2% of Americans enjoy this lifestyle. It just doesn’t happen. It takes learning the specific skills that are present in all high achievers. Sadly, these are not the skills taught in our nation’s schools and universities.<br />By simply reading this you are already ahead of the pack. You are taking the time to learn about yourself and steps you can take to “Live in the Two.”<br />Our experts have identified five distinct categories, or character traits, that ultimately determine the likelihood of one's achievement. Based on your responses, the following profile has been customized to describe your current life situation. Read your profile below...<br />You’re Discipline<br />As a very disciplined person, your life runs like a well-oiled machine. People who know you may think you are excessively organized, but secretly they wish they shared your level of discipline.<br />Discipline is your ability to set goals, manage your time, accomplish what’s important, measure the results, and maintain an overall balance in life. Without discipline, achievement grinds to a halt.<br />You’re Passion<br />As a very passionate individual, you're ready to take on the world. The greater the challenge, the greater your accomplishment. You’re going to make a difference in this world and people know it.<br />Hard work will start you toward your goal. But it’s the passion to press on no matter what obstacles are in your way that’s going to lead you to achievement. Every time. People who live in the two have a continuous flow of passion.<br />You’re Risk<br />A risk-taker at heart, you show that you tend to thrive when challenged. And while your willingness to tackle a new adventure may get your adrenaline pumping, at times it can be your greatest weakness.<br />Risk is a measure of your willingness to step out of your " comfort zone." Success often requires change, and the road is often paved with new challenges that defy complacency. Those not willing to change live a life like everyone else. And those who accept risk get to live like no one else.<br />You’re Optimism <br />As you probably know, your positive nature is what attracts people as well as opportunities to you. You have a genuine sense of self and find value in simply being you. You have a gift that most average people desire, and your time is in high demand by others.<br />You are what you think about, so it’s no surprise that happy people are, well, just happier. And those who tend to be more positive usually benefit from more success, more satisfying relationships, and more wealth. This category of optimism includes both internal and external sources of positive affirmation (e.g., self-esteem, confidence, self-image, spirituality).<br />Your Interpersonal Skills Results<br />You show that your interpersonal skills shine in just about any situation, whether at work, at home, or with friends. You've mastered the art of building relationships and now use it to your advantage. Your charismatic, people-first nature will take you far in life.<br />Relationships are pivotal to your overall success. These include not only your personal relationships, but also your ability to deal with people. Negotiating. Selling. Public speaking. Regardless of your trade, these factors are all necessary for ultimate success.<br />In conclusion...<br />If you’re like most people, you have just learned a few things about yourself, and probably confirmed some that you already knew. And while gaining insight about yourself is interesting, it is only valuable if it used to improve your life.<br />The truth is, of the thousands of people who take this test, only 2% will ever use these test results to live a life of fulfillment. The rest will simply make excuses. “I don’t have enough education.” “I’m too old.” “I’m too young.” “I’m just not lucky.” “I’m not smart enough.”<br />For years, we at Just Wright dream Team have been helping hundreds of thousands of people reach their full potential - people who were no different from you, except for maybe one thing - they believed that their past didn’t predict their future. <br /> <br />