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OMNITRACKER Project Management Center


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The OMNITRACKER Project Management Center is based on Prince2 and PMI standards. It supports the full project lifecycle from project initiation to project planning, execution, monitoring and finally project closing. Related supported processes include documentation, time registration, travel expenditures registration, reporting and resource management.
Projects can be broken down in project phases, which can be broke down into activities. Activities can have sub-activities, predecessors and successors. Employees can register time entries on activities. Gantt charts provide easy insight in planning, including resource utilization levels. Automated, configurable escalations provide early warnings.
The out-of-the-box Project Management Center runs inside the OMNITRACKER platform and is integrated in many of the OMNITRACKER applications templates, including IT Service Management Center, Requirement Management Center and System Engineering Center, for release management and testing.
Of course it is possible for all our clients to make any change they want to the Project Management Center or to add additional tailor made processes.

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OMNITRACKER Project Management Center

  1. 1. http://www.omninet.bizhttp://www.omnitracker.bizOMNITRACKER Project Management CenterOMNITRACKER Project Management OMNITRACKER IntegrationCenter In addition to the project management processes, OMNI-OMNITRACKER Project Management Center supports the TRACKER allows the implementation and integration of addi-realization of projects of any size or complexity. Project tional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes. The-plans recorded in Project Management Center are the basis se processes include Asset Management, Order Manage-for monitoring and controlling of project progress. An essen- ment, IT Service or Customer Care Service Management andtial feature of the solution is, that key metrics of project pro- Finance Management. The multi-client capability of OMNI-gress and of the underlying business case are calculated au- TRACKER enables the integration of multiple ERP processestomatically. In this way, performance parameters concern- in one deliverables, deadlines, budget and quality can be moni-tored continuously. The solution is based on concepts of theProject Management Institute (PMI) and on methods of thePRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) standard.Benefits for Your OrganizationOMNITRACKER Project Management Center integrates allessential project management processes. The solution cangrow in line with the requirements of your organization. Pro-cesses may be migrated to OMNITRACKER Project Man-agement Center in several steps. There are many optionsfor expanding the OMNITRACKER system. Further process-es, such as billing (of subprojects, as well as projects) or re-quirements management, can be added at later stages. OMNITRACKER Project Management Center models the fol- lowing main processes:With the introduction of OMNITRACKER Project Manage-ment Center a transparent view of all project operations is Project Initiationgained. Project progress can be monitored in detail and con- Project Planningtinuously. Great improvements in the effectiveness and effi- Project Executionciency of project management are achievable as a result. Project Monitoring In addition, the following supporting processes are included: Reporting Employee time recording Compiling and billing of travel expenses Project Documentation Project Closure 1
  2. 2. OMNITRACKER Project Management CenterKey Features The creation and filing of required documents, such as a project charter General B. Project Planning Structuring, planning, controlling and monitoring of projects Project planning has a great influence on the success of a Improved project communication and transparency of project. Usually, initial project planning follows project initia- project operations through the use of modern tracking tion and has to prepare project execution in the best way technologies possible. While the project is running, unforeseen events Reduction in adminstrative effort and therefore cost may require the initial plans to be revised and schedules to Optional integration with OMNITRACKER IT Service be changed. Mangement Center OMNITRACKER Project Planning supports: Planning and Management Effective planning and utilization of resources Organization of the project into project phases (project positions) and work packages (activities) Processing and Monitoring Definition of milestones Continuous recording of time expenditure and travel Scheduling and definition of deliverables costs for the duration of the project Structuring of the project organization Determination of accounting parameters Time and cost planning Monitoring of project progress, status and cost effec- Scheduling of resources tiveness Automated documentation of project progress Increased transparency of project activities Interface and Display Meaningful displays of project goals, information on deliverables, and time schedulesCost Effectiveness of OMNITRACKERProject Management CenterToday, more than ever, projects must be realized in the con-text of conflicting demands: costs and time expenditure areto be minimized while quality is to be increased. Many pro-jects are realized by international teams at distributed loca-tions. This requires the successful and cost-effective imple-mentation of business processes as well as the effective C. Project Executionplanning of available resources. After all of the planning documentation has been created, the most important project process begins: project execution.Overview of Processes Project execution is accompanied by project monitoring. Some of the responsibilities of the project manager are: au-A. Project Initiation thorization of the activities to be undertaken by the project team; ensuring that expenditures are recorded; approval ofThe goals of project initiation are to control the course of the deliverables completed.project approval process and to define essential project con-tent. OMNITRACKER Project Initiation consists of: OMNITRACKER Project Execution includes: The creation and approval of a project contract Authorization or closure of activities, project positions and The appointment of the project manager responsible the project The definition of project scope (goals, categorization, pro- Recording of time expenditure and travel expenses ject description) Storage and management of documentation created in the process of producing the deliverables. 2
  3. 3. comprehensive & flexibleD. Project Monitoring Reports can cover freely definable periods of time. In addi- tion, OMNITRACKER Dashboard offers a snapshot displayThe primary goal of project monitoring is to early on detect of automatically updated (’real-time’) and graphical views ofdeviations of project results from those specified in the pro- chosen key metrics.ject plans. The actual values of key project metrics are con-tinuously compared to the expected values. In this way, nec- F. Time Recordingessary corrective measures can be taken in good time. OM-NITRACKER project monitoring provides the basis for effi- With OMNITRACKER Time Recording all time expenditurescient project monitoring and includes the following functions: can be recorded in detail. Times booked by an employee on a project or on an activity are automatically allocated to the Budget monitoring, target/actual employee’s individual time account. This significantly reduces Monitoring of milestones the administrative effort of recording project-related and em- Calculation of costs ployee-specific time. Earned-Value-Analysis as a way to measure the project status based on cost and time planning OMNITRACKER Time Recording consists of: Monitoring of thresholds with regard to proportional budg- et use; escalation when a threshold is exceeded Recording and calculation of project-related costs Colour-coded display of cost effectiveness of individual Automatic creation of time accounts activities and project positions Automatic booking of time expenditures to corresponding Project documentation time accounts Management of travel cost receipts Time accounts enable definition of employee-specific proper- ties, such as weekly working hours, number of leave days, a country-specific calendar or a time account period.E. ReportingManagement reports show project status based on the es-sential project metrics. In the reports, project progress is re-lated to Business Cases in a transparent way. These data are initially recorded manually for an employee,OMNITRACKER Project Management Center offers a range subsequently the time account is updated automatically.of predefined report templates. These report templates can Time accounts provide an employee-specific overview ofeasily be customized and adapted to the specific needs of hours worked as well as information on flexitime and over-an organization. time balances.Examples of project templates are: Reports on the current status of individual activities and project phases with regard to planned time and cost budgets Reports on expenditures (for example based on recorded time) for individual activities Project status report of selected projects 3
  4. 4. Time records enable the planning and re- … the closure of project phases by thecording of expenditures of an activity project manager.through the filling in of forms. When closing the individual activities, the deliverables are checked and approval is The company documented within the activity object. Our first aim is to satisfy our When closing an individual project phase, customers with high-quality products and first-class service. the closure analysis and its documentation To achieve this, we consistently take place. fulfill the wishes and require- ments of our customers regard- OMNITRACKER Project Management ing product content, quality and Center also supports automatic project clo- schedule. Our commitment to a sure for simplified administration of routine customer does not end with the projects. The project manager decides on signing of the contract; rather, that is when it begins. its use. A routine project is closed auto- matically when the last subsidiary activity OMNINET Software Solutions or project phase has been completed. OMNINET GmbHG. Project Documentation D-90542 Eckental Conclusion Email: sales@omninet.deThe project team completes project docu- Web: http://www.omninet.dementation, beginning with project initiationand ending with project closure. Documen- OMNITRACKER Project Management OMNINET Austria GmbH A-1010 Viennatation is created and managed in OMNI- Center offers a wide variety of functions to Email: sales@omninet.atTRACKER Project Management Center model a unified project management pro- Web: for all objects (projects, project phases, cess. Due to its scalability and varied op- OMNINET Technologies NV/SA activities, etc.) and tions for integrating further processes, OM- B-3018 Leuven during the entire course of the project. NITRACKER can easily be introduced to Email: sales@omninet.beAny document types can be added as at- the most divers types of organizations. Web: http://www.omninet.betachments to the data model; their exist- OMNINET Nederlandence can be verified during the running of Further Information NL-2517 JK Den Haagthe project. The rights to access individual Email: Would you like to learn more about the Web: http://www.omninet.nldocuments of project documentation de-pend on the role of the employee in the OMNITRACKER product and solutions or OMNINET Russiaproject team. arrange for a product presentation? Then RUS-Moscow 121099 please contact us at one of our offices. Email: Web: OMNINET GmbH (Schweiz) CH-3072 Ostermundigen Email: Web: All hardware and software names used are trademarks or registered brands of the respective manufacturer. © OMNINET GmbH Subject to change without notice Document replaces all previous descrip- tionsH. Project ClosureThe final project phase has three maingoals: the inspection and approval of pro-ject results (the deliverables), project clo-sure analysis and project closure.In OMNITRACKER Project ManagementCenter project closure consists of ... … the closing of activities by the parties responsible for these activities or by the project manager 4 EN_PF_OMNITRACKER_Project_Management_Center_2.0