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OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center


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The OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center is PinkVerified in 9 processes and is a professional high-end ITIL v3 application, including processes like Incident Management, Event Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Configuration Management and more. It consists of a very easy-to-use user interface in a web and windows client. All ITIL processes are part of the standard application, no unexpected fees afterwards. Off-course, using the flexibility of the OMNITRACKER platform it is easy to hide processes and implement only those that are relevant.
The big differentiator in ITIL tools are actually not the ITIL processes, but the possibility to integrate other related processes and this is what OMNITRACKER is built for. Out-of-the-box integrations with related OMNITRACKER Application Templates include: Stock & Order Management (link your CMDB directly to your purchase department), Project Management, Requirement Management, System Engineering, Sales Management and Contract Management.
Of course it is possible for all our clients to make any change they want to the IT Service Management Center or to add additional tailor made processes.

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OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center

  1. 1. http://www.omninet.bizhttp://www.omnitracker.bizOMNITRACKER ITSM Center processes into a single application. ITSM Center can growOMNITRACKER IT Service Management with the requirements of the organization: migration of pro-Center cesses to OMNITRACKER ITSM Center can be done step-by -step, beginning with the Incident Management Process andOMNITRACKER ITSM Center is a certified IT Service Man- finishing with the implementation of sophisticated IT Serviceagement tool that is based on the de facto standard IT Infra- Management.structure Library (ITIL). It not only enables the managementof IT services but also the optimizing of IT business process- With the help of OMNITRACKER ITSM Center, a transparentes. With the introduction of OMNITRACKER ITSM Center a view of all service operations is gained. Comprehensive re-clear structure is defined for these processes. Key process ports enable performance assessments and continual im-metrics can then be monitored for quality assurance. provements.OMNITRACKER ITSM Center is scalable and offers varied IT Service Management Profitabilityoptions for integrating processes. Thus it allows IT ServiceManagement to be implemented in the most divers types of Investment in ITSM allows optimal control of direct costsIT organizations: they can be the internal IT service depart- (hardware/software, IT operations and administration) and in-ments of medium-sized companies; they can also be the de- direct costs (IT failures, end-user IT costs). A Gartner studypartments of an external provider of IT services to large inter- documents evidence of the link between higher process ma-national corporations. turity and lower overall costs in IT organisations. Beyond cost control, service quality is also improved and IT servicesBenefits for Your Organization provision can be closely tailored to business requirements.OMNITRACKER ITSM Center has won several ITIL certifica-tions. It combines the key IT Service Management (ITSM) OMNITRACKER Integration OMNITRACKER enables the integration of additional Enter- prise Resource Planning (ERP) processes with IT Service Management. Examples are: Stock & Order Project Management Management Sales Management The IT Service Management processes of OMNITRACKER ITSM Center include: Event Management Service Level Management Incident Management Service Catalogue Request Fulfilment Management Problem Management Release & Deployment Change Management Management Availability Management Service Asset & Configu- Capacity Management ration Management Reporting Knowledge Management 1
  2. 2. OMNITRACKER ITSM CenterKey Features ITSM Center Processes in Detail A. Incident Management General Certified to v3 Pink Elephant, IT Expert and Incident Management ensures that, should a failure occur, SERVIEW ITIL standards normal service is restored as quickly as possible. OMNI- Fastest possible recording of incidents, queries and TRACKER Incident Management enables rapid recording of requests incidents in form of tickets. Tickets can be created either by Improvement of teamwork and communication within an operator or without human intervention. OMNITRACKER the IT Service organization will create tickets automatically by analysing messages re- Effective management of IT service processes ceived by email, phone, fax, SMS or web access. The Ser- Efficient use of resources through improved manage- vice Desk—as the ‘single point of contact’ - then classifies, ment of the IT infrastructure prioritizes, processes, tracks and eventually closes the tick- ets. Planning and management Definition of different IT service profiles to match dif- B. Request Fulfilment ferent customers’ requirements; translation of service profiles to offers Through Request Fulfilment, all commonly made requests Structured management of customer data are processed in a systematic way. An example of such a Standardized recording and control of Change Re- request is the resetting of a password. Request Fulfilment quests reduces the load on Incident Management and Change Man- agement. Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to record all components, their relationships with each other and their dependencies on each other C. Event Management Knowledge base with full text search One purpose of Event Management is the detection of poten- Processing and monitoring tial failures at the earliest possible stage. Events Planning, compilation, testing and deployment of re- (information, warnings, exceptions) are recognized by a Mon- leases according to ITIL standards itoring Tool (for example Microsoft Systems Center Opera- tions Manager). OMNITRACKER then takes over and auto- Single Point of Contact to IT Services; contact by telephone, email, SMS, Fax or web access matically creates a ticket for a new event. Depending on its type, the event will only be logged, or an operator will be Effort tracking through the definition of activities alerted, or a further ticket (Incident, Problem or Change Re- Linking of related tickets quest) will be created automatically. Management of service offers Definition of time goals D. Problem Management Modelling of any type of configuration item (CI) Problem Management is concerned with limiting costs Monitoring of IT Services delivered caused by problems for which workarounds or solutions are Monitoring and control of direct costs already known. A Problem is the (initially unknown) cause of one or more Incidents. In OMNITRACKER ITSM Center, re- Interface and display lated Incident and Problem tickets may be linked, and de- Customizable KPI (Key Performance Indicator) report pendencies highlighted in the display. When the cause of templates the Problem has been identified and a workaround or a per- ‚Real-time‘ monitoring of KPI‘s through the optional manent solution has been found, the Problem will be Dashboard display changed to a Known Error. The related information will be Highlighting of dependencies stored in the Knowledge Base of ITSM Center.Further processes included in ITSM Center are: Management of details of companies, locations, cost centers and persons (Master Data) Activity Management for the management of work orders and for effort tracking 2
  3. 3. Compliant & CertifiedE. Knowledge Management G. Change ManagementThe Knowledge Base holds ready answers on the supported Due to the rapid developments in the IT industry the manage-IT systems. It helps IT service provider staff and customers. ment of changes has become critically important. It shouldInformation is collected from different sources and stored in be possible to implement new business requirements, newvarious forms. Knowledge of workarounds and solutions is technologies and new user requirements quickly, but in aentered in the Knowledge Base in the course of processing controlled way. Change Management defines a standardIncident tickets and Problem tickets. Information may also be procedure that enables changes to be implemented efficient-in the form of articles, collections of descriptions and stand- ly and with minimal disruption to business operations. Inard documentation. OMNITRACKER ITSM Center, requests for change (RFCs, also known as Change Requests) can be generated by differ-F. Service Asset & Configuration Management ent sources - for example by the Incident Management pro- cess or the Problem Management process. They can alsoService Asset & Configuration Management records and con- be recorded directly by customers.trols all of the items or components which an IT organisation RFC tickets are created in a standard form. At a subsequentneeds to provide its services. Information about every item is control stage of the process, RFCs are accepted or rejected.held in form of a Configuration Item (CI) in a common data- An accepted RFC is classified, prioritized and the change lat-base, the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). er implemented and tested. With the evaluation of the resultCIs are recorded together with their relationships and de- of the change the RFC ticket is closed.pendencies, are described and given an ID number. It is es-sential to make complete and accurate information about the OMNITRACKER ITSM Center supports the RFC types:IT infrastructure available to the other ITSM processes - suchas Incident and Change Management. Normal Change Standard ChangeOMNITRACKER ITSM Center Configuration Management Emergency ChangeDatabase offers a generic approach to the modelling of anyCI types with any assignments of attributes to CI types. The For each type of RFC a different variant of the process is de-model definitions can easily be extended without restrictions fined. Standard Changes - for example the replacement of aat a later stage and therefore are future-proof. References keyboard - can be made immediately without special approv-between CI objects represent all the information on physical al in order to minimize effort.and logical dependencies. An overview of dependencies canbe displayed in graphical form; details of the dependencies H. Release & Deployment Managementcan be viewed in form of lists. The growing number of individual changes to IT systems must remain controllable. This is ensured through detailed planning of releases. While Change Management plans and controls the implementation of changes, Release & Deploy- ment Management puts the changes into operation. Release & Deployment Management obtains detailed information from the CMDB about the CIs to be changed. After applying the changes to the IT system (by deployment or rollout) the CMDB must be updated accordingly. Following a successful rollout, the changes recorded in the CIs are automatically made permanent in the CMDB. Should a serious error re- quire the rollout to be stopped, causing a rollback to be nec- essary, all changes to the CIs are automatically cancelled. I. Service Catalogue Management A consistent Service Catalogue is the basis of Service Level Management. Information about service requests, service re- quirements and service offers are defined and maintained centrally. The Service Catalogue always provides precise in- formation on all active and approved services. 3
  4. 4. J. Service Level Management pacity Management delivers capacity plans in consultation with customers.Service Level Management (SLM) makes it The companyeasy to tailor service contracts to individual M. Activity Management Our first aim is to satisfy ourcustomers. An important task of the SLM customers with high-quality products and first-class to monitor and evaluate how the quality Definition and management of activities To achieve this, we consistentlyand quantity of the services delivered com- within ITSM processes enables compre- fulfill the wishes and require-pares with the quality and quantity of ser- hensive planning with regard to priority, ments of our customers regard-vices guaranteed according to the Service schedule and personnel, as well as effec- ing product content, quality andLevel Agreements (SLA). Service con- tive use of available resources. In OMNI- schedule. Our commitment to a customer does not end with thetracts are drawn up, reviewed, negotiated TRACKER ITSM Center all tickets pro- signing of the contract; rather,and concluded based on the Service Cata- cessed are related to activities. Detailed that is when it begins.logue. information on effort expended on an activi- OMNINET Software Solutions ty is collected and can be used in billing.The following contract types are managed: OMNINET GmbH D-90542 Eckental N. Reporting Germany Service Level Agreements (SLA) Email: Operational Level Agreements (OLA) With clearly defined parameters and meas- Web: Underpinning Contracts (UC) urable goals - (KPI, Key Performance Indi- OMNINET Austria GmbH cators) - the quality of IT Service Manage- A-1010 ViennaDepending on the different priorities of ment can be assessed. KPI reports pro- Austriaeach ticket type (e.g. Incident, Problem, vide the information required for evaluating Email: sales@omninet.atRFC), different time goals can be defined the performance of a service organisation Web: http://www.omninet.atand monitored within the OMNITRACKER and help to realize potentials for improve- OMNINET GmbH (Schweiz)ITSM Center. Goals for reaction times, ments. OMNITRACKER ITSM Center of- CH-3072 Ostermundigentimes until on-site service, times until sys- fers a variety of predefined ITIL KPI report Switzerland Email: sales@omninet.chtem restoration as well as escalation time templates related to the individual ITSM Web: http://www.omninet.chperiods are laid down in individual con- processes. These can easily customizedtracts. In order to evaluate whether the to meet the specific requirements of IT or- OMNINET Technologies NV/SA B-3018 Leuvenagreed service quality has been delivered, ganizations. Reports can cover freely de- Belgiumthe corresponding metrics and indicators finable periods of time. OMNITRACKER Email: sales@omninet.beare compiled into reports. Dashboard allows the display of automati- Web: cally updated (’real-time’) and graphical OMNINET NederlandK. Availability Management views of chosen key measurements. NL-2517 JK Den Haag NetherlandsThe goal of Availability Management is to Email: sales@omninet.nlensure that the delivered availability level Web: http://www.omninet.nlfor all services complies with or exceeds All hardware and software names usedthe agreed requirements in a cost-effective are trademarks or registered brands of themanner. The Availability Management pro- respective manufacturer. © OMNINET GmbHcess includes designing, implementing, Subject to change without noticemeasuring, managing and improving IT Further Information Document replaces all previous descrip-services and the components that are used Would you like to learn more about the tionsto provide them. By creating and maintain- OMNITRACKER product and solutions oring up-to-date plans, availability can be arrange for a product presentation? Thenmeasured against targets. please contact us at one of our offices.L. Capacity ManagementAdvice and support concerning all capacityand performance related issues is providedby Capacity Management. Monitoring andmeasuring current capacity, as well as pre-dicting future requirements are activities ofthe Capacity Management process. Ca- 4 EN_PF_OMNITRACKER_ITSMCenter_2.0