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Facebook Timeline for Pages


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Overview of Facebook Timeline for Pages

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Facebook Timeline for Pages

  1. 1. By Just Social||| Aust: 1800 622 359
  2. 2. FACEBOOK IN 2012850 million monthly active users483 million daily active users425 million monthly active users who’ve usedFacebook mobile productsAvailable in more than 70 languagesAccounts for more than 95% of social networkingtime on the web
  3. 3. THE NEW TIMELINES LAYOUTIntroduced to Pages on Feb. 29thGrace period until March 31stAll pages switch to the new Timeline layout onMarch 31st.Many new changes such as no default landing page,bigger custom page width, large cover image plusmany more
  4. 4. Whats New with Timelines?Cover Image Friend FeedProfile Picture Pin PostsAbout Section MilestonesApp Display Starred StoriesHighlight Feed Private MessageTimeline Navigation Admin PanelActivity Feed Activity Log
  5. 5. 1. Cover Image2. Profile Picture3. Timeline4. About Section5. Apps6. Highlights7. Composer8. Pinned Post9. Friend Activity
  7. 7. COVER IMAGE RESTRICTIONS851 x 315 pixels (min. 399 pixels wide)Make it stand out; represent your brand wellNO – Price or purchase infoNO – Contact info such as website, ph. no., addressNO – Like or Share referencesNO – Calls to Action i.e Click Like, Sign up Now
  9. 9. PROFILE PICTURE180 x 180 pixels – gets resized to 32 x 32 pixelsFollows you around Facebook and the WebShould be your logo, brand, product or spokespersonIf your brand is you, use a headshotCan be creatively combined with your Cover Image
  11. 11. ABOUT SECTION155 characters longGood to include URL (start with http:// to make itclickable)If URL is too long, use shortening service ( describe your company and what you doEntire box is automaticallylinked to your Info page
  12. 12. APP DISPLAYOnly 4displayed –users must click the drop down / more arrow1st one – photos, can’t be changed; others can – makegood use of this prime real estateThumbnail is customizable – 111 x 74 pixelsChoose thumbnails that encourage the user to click
  13. 13. HIGHLIGHT FEEDAllows users ability to choose howthey interact with your pageHighlights – what FB deems mostimportantPosts by Page – only admins’ posts shownPosts by Others – everyone except admins’ posts.Allows users to see what others are saying about yourbrand
  14. 14. TIMELINE NAVIGATIONAllows users to easily navigate your page by dateSince users can now dig deeper into your page’shistory, make sure you prune your pageGo through each date in your page’s past andask,“Does this represent my company the way Iwant it to?”
  15. 15. TIMELINE NAVIGATION CONT’DStatistics box appears at the end ofeach monthShows what / who the page hasliked, how many likes the page hasand how many people are “talkingabout this” i.e. engaging with your page
  16. 16. ACTIVITY FEEDActivity Feed is the new WallFacebook’s Edgerank algorithm decides which storiesare to be displayed and which are to be hidden.Admins can change / edit any post with the littlepencil icon at the top right of all posts.Admins can also disable posting for specific fans incase someone starts spamming your page
  17. 17. PIN POSTSPinning posts keeps it at the top of your activity feedfor 7 daysUse it for important updates,contests, announcements etcAdd links and additional info inthe descriptionPin posts by clicking pencil iconat the top right of the post
  18. 18. FRIEND FEEDFocuses on highlighting the users’ friends’ interactionwith the page.Shows interaction from your fans’ friendsIncreases social proofFeature can be turned offin admin panel
  19. 19. MILESTONESUsed to highlight important dates & eventsAdmins set the date of milestones which enter thetimeline at that dateMilestones hold more weight in FB’s algorithm sothey will appear in more fans’ newsfeedsUse for new store opening,new product launch, whenyou company was founded etc
  20. 20. STARRED STORIESSimilar to Milestones but not as big of an eventAny post can be starred so that it stands outStretch to fill up entire page (both sides)Dates can be changed so theyappear where you wantthem to in your page’stimeline
  21. 21. PRIVATE MESSAGEFans and non-fans can send messages to pagesThis feature can be turned on or offPages can only respond – not initiate a conversationPages can only send 2 messages back for every 1receivedNot to be used to sell – use it to build trust andrelationships with your fans
  22. 22. ADMIN PANELAppears at the top of your pageCan be hidden from viewAllows for quick access tostats such as notifications,likes, messages and InsightsAlso where you edit yourpage info and settings
  23. 23. ACTIVITY LOGAllows admins to see page activity broken down bycategoryProvides admins with easy access to all parts of theirpage
  24. 24. WRAP UPTimelines become mandatory as of March 31st 2012.Default landing pages / welcome tabs do NOT existinside the new timelines layoutAll apps will function as normalCustom page sizes have increased to 810 pixels wideEmbrace the changes or become obsolete!