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Promisory note


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Promisory note

  1. 1. PROMISORY NOTEKNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: I, __________________________(name), of legal age, married, Filipino and resident ofBulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga, daughter of _______________________(name), registered owner ofLot. No. 43-A, Psd-2-000036 of TCT No. EPT-258, referred to as Debtor to the Contract ofAntichresis executed by and between _______________(name) as the Creditor under Notary ‘sPublic of Atty. _____________(atty’s name) ., with docket no. ______, page _______ of bookII, series of 2000; That I, do hereby barrow the copy of the Transfer Certificate of Title No. EPT-258 underthe custody of _____________________(name), said Creditor for the period of TEN (10)DAYS; That I do promise to return immediately said land title to Mrs. Felomina Nonog after theconduct of Survey and Sub-Division of the remaining portion of the land in contract. IN WITNESS HEEOF, I hereunto set my hands this 22nd day of September 2000, atTabuk, Kalinga, Philippines. ______________________(name) CTC No. ___________________ Issued on ___________________ At Tabuk, Kalinga SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ______ day of September 2012, atTabuk, Kalinga, Philippines.Doc. No. _____ ______________ ( name )Page No. _____ Notary PublicBook No. II Until December 31, 2001Series of 2000 PTR No.4453411-1/4/2000 Tabuk, Kalinga