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  1. 1. By Justin Henry
  2. 2.  During the birth of the hip hop culture, breaking launched itself on to the dance scene. Created by various street dancers a unique style was born which amplified throughout the streets of America. The dance style was originally danced by African Americans and Latino. With breaking being created in New York it came up with a lot of elements such as Mcing DJing and Graffiti writing.
  3. 3.  Kool herc is the invented of the break beat concept which he originally played Hard Funk records with James Brown and others. As far as music is concerned there isn’t a particular genre but break beats must have the adequate tempos and beat patterns which can be remixed.
  4. 4.  With breaking being one of the major elements to impact Hip Hop culture. You can now see how breaking has influenced many from all over the world. The way people dress and what the wear, how they talk and the phrases they use can be traced back to the Hip Hop culture. Breaking has now become a platform for breakers from all over battle and take part in competition.
  5. 5. Top Rock – a chain of footwork movement put together while in thestanding position. These moves are influenced by locking, popping andhouse.Footwork – a set of moves put together which require breaker use allelements of their body close to the ground. This includes the hands beingsas much the feet.Freeze – these moves are done to show strength and musicality. Thesemoves are described as frozen poses.Power – these moves are the big crowd winners a display of momentum,control and athleticism. These moves include rotations andAcrobatics.
  6. 6.  When talking about style it is would inaccurate to say the breakers have set styles. Each breaker is said to have their own style that make them unique. In recent times there has been jagged relationship between style heads and powers heads. Style heads are those who incorporate all areas of the fundamentals focusing on footwork and charisma, power heads are those who focus mainly on athletic moves and form.
  7. 7.  In a battle breakers compete in front of several judges. The judges are usually established dancers most likely dancers who have some breaking back ground. The point of the battle is covers as many areas in breaking such as musicality creativity flow how moves are chained together and originality. Apposing B-boys will point out when a breaker has repeated a move, crashed or stolen a move. Breakers can also battle in team as well as individually.
  8. 8.  Many films have included breaking for e.g Flashdance, Beat Street You Got Served, the Step Up series and Breakin’.