Group 5 - Presentation - 1 - MYGYM


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Media Project 6 Group 5 Presentation 1

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Group 5 - Presentation - 1 - MYGYM

  1. 1. Media Project 6 Group 5
  3. 3. THESOLUTION• Turn the Gym into a Platform• Turn the Equipment into the controller• Make the Gym more social• Let the users interact and compete
  6. 6. MYEXERCISE Exercise at home?• Too many distractions• No motivation from other people• Not enough space• Not much of a competitive element
  7. 7. MYEXERCISE Why the Gym?• Somewhere to get away from the home• Motivating• Use of gym equipment• Personal trainers
  8. 8. CURRENTEQUIPTMENTGamercize Spin Trainer Gamercize Stepper
  9. 9. CURRENTEQUIPTMENTTechnoGym Recline Spinner TechnoGym Visio Web Display
  10. 10. EXERCISEMACHINES• The machines that we will make interactive games for are: stationary bike, hill-walker, cross trainer, rower and treadmill.• Screens in front of the user will contain the user interface• The machine will use sensors to track the user and connect the game
  11. 11. SAFEREXERCISE• People tend to spend too much time on the same machines• Our games will encourage safer exercise by using timed intervals• It will also allow gym goers to use all the equipment available• The screens will also contain information about safer exercise
  12. 12. ENCOURAGINGGYM-USE• Gym equipment will no longer be boring to use.• People will be encouraged to go to the gym because of the social aspect, the competitive aspect and the fun that our platform will provide.• Everyone will have their own profile which will displayed on the G.U.I.
  13. 13. MYFRIENDSWhy is social networking important?• Creates a community• Builds relationships• Motivating peers• Competitive Aspect• Communication• Addictive
  14. 14. MYFRIENDSWhy will people use the social network?• Popularity of existing social networks• Online gamers like to compete• Team training and socializing is motivational
  15. 15. EXISTINGPLATFORMS• Facebook, Twitter, MSN etc• Xbox live Messaging• Windows Messenger
  16. 16. EXISTINGPLATFORMSXbox Headset World Of Warcraft – Chat Window
  17. 17. MYFRIENDS• The gym will have a team training feel.• We will display users progress.• Set up a competitive atmosphere where people can challenge one another.• Friends can stay touch whilst exercising.
  18. 18. MYFRIENDS Problems with social networking?• People spend a great deal of time at home on social networks and don’t exercise.• Can be seen as wasting time• We will let people socialize whilst exercising.
  19. 19. MYGAMES• Games are specific to gym equipment• Players can play by themselves, their friends or in tournaments• Completion times are recorded and added to the gym leaderboard and players personal times• Players receive medals and an overall score for their position in a race• Players will only be allowed play a game a number of times per day
  20. 20. MYGAMES• Players can collect items that give them points and increase their overall score• Players can collect power ups that boost their avatars performance for a period of time• Points can be used to buy new items to customize your Avatar
  21. 21. MYTOURNAMENTS• Players complete all games in the gym for the best possible score• Top 3 players receive bonus points and medals – Gold, Silver and Bronze• Other Prizes awarded for losers - Epic Fail Award and Best Dressed Award
  22. 22. KINGOFTHEHILL• Uses the stepper or treadmill• Players compete to reach the top of the mountain to capture the flag in the best possible time• 5 stages with a different angles of slope to vary the speed• Avoid obstacles such as rolling rocks, deep puddles and sticky dirt
  23. 23. RAPIDRACERS• Uses the Exercise Bike• Players must complete 3 laps of a track in the best possible time• Track will have obstacles that have to be avoided• Ramps give you special air time bonuses and increased speed• Speed tiles for extra bursts of speed• Loop-de-loop sections require you to cycle harder on the exercise bike
  24. 24. WHATSNEXT?• More research• MockUp Versions• Prototype development• Prototype testing• Further developments & corrections