Icy Hot Patch Extra Strength, Back Pain Relief, Large Size – 5 Each


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Chattem a leading name in producing wellness products has produced Icy Hot Patch Extra Strength, Back Pain Relief that works as effective pain killer, anti-inflammatory to reduce the amount and frequency of pain.

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Icy Hot Patch Extra Strength, Back Pain Relief, Large Size – 5 Each

  1. 1. Icy Hot Patch Extra Strength, Back Pain Relief, Large Size – 5 EachHectic and exhausting schedule have lead to several physical and mental complicationsand almost every working individuals are suffering some kind of physical problems. Mostof the working individuals are complaining about joint and back pain which is mostcommon. Back pain is most common among the physical problems, as longer sitting onchair and traveling causes internal wear and tear in the spinal cord. Large options ofBack Pain Relief Products are available different forms, sizes, and styles that can suityour budget and physical makeup. Hence, if you are among the back pain suffer, thenyou should start using any of this product, before worsening of the situation. Back painrelief solutions may include varieties of options such as cream, lotions, sprays relaxer,brace, massager, cushion and patches. If you hate consuming medicines or terrified bythe name of injection, then there are some better and latest options available such asback pain patches than can be directly applied to paining area for instant relief. Mostpeople will have heard of patches. Usually human skin is like waterproof fabric and onlya few substances such as cosmetic creams and sprays could be efficiently absorbedthrough the surface. Back Pain Patches contains such a solution that hydrates the skinand broadens the pores so the drug can seep through. This back pain patches appearlike large size Band-Aid but it contains medication sandwiched between ultra thin pads.It is the best way to get rid of back pain, because it directly targets the affected area.According to some medical experts, medicines taken by mouth are attacks by thedigestive juices and Some of the chemicals in the medicines are broken down in leverhence only a part of medicines are absorbed. Chattem a leading name in producingwellness products has produced Icy Hot Patch Extra Strength, Back Pain Relief thatworks as effective pain killer, anti-inflammatory to reduce the amount and frequency ofpain. It is effective and preventive when applied on muscles, joints, and ligaments. ThisIcy Hot Patch is also useful to lessen children’s pain. JustOTC Online Store offers widerange of Icy Hot Patch, manufactured by Chattem for long lasting relief.Icy Hot Patch Extra Strength, Back Pain Relief, Large Size – 5 Each:-Busy mechanical schedule have ultimately resulted to several physical problem andirritating back pain is most annoying as a person can neither sleep nor sit because of it.
  2. 2. Icy Hot Pain Patches are highly used to reduce the pain. Icy Hot Back Pain Patch is aflexible, soft, pain-relieving patch that provides strong, penetrating relief for aches andpains of the back. They are designed from highly breathable and ventilating non-wovencloth to fit the curves of your back providing best possible relieve to the user. It is easy topull-and-peel protective film to apply and painless to remove. It contains effective healingingredients that are quickly absorbed into the skin to stimulate blood circulation and offerenduring relief to the aching back. This effective pain relief patch offers relief from mildto moderate muscles and joints aches and pains connected with bruises, sprains,arthritis, strains and simple backache. This pain relief patch can offer up to eight hourswarming relief from back pain and muscular aches. It maintains constant, controlledtemperature for lasting, efficient pain relief and its special hinged design means you canput it with ease over your lower back or other fat areas. You can put the patch directly onthe affected area and it will stay in place without extra strapping or taping. Open thesachet, eradicate the protective film and place the patch on the affected area and it willdeliver warming, soothing relief. They do not contain any odor and can be easily carriedin pocket or small bag, as they are small in size and flexible. Icy Hot Therapy for Pain issoft, smooth and concretes at the site of pain. It contains best Pain Relieving Ointmenton a Breathable Adhesive Pad that holds medicine on affected area for long lastingrelief. It is very useful in minor physical complication such as Muscle strains and sprains,Bruises and cramps, Simple backache, Arthritis pain and Bursitis tendonitis. It also offersfast relief from backache, sore muscle, arthritis and muscle cramps.INDICATIONS: Icy Hot Therapy for Pain on a soft and dry medicated patch. Concentrates medicine at the site of pain. Holds medicine on painful muscles or joints for long-lasting relief. Pain Relieving Ointment on a Breathable Adhesive Pad Contains 5 Patches. Icy Hot temporarily relieves of minor A. Arthritis pain. B. Simple backache. C. Bursitis tendonitis D. Muscle strains and sprains E. Bruises and cramps. Icy Hot is the dual action pain reliever that is ICY to dull the pain and HOT to relax it away. It is ideal for fast pain relief from sore muscles, backache, muscle cramps and arthritis. The unique dual action formula of methyl salicylate and menthol is available in the new ICY HOT Patch. It delivers the same dual action pain relief on a soft, dry and breathable adhesive pad.INGREDIENTS:Active Ingredients:Menthol 5% (Topical Analgesic)Inactive Ingredients:
  3. 3. Acrylic Acid, Aluminum Hydroxide, Carmellose Sodium, 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate, Glycerin,Isopropyl Myristate, Methylacrylate, Nonoxynol-30, Polyacrylate, Polyacrylic Acid,Polysorbate 80, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Starch, Talc, Tartaric Acid, Titanium Dioxide,Water.DIRECTIONS:Adults and children over 12 years: Remove backing from patch by grasping both ends firmly and gently pulling backing separates in middle. Carefully remove backing from patch. Apply one patch to affected area. Repeat as necessary, but no more than 4 times daily.Children 12 years or younger: Ask a doctor.WARNINGS:For external use only when using this product: Use only as directed Do not bandage tightly or use a heating pad Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membrane Do not apply to wounds or damaged skinStop use and ask a doctor if: Condition worsens Symptoms persist for more than 7 days or clear up and occur again within a few days Redness is present Irritation develops.Keep out of reach of children.
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