Gold bond ultimate_soothing_skin_therapy_lotion_with_chamomile_13_oz


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Gold bond ultimate_soothing_skin_therapy_lotion_with_chamomile_13_oz

  1. 1. Buy Gold Bond Skin Therapy Lotion Gold Bond Ultimate Soothing Skin Therapy Lotion with Chamomile – 13 OzSkin irritation can be caused due to several reasons and there are many different typesof skin irritation depending upon the cause. And as the causes behind the skin irritationvary from the expected to the completely mysterious and are possible to vary during ourlives, individuals with irritable skin are doomed to a rigorous schedule of errors. With thecommon intention to nourish skin and make it healthy and hale, numerous skin lotionsare available in the market with various combination of useful ingredients. Generallyused Herbal body lotions are manufactured from plants, leaves fruits and seeds areeffective without any kind of side effect. Skin lotions are useful in many different wayslike it enhances the skin texture, nourishes it, rejuvenating dry dead skin and restoringlost moisture from the skin. Numerous non-branded and branded skin lotions areavailable in the market and each of them is formulated by the different combinations ofchemicals and herbs. According to your choice, skin lotions are available in differentform, ingredients, odor and stickiness. It’s a known fact that, skin is the largest bodyorgan that defends inner delicate and unexposed body parts from external wear andtear. Hence, entire bodily skin must be protected and nourished properly on daily basesto maintain healthy state of skin. But, with lots of pollution and hectic mechanicalmaintaining healthy and glowing state of skin is bit tricky task, as it requires lot of timewith costly cosmetic products. Overload of pollution and exhausting mechanicalschedule has ultimately resulted into charm less and dry skin. Moisture is must neededfor maintaining gorgeous skin and so necessary amount of moisture must be providedfor attractive and beautiful skin. A good quality of skin lotion can help you in maintainhealthy state of your bodily skin by hydrating it with required ingredients. Numerous skinlotions are available in the market that helps in curing skin problems such as skinirritation, dry skin and many more skin dilemmas. Large varieties of skin lotions areavailable in the market that creates obvious confusion about which product is best andeffective. With the severe need of effective skin lotion for treating various skin problems,JustOTC Online Store offers Gold Bond Ultimate Soothing Skin Therapy Lotion withChamomile – 13 Oz manufactured by Chattem a leading name in formulating skinmedicated products. Gold Bond Skin Therapy Lotion with Chamomile conserves theph level of skin moisturizer and offers complete nourishment to skin. It also worksbeneficially for the dry and dull skin, as it is free from unkind and injurious chemical anddoes not cause any annoyance.
  2. 2. Gold Bond Ultimate Soothing Skin Therapy Lotion with Chamomile – 13 Oz:-Skin lotion is used on the skin shell so that so that it regenerates dried and scratchedskin and maintains required amount of moisture level required for healthy skin. Changingclimatic conditions also contributes a lot in damaging your skin and absorbing moisturefrom skin leaving skin dull. Skin is an organ that inhales and exhales, and when it is infine and healthy conditions you feel better. Superior quality of skin lotion proves assource of moisturizer that shuns skin roughness and dryness. To maintain softness, tore-establish glowing skin and to evade early skin ageing, use of moisturizing lotion onvarious body parts is essential. Best skin care products must be included in dailybeauty care routine because gorgeous skin not only contributes to external beauty, butalso donates for internal safety. Elements like cold wind, sunrays and other ruthlessfactors of nature causes the lack of moisture in the skin; and so superior quality ofmoisturizer can refill lost skin moisture and help your skin to continue elasticity andhealth. Chattem, a prominent name in manufacturing health and wellness products,offers Gold bond Ultimate Soothing Skin Therapy Lotion with Chamomile – 13oz with nodamaging chemicals to cultivate skin. Gold Bond Skin Lotion is the safe and useful skinlotion that aids you in greater hydration of skin so that you can maintain young looks ofyour skin. With the intention to serve your skin, JustOTC Online Store provides Goldbond Ultimate Soothing Skin Therapy Lotion at the most affordable price with quickdelivery service. Gold Bond skin lotion aids to preserve obligatory amount of moistureand shuns the skin from becoming dried and dull.INDICATIONS:Gold Bond ultimate soothing skin therapy lotion with Chamomile This ultimatelotion contains 7 comforting moisturizers to moisturizes, calms irritated skin and regain aclear, healthier look.Features: • Moisturize, soothe and calm dry, irritated skin • Contain 7 comforting moisturizers to restore calm and balance to your skin • For dry, irritated areas on body • Vitamins A, C, & E • Redness Relieving Botanicals • Fragrance Free for Sensitive Skin • Moisturizes for 24 HoursGold Bond Ultimate Soothing Skin Therapy Lotion is fragrance free and oil free to helpreduce your skin’s vulnerability to sensitivity and irritation.Specially formulated to moisturize, soothe and calm dry, irritated skin and discomfort soit noticeably feels better and looks healthier.Gold Bond Ultimate Soothing Skin Therapy Lotion contains 7 comforting moisturizers torestore calm and balance to your skin.Plus, it contains naturally soothing Chamomile and 3 essential skin nurturing Vitamins A,C and E to give skin in distress more of what it needs to regain a clear, healthier look.Gold Bond Ultimate Soothing Skin Therapy Cream is fragrance free and oil free to helpreduce your skin’s vulnerability to sensitivity and irritation.
  3. 3. INGREDIENTS:Water, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Jojoba Esters, Petrolatum, CetearylAlcohol, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf Juice, StearylAlcohol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cetearyl Alcohol, Methyl Gluceth 20, BehentrimoniumMethylsulfate, Glyceryl Stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Extract,Tocopheryl Acetate, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone.Copolymer, Bisabolol, Zingiber Officinal (Ginger) Root Extract, Boswelia Serrata ResinExtract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Panthenol, Magnesium Ascorbyl Palmitate,Retinyl Palmitate, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Polysorbate 60,Stearamidopropyl PG Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Propylene Glycol, Steareth 21,Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Hydrolyzed.Jojoba Esters, EDTA (Ethylenediamine-Tetra-Acetic Acid), Propylparaben, PotassiumHydroxide, Dipropylene GlycolDIRECTIONS:Apply liberally as often as needed. Reapply to extremely dry, irritated skin to promotespeed of miniaturization.WARNINGS:Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Ifswallowed get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.JustOTC Online Store – A Budget Online Store:-Online shopping is the finest mode, which is truly accepted and followed all around theworld. It has numerous optimistic aspects compared to virtual store as we get a preciseclarification of the products, additional choice to the class of wanted products and overall, huge discounts with no shipment charges. Internet is booming with a set of onlinestores, but most of them don’t make out the wants of the purchaser. But if you’re lookingfor the latest and victorious OTC products for a hale and energetic life, then JustOTC isthe close of all your searches. JustOTC provides the huge variety of famous health and
  4. 4. fitness goods at the best price. OTC drugs offered at JustOTC intensify and help you toget rid from fitness problems with minor efforts. Along with health and personal products,there are wide varieties for men and women to perk-up their good looks and style, ashuge variety of skin care stuff are offered at most reasonable price. Ample collectionsof baby care stuffs are presented at JustOTC for strong growth of children in all aspectsof life.Following is the list of Category of Products Offered at JustOTC, for your Disease Freeand Peaceful Living. • Health and Personal Care Products • Fitness Products • Men Care Products • Women Care Products • Baby Care and Baby Need Products • Beauty Products and Accessories • Medicines • Oral Care Products