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Gold bond ultimate_comfort_body_powder_10_oz


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Gold bond ultimate_comfort_body_powder_10_oz

  1. 1. Buy Gold Bond Body Powder Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort Body Powder – 10 Oz For Ultimate Freshness, Odor Protection and Moisture ControlEvery living being sweats under the sun or when deals with physical hard work.Sweating and body odor goes in hand to hand, as excess of sweating causes to foulsmelling body odor. Scientifically, sweating is considered a normal process and good forbody, as it maintains the body temperature, but socially it is quite embarrassing. At somephase in our lives all of us had this problem and it’s worst to handle, because stinkingbody actually make a bad impression of you and makes everybody to avoid you. Nobodyloves to have stinking body as it can lower your self-respect ultimately decreasing youconfident. Sometimes it’s very easy to get rid of body odor and some time its bit tricky.Body Odor is the result of sweating of the skin which in turn produces bacteria thatcauses the foul body odor. There are several options available in the market that helpsto eliminate body odor, and body powders are the most familiar way to get rid of odorproblems. Body powder helps to fight unnecessary sweating and body odor, chiefly inthose regions that are most prone to wetness and odor. Many options of body powderare available that you can use in place of your regular perfume or body spray. JustOTCOnline Store provides Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort Body Powder – 10 Oz, which isspecially formulated to offer freshness with all round protection against odor andbacteria. Gold Bond Body Powder is a talc free powder that possesses vitamins A, Cand E for better nourishment of skin. It also contains natural ingredients botanicals suchas Chamomile and Lavender to aid relieve and comfort.Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort Body Powder – 10 Oz:-Body odor is the smell of bacteria forming and flourishing on the body. These bacterianourish and multiply in number very quickly when comes in contact with sweat.Generally, body parts such as underarms, hair, feet, genitals and some sweat affectedareas are found stinking badly. Body odor is the result of acid breakdown product ofsome amino acids by propioni bacteria, which flourish in the vessels of young and adultsebaceous glands. Body odor is the result of two different types of sweat glands that areeccrine and apocrine glands. Eccrine and Apocrine glands in the human body respondand function depending to numerous factors such as stress, heat, nervousness, anger
  2. 2. and sexual excitement. Sweat gland Apocrine secretes certain emissions which is helpsbacteria to flourish and grow and these bacteria grows and produces bad smell. Stinkingbody is the most embarrassing situation and this anti social element causes falling ofones self confidence and self esteem. Many a times this body odor may also result intoskin infection, which might be most irritating and annoying. There are several productsavailable in the market that assist your to counter body odor, but few are useful as theyleave skin with side effect. If you want to defy body odor and stay fresh and up-to-dateamong the friends for all day long, than Chattem offers Gold Bond Ultimate ComfortBody Powder – 10 Oz that prevents body odor making your skin sooth and fresh. GoldBond Body Powder is contains special ingredients to offers ultimate freshness byavoiding body odor and moisture control. It is talc-free powder that keeps our body skindry making fresh and silky-soft all day. Gold Bond Powder is specially formulated andenriched with Aloe and skin-nurturing vitamins such as A, C and E. JustOTC OnlineStore provides, Gold Bond Body Powder at most affordable price for safe and effectiveskin care of the entire family.INDICATIONS:Specially formulated to provide the ultimate in freshness, odor protection and moisturecontrol. Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort Body Powder is a light, talc-free powder that worksto help keep you dry to protect against chafing while it leaves your skin feeling fresh andsilky-soft all day.In fact, Gold Bond Ultimate goes beyond ordinary body powders because it is enrichedwith Aloe and skin-nurturing vitamins A, C and E. It also contains natural botanicals likeChamomile and Lavender to help soothe and comfort.100% Talc-free formula is safe and effective for the entire family. Provides total bodyfreshness and comfort: torso, back, arms, legs, feet. All day odor and moistureprotection. Enhances sleeping comfort. Fresh clean scent.INGREDIENTS:Corn Starch; Sodium Bicarbonate; Silica; Fragrance; Ascorbyl Palmitate; AloeBarbadensis Leaf Extract; Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract; ChamomillaRecutita (Martricaria) Flower Extract; Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract;Acacia Farnesiana Extract; Tocopheryl Acetate; Retinyl Palmitate; PolyoxymethyleneUrea; Isopropyl Myristate; Benzethonium Chloride.DIRECTIONS:Apply liberally on body or undergarments after shower or bath or as often as needed tohelp you feel dry, fresh and comfortable all day long. Sprinkle between sheets to freshenand enhance sleeping comfort.
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