What is a Singh?


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just a basic presentation on what a singh is.

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What is a Singh?

  1. 1. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa – Wah
  2. 2. “O my Sikhs, you knownot what great need Ihave for the heads of mySikhs, come on my sons,taste the cup of life givingdeath” Sri Gobind Singh Ji 1699
  3. 3. What it means to be Amritdhari• One is to inspire, just as Guru Ji did• One is to over come the 5 Evils• One is to preserve truth• That one has made a promise to Guru to live the life as Guru Ji said.• Are you doing that?
  4. 4. Call of Faith Is their any sikh among you all who is ready to lay down his life at a call from me? I need a head! 1st call silence 2nd call silence After the 3rd call bhai Daya ram stepped forward. From then on Guru Gobind Singh Ji said, “Forsake the opinion of the public(on the image of a Sikh) and follow the pursuit of truth and self- less service(seva).”
  5. 5. Guru Gobind Singh` then states that the Sikhs MUST keepSingh(male) or Kaur(Female) to eliminate any caste system and so that the teaching of Guru Nanak on equality are preserved.
  6. 6. The 5 Ks• Guru Gifted the 5 ks upon us, as a reminder of the teaching of Guru ji.• Kara- what you are about to do, would it be against the law of which Guru stated?• Kachera- control over Lust, and so that they are ready.• Kanga- just as lose hair falls out, so will this material world, and to keep the kesh clean.• Kirpan- to preserve the truth, the even means not to lie.• Kesh- Showing God that his creation is complete and perfect.
  7. 7. Gurmukh• Some Singhs asked Guru Gobind Singh “if we want to do your darshan, how should we do it?”• He said do the darshan of just one Gursikh and you have my darshan!• Are you that Gursikh?
  8. 8. Even Guru Gobind Singh Said to the Panj Piare “give me the Amrit that you have been given”So we really can say that it is a gift that Guru Ji gave us.
  9. 9. On a final note, right now and today, can we say that Guru Nanaks’mission is/has been completed? Or have we wondered from the pathagain.Just ask Shri Guru Granth Sahib if you want answers.
  10. 10. Thank youWahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa – Wahe Gu