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JMR Top 5 | Men's Tungsten Wedding Rings


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Men's Tungsten Wedding Rings. Check out JMR's Top 5 selling Men's Tungsten Wedding Rings in 2011.

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JMR Top 5 | Men's Tungsten Wedding Rings

  1. 1. Comfort-fit Classic Tungsten Wedding Band with Slight Dome Polished to a mirror-like shine, and made from tungsten-carbide, it is stronger and more durable than most other metals. It is 7.7 mm wide and cobalt-free and it comes with our Lifetime Guarantee! # 1 Men's Tungsten Wedding Rings
  2. 2. Comfort-fit Tungsten Wedding Band with Gold Grooves Highly polished with a domed profile, this men’s tungsten wedding band is boldly accented with gold-tone grooves! Made from strong and durable tungsten-carbide, this 7 mm ring has a unique radiance and shine.  # 2 Men's Tungsten Wedding Rings
  3. 3. Comfort-fit Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring with Dual Finish This handsome dual finish tungsten carbide ring is 9 mm in width, and it has a substantial weight and a Comfort-fit design. Plus, it comes with our Lifetime Guarantee! # 3 Men's Tungsten Wedding Rings
  4. 4. Comfort-fit Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring  Stylish and virtually indestructible, this tungsten carbide ring is one of our most popular men’s tungsten wedding bands. The face of this 8 mm ring is brushed and the outer edges are polished to a brilliant shine. Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee! # 4 Men's Tungsten Wedding Rings
  5. 5. Comfort-fit Black Tungsten Wedding Ring with Silver-Toned Tungsten Wrap Polished black tungsten is wrapped with a natural silver-toned tungsten band for a unique looking wedding band. This contemporary 9 mm design is virtually indestructible. # 5 Men's Tungsten Wedding Rings