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Justmeans power point

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Justmeans power point

  1. 1. SocialBroker.org<br />Tracy Boyer<br />Alex Cerkovnik<br />Brian Friedlander<br />Wes Melville<br />
  2. 2. The Challenge and Our Strategy<br />Wedevelop a tool that is…<br />Interactive<br />Research is easy to consume and fun to navigate<br />Inspiring<br />Donors are guided to the charities and causes they are most passionate about<br />Personalized<br />Donors receive a personal touch but are also empowered to make their own decisions<br />Credible<br />Aggregate & improve research rankings that reveal charity effectiveness<br />Challenge/Strategy | Other Ideas | Overview | Concept Details | Implementation | Conclusions<br />
  3. 3. Other Ideas Considered<br />Challenge/Strategy | Other Ideas | Overview | Concept Details | Implementation | Conclusions<br />
  4. 4. Proposed Solution: SocialBroker.org<br />85% of charitable donors say they care about NPO performance, but only 3% give based on relative performance. For the other 82% there’s SocialBroker.org!<br />SocialBroker.org is an online tool that creates a unique “social portfolio” of different charities, personalized for each donor. <br />Unlike existing giving options, SocialBroker.org will provide a fast, easy-to-use tool for uncovering and donating to the most effective organizations that are working on the issues an individual is passionate about.*<br />How to create a SocialBroker.org portfolio<br />Uncover your passions. Answer a series of questions about the causes and charities you care about and why, as well as how you like to make an impact.<br />Give us a whirl. SocialBroker.org will use your responses to create a custom social portfolio based on the highest performing NPOs inline with your passions.**<br />Learn more. Don’t see your favorite charity? Learn how it compares to our choices on key metrics.<br />Still not convinced? Change any NPO or relative allocations until your portfolio is perfect … for YOU!<br />*Monthly giving will be the default option so NPOs can direct donations to overhead costs as needed. <br />**Quarterly emails will report on portfolio performance and alert donors to new/updated NPOs aligned with their interests.<br />Challenge/Strategy | Other Ideas | Overview | Concept Details | Implementation | Conclusions<br />
  5. 5. SocialBroker.org: User Experience<br />The SocialBroker.org homepage will provide instant access to the Direct Your Passions test, NPO research bank, personal portfolio dashboard and top performing portfolios. <br />Akin to advanced personality tests, the DIRECT YOUR PASSIONS test will utilize engaging questions, multiple paths and custom flows to match your passions across a number of dimensions, uncover the causes you care most about and learn how you like to give. In under 10 minutes, we’ll provide you with a proposed social portfolio with the highest performing NPOs customized just for you. <br />Welcome back Alex! Your Q3 portfolio results are in! <br />CLICK HERE to view your most recent performance report.<br />Your portfolio is currently ranked 198 of 1,678 similar portfolios (using social return on donation measurements). <br />Take the Direct Your Passions test<br />Before you donate, run your favorite NPO through our powerful search engine to see:<br /><ul><li>Aggregate effectiveness score
  6. 6. % to programs vs. administration and fundraising
  7. 7. Up-to-date news
  8. 8. Expert opinions and reviews</li></ul>SEARCH NPO BANK<br />TOP <br />PERFORMING <br />PORTFOLIOS<br />Learn more about Brian’s approach to combating global poverty<br />Learn more about Tracy’s education strategy<br />Challenge/Strategy | Other Ideas | Overview| Concept Details | Implementation | Conclusions<br />
  9. 9. SocialBroker.org: Measuring Performance<br />At SocialBroker.org, we want all donors to give smarter. So we populate portfolios with the highest performing NPOs matching each donor’s unique passions. <br />To identify the highest performing NPOs, SocialBroker.org:<br />Pulls information from reputable sources that focus on measuring effectiveness<br />Medium-sized organizations working to eradicate poverty and disease in Kenya<br />Aggregates information into a single score that can be used to compare across causes and organizations<br /><ul><li>NPOs will be scored using the metrics and benchmarks of a particular cause, but the scores can be compared across causes</li></ul>SocialBroker.org<br />Score<br />Organization<br />ACTIONAID<br />AMREF<br />IFESH<br />82<br />64<br />87<br />Augments this ranking data with additional research done by our staff of Social Brokers<br /><ul><li>Conversations with NPO managers and insiders
  10. 10. Up-to-date news sources</li></ul>Presents only the most relevant and sought after facts and figures – allowing donors to dig deeper if they desire more information<br />Challenge/Strategy | Other Ideas | Overview| Concept Details | Implementation | Conclusions<br />
  11. 11. Your Personal Social Broker<br />SocialBroker.org adds a personal touch by providing donors who give $1,500+/ year free* access to their own Social Broker – a NPO guru available by phone, email or web chat.<br />For donors who aren’t accustomed to giving online, are used to giving to a community foundation, or just want additional guidance – working with a personal Social Broker can help.<br />Social Brokers stay up-to-date on all aspects of the charitable landscape in order to help you better locate organizations of interest, compare charities, and discuss giving philosophy and strategy.<br />*Initially, donors who want to create portfolios of $1,500 will have free access to social brokers. Depending on demand, we may need to find a more sustainable long-term funding structure.<br />Challenge/Strategy | Other Ideas | Overview| Concept Details | Implementation | Conclusions<br />
  12. 12. Implementation: Marketing & Organization<br />Market Size: $45 billion donated annually by new and switchable individual donors in six segments: Repayer, Casual Giver, High Impact, Faith Based, See the Difference and Personal Ties.<br /> 1% of the Casual Giver, See the Difference, and High Impact segments: $210 million<br /> 0.1% of the Repayer, Faith Based, and Personal Ties segments: $23.9 million<br /> SocialBroker.org Expected Market Penetration (Year 5): $234 million <br />Promotion: Banner advertisements will be placed on partnering sites, such as Charity Navigator. Prepared packets will be distributed to customers of our partnering online financial broker. A marketing blitz will occur after the next humanitarian crisis as a call-to-action for informed giving:<br />“You demand the best return possible on your savings account and investments, why not demand the best possible return on your charitable donations? Discover SocialBroker.org to ensure you are doing the most good with your money.”<br />Organization: SocialBroker.org will be incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We will employ five full-time staff in Year 1: 2 web developers, 1 database manager and 2 social brokers. These employees will be paid using funds from our partnering online financial broker. <br />Courtesy of Hope Consulting<br />Challenge/Strategy | Other Ideas | Overview| Concept Details | Implementation | Conclusions<br />
  13. 13. Implementation: Startup Costs & Funding<br />Startup Costs<br />Largest cost: developing our online platform<br />Earned income: a portion of our social broker salaries will be offset by earned income subscriptions<br />Ramp up: launch with one geographic focus to reduce start-up costs, expand fundraising as concept proves successful, and continue to target new geographic regions<br />$150K<br />$100K<br />$50K<br />$40K<br />An online brokerage firm is a very attractive partner as it can assist with our largest cost by providing pro bono web development support and provide a number of joint marketing opportunities<br />Our Flagship partner will provide the lion’s share of our funding. We will target online brokerage firms for this leadership funding position.<br />Investor/advisory board is made up of donors & NP experts that provide monetary resources and expertise<br />Subscriptions are flat fees paid monthly by donors who opt-in to the full service brokerage service<br />Individual donations to cover overhead costs come from loyal donors who want to contribute to SocialBroker.org’s sustained success<br />Challenge/Strategy | Other Ideas | Overview| Concept Details | Implementation | Conclusions<br />
  14. 14. Conclusions<br />We believe SocialBroker.org has the potential to:<br />Make finding the most effective NPOs easier than ever <br />Be the most efficient yet comprehensive source of NPO information<br />Provide social investors with as much or as little support as they need to maximize their social return on investment<br />Giving is personal! SocialBroker.org seeks to harness each donor’s passions and preferences for maximum impact. <br />Regardless of why you give, SocialBroker.org empowers<br />you to make the most of your charitable donations by making research:<br /><ul><li>Fast
  15. 15. Engaging
  16. 16. Personal
  17. 17. Fun </li></ul>We’re excited about our idea! If you’d like to continue the conversation, email us at SocialBroker.org@gmail.com<br />Challenge/Strategy | Other Ideas | Overview| Concept Details | Implementation | Conclusions<br />