What Is Your Theme Song?


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What Is Your Theme Song?

  1. 1. What is Your Theme Song?byjustjillin | on January 14, 2013A few days ago, a friend of mine, Jackie Lee, wrote a really cool post about being FEARLESS,that is her theme for the year. (Mine is community, thanks for asking) Anyway after reading thepost, I was struck with the thought that she needed a theme song.Turns out she already had a theme song – Here it is for your listening pleasure.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5xxQs34UMx4She then posed the question, What is your theme song to our community of RebelMarketers – Wow so many interesting and motivational songs turned up.Not being big on music, I like the quiet, perhaps it is from raising three teenagers, so far, andhaving a sister that was the DJ in our family, I never felt the need to figure out what I wanted tolisten to at any giving time, I asked my husband and daughter for some ideas.They both know me really well, which is good and bad. Venessa’s first choice was Spirit InThe Sky. She didn’t understand that I was looking for a theme song for my business and while Ilove Spirit In The Sky as it does capture the over all theme of my life I set her back to thethinking board.While discussing this with my husband, truck driver Dave, his first choice was the theme song toX-files. Back to the thinking board for him too.
  2. 2. Venessa’s next selection is another of my favorites, Born To Be Wild. While I really like thissong too, I decided to go with my hubby’s choice…After a day or so, my husband decided that Right Now by Van Halen would be anappropriate theme song for me as he remembered listening to it while I was away atanHerbalife convention. He and Dad were refinishing the floors in a house we had in Denver,while I was away on that trip, when it came on the radio. Dave was thinking that the songsounded like a good motivational song at that time. Like it should be playing as all of the starswalked across the stage. I agree with him! They even managed to work in the *magic* anglewhich is my over all theme, in case you missed it.So here you go. The theme song for Making The MagicHappen – Right Now!http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RlhHpLv8A3UHey do you want to join a fun bunch of people who love to motivate each other, cheer each otheron, support each other all the while you are just chatting on a blog about what interests you inlife? If yes is your answer then you need to tell me:that is the first step to joining our fun and challenging community. Then you need to followthese next steps and get started. Blogging is a great way to learn about yourself and your place inthe world, to discover your gifts and talents or to reveal them and share them with the world andperhaps even discover your theme song! Here is our simple to follow formula we like to callthe…Rebel Marketers’ 90 Day’s of Remarkable Transformation:Empower Network Action Assignments
  3. 3. Total Time to complete the Empower Network Action Assignments: 2 – 3 HoursIf you have more time, spend it marketing “telling others,” learning the tools in your back officeand studying then implementing our team tools.Always focus on 80% Action, 20% LearningIt is better that you learn, but take massive action immediately even if it is not yet “perfect”because you will learn through practice, implementation and keeping this as simple as possible.THINK1) Read the above blog post and decide what is your theme song… what’s one song thatdefines you?If you are not yet in Empower Network, join here and get access to your blogging platformright away so you can get started NOW:WRITE2) Write a blog post about the about YOUR theme song, what it means to you or how you cameabout deciding that is the song that just screams to the world who you are and what you believeand include these action assignments in the bottom of your post.Make sure to share on your Twitter feed and G+ as soon as you Publish your blog post.SHARE3) Share your blog post on your Facebook profile & Fan Page, as well as other social media sitesthat you use.Use the below option to share your blog on Facebook (you will not be able to post your linkdirectly without the below options – choose one)http://socialmediabar.com (use http://tinypic.com to create an image for the link)
  4. 4. Again, share on Twitter, G+, LinkedIN, Facebook through the Social Media Bar button at the topof your postCONNECT4) Take the subject of this post, and write a short introduction of your blog post for your team,and send them a link to your blog post through your Empower Network Back Office My Tools.This can also be sent as a Broadcast Email to your lead list through your auto-responder.If you do not yet have a team, start a conversation with at least 5-10 people on Facebook orother social media sites.(Hint: This is one of the MOST important things you can do, the more relationships you createwith people who have enjoyable conversations with you… the more likely you will grow a teamthat STICKS, that works side by side with you… and that you ENJOY!)LISTEN5) Listen to an audio from the Inner Circle in your Back Office:Login in HERE to get access to this exclusive audio training series.If you are not yet a member, sign up here:READ6) Read your personal manifesto:Here is a copy of Napoleon Hill’s manifesto – insert your own changes and read aloud.DISCUSS
  5. 5. 7) Please Like and Comment on this post, and make sure to include a link to your post so thatwe can Like and Comment on yours.MASTERMIND8) Of course the above Empower Network Action Assignments are important and should bedone Daily, but this last one is a MUST.GET to the NEXT event!This is where you meet other successful people in Empower Network, get nuggets of gold toexplode your business and have the opportunity to network with us and the leaders we knowpersonally (this is invaluable)Login to your back office and click on the button“Are you Ready to Release Your Inner Badass?”I’ll see you in Austin and personally assist you in your own Remarkable Transformation!And let’s get started makin’ some magic happen,