Ghetto Style Fish Taco Recipe


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Ghetto Style Fish Taco Recipe

  1. 1. Ghetto Style Fish Tacos Recipeby justjillin | on January 16, 2013Having spent a significant portion of my life in Sunny Southern California, San Diego specifically, I loveMexican food.Fish Tacos are one of my particular favorites! Fish Tacos are one of those things that you can makea million ways and they always turn out delicious. As long as you have a some fish sticks in the house,of course some corn tortillas and pretty much anything else. This is an easy meal and popular even withthe younger kids. It has become one of my “go to” meals when I’m short on time and have a hungrycrowd to satisfy.I use fry sauce as the sauce in my recipe, partly because we live in Idaho and if you ever saw NapolianDynamite you would understand, that we use fry sauce on EVERYTHING here. Napolian Dynamite wasfilmed in the main town around where I live. I even taught Sunday School in the Dojo! Fun times BoBo.Anyway, I digress, here is the fish tacos recipe I promised.Ghetto Style Fish Tacos Recipe: 1 package of fish sticks - you will need 2 for every taco (this is where you really do use math in real life) baked according to the directions 1 package corn tortilla – warm these up in the microwave or in your oven with a pan of boiling water (so they get warm and stay moist) 1 bowl fry sauce – mix equal parts mayo and ketchup and a spot of the juice from your sweet pickles. Stuff you can add to your fish tacos – this is where it is fun for the kiddos. chopped cabbage, tomatoes, salsa, cheese, limes to squeeze, refried beans, black beans, corn relish, and/or lettuce.
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