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Top ten reasons why people love FMYI.

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  2. 2. WHY FMYI? THE TOP TEN REASONS: 1. LIKE A FAMILIAR FACE. Social networking is in the midst of a hockey stick growth trajectory. Facebook used to be just for college kids. Now, over 300 million people have pages. The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older. Point is, social networking is familiar. It’s easy and intuitive. FMYI is built on this model.
  3. 3. WHY FMYI? THE TOP TEN REASONS: 2. LIKE A SWISS ARMY KNIFE OF INNOVATION. Everything you need in one place. Add a message. Don’t email it. Post a file. Add a link. See progress to date. Build a secure social networking community to increase involvement. Encourage discussions about new ideas. Capture action plans. Get feedback. See a shared calendar. And enjoy the sustainability features built into the site. All in one place. All on one page. All with one click. You can see what’s going on across your entire initiative.
  4. 4. WHY FMYI? THE TOP TEN REASONS: 3. EASY TO LAUNCH. You don’t need extra headcount to roll out FMYI. We help empower your site administrators to get your team on board through the included setup consulting. Training and support is also included from our collaboration specialists. And with our hosted version, we minimize the impact on your IT division.
  5. 5. WHY FMYI? THE TOP TEN REASONS: 4. EXPERIENCE WITH CORPORATE IT. We enjoy working with corporate IT FMYI gives customers a tool that can be immediately deployed and supported without extra divisions to make sure their requirements burden on staff. By simply signing up, customers receive immediate access, can begin using the service and receive quality, free support from FMYI’s collaboration specialists. This approach are met and exceeded for small to very lowers barriers to entry enables them to quickly get started with their project or initiative. Media companies, including HBO, have empowered teams with FMYI for this very reason, sharing large teams. information across various departments and working in very efficient way: “Finding an affordable hosted solution that meets our business needs, which is also secure and easy to support, is a welcome change. FMYI continues to be responsive and that makes our job easier, and allows us to focus our resources on other areas…" —Michael Gabriel, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer, HBO Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is currently using FMYI to bring together “Green Teams” that operate in more than 200 properties worldwide to collaborate and share sustainable best practices: “Working with FMYI has allowed us to create a tool that connects all of our hotels together using one central platform. On any given day, you can see employees on opposite sides of the world sharing best practices, collaborating on concepts or sharing news and information. This has fostered not only a greater sense of community across our hotels, but it also gives me a tremendous insight into the many wonderful environmental initiatives happening around the world." —Brigitta Witt, Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
  6. 6. WHY FMYI? THE TOP TEN REASONS: 5. BETTER USER ADOPTION. We’re focused on driving user adoption. Microsoft Sharepoint Often, FMYI is brought in when other Interface doesn’t look like a social networking site like platforms aren’t getting the desired user If you use a social networking site like Facebook, you Facebook which inhibits user adoption. Sharepoint is built Usability know how to use FMYI. We think this is a more effective, fun, and approachable model for everyone. This is what around the more static model of intranets. Takes time and money to customize the interface, and then you need to gets people using the site frequently. address interaction functionality, additional features, adoption for the business. We solve the navigation, and support. problem by having a social networking FMYI is built from the ground up for dialogue and frequent interaction. The home page is similar to Put together by Microsoft around the intranet model which is less interactive (announcements and files). Not Interaction Facebook’s feed where you can scan all the latest posts and jump in witih comments. Each page in the site looks designed from the ground up for ongoing dialogue like a social networking site. Rarely do Sharepoint sites replace like a blog, and encourages easy posting of messages, site look and feel right out of the box, files, links, events, tasks, and more. email conversations. tools to stimulate dialogue as opposed to Flexible permissions controls to establish who can see what. Site administrator can set tags (search labels, Difficult to use and inflexible permissions controls. No Features topics, page categories, etc) to make it easy to find content. FMYI has a fast search engine that can do both sustainability features. Takes time and money to develop and deploy changes (this is included with FMYI). just being an intranet site, offering flexible keyword searches (including into Word and PDF documents) and filtered searches based on tags. permissions controls, a simple navigation You don’t need to worry about getting lost within the site. There’s only two levels - main pages like the “Home” Navigation page, and individual pages for discussions, green teams, profiles, etc. There’s always a consistent navigation bar at Confusing navigation including nested folders. structure, and all the support you’ll need the top so you can get anywhere quickly. to roll out the site successfully. We help set up your site and deliver training to drive user adoption. Everyone on your site can contact FMYI with Costs extra or requires more work for your staff and IT to Support questions at any time for no extra charge to reduce the burden on your staff and IT. We have extensive support. No specialized knowledge about sustainability initiative sites. knowledge of sustainability initiatives and we tailor customized support to your needs.
  7. 7. WHY FMYI? THE TOP TEN REASONS: 6. THE PRESS IS BUZZING. We’re excited that reviews in the media of “If you’re looking for a tool that can help your team collaborate and manage projects in a natural way that has a low learning curve and minimal barriers to entry, it’s worth checking FMYI out.” – New York Times: “FMYI 6.0 — Faster, Sleeker Collaboration via a Facebook-like Site” FMYI have been very positive and “As a longtime Facebook user and Basecamp advocate, I was impressed with fmyi's tool set, which seems to reflect the way many of my friends and colleagues have become used to collaborating—in an ad hoc, dynamic way, with an emphasis on transparency. At the same time, it's devoid of some of the weaknesses of other systems I've tried, such as a lack of security or robust permissions recognize our competitive advantage. and a constant tug-of-war between information overload from a firehose-like stream of content and overly segmented pockets that restrict sharing. – BusinessWeek/GigaOM: “Nike, HBO, Sony Tap FMYI for Collaboration” “The Wall Street Journal has made it official: email’s reign is over. What are people using instead?...(The) latest alternative looks pretty interesting. Imagine a site that offered SharePoint-like file sharing, scheduling, and online collaboration features. Now dress it up in a Facebook-like interface with user profiles and news feeds. You’d have FMYI, a site that combines collaboration and social networking features in a surprisingly compelling way…The interface is clean and simple…Based on my experience, this is one of the better online collaboration sites and definitely worth checking out.” – BNET (CBS Interactive): “Email Is Dead! Use This Cross Between SharePoint and Facebook Instead” “FMYI’s attractive design is similar to those of social networking sites like Facebook, and it works kind of like them, too, which makes the task of filling in one’s colleagues on what you’ve been up to feel more fun, and should help drive adoption within your organization,while at the same time making it easy to track things like tasks and deadlines.” – Web Worker Daily: “FMYI 6.0 — Faster, Sleeker Collaboration via a Facebook-like Site” “One point of difference from other collaboration tools is that FMYI is committed to sustainability: It purchases renewable energy credits for clients’ FMYI power usage, while the app itself enables a team to track its sustainable commuting methods.” – Salon: “FMYI 6.0 — Faster, Sleeker Collaboration via a Facebook-like Site” “Not only does the new design step it up a notch, the clean interface makes FMYI feel easier to use. And that’s always a good thing….But even more impressive than the beautiful new chrome job? The big names that are lauding the value of FMYI…While I’ve always been a fan of FMYI, I have to admit that the latest version has me championing it even more. If you’re looking for some tools to help get your whole team on the same page, I highly recommend giving FMYI a test drive.” – Silicon Florist: “It’s not project management, it’s FMYI: HBO and other big names laud Portland-based collaboration platform” “...It’s like Facebook for the office…that’s cool because it means FMYI encourages work teams to take action in a fun environment. Users can manage projects, track sales prospects, collaborate with clients, build a library and create databases…In addition to some good looking collaboration, FMYI is also on an environmental tip. The company focuses heavily on minimizing their footprint, and points out ways in which their helping save the trees has been a part of their process from the very beginning…The company certainly has some great goals and what is seemingly a ton of moral fiber. Big names like HBO, Sony, Nike and Hyatt Hotels have already jumped on FMYI’s wagon…” – CMSWire: “Have Fun at Work with FMYI’s Facebook-like Application”
  8. 8. WHY FMYI? THE TOP TEN REASONS: 7. SUSTAINABILITY MISSION. From the beginning in 2004, FMYI’s FMYI FOUNDER JUSTIN YUEN. mission has been to empower teams to Justin founded FMYI in 2004 after a successful career at Nike where most recently he oversaw make a difference. We exist to help you sustainability business integration as a senior manager in corporate sustainable development. Prior to that role, he was the company’s head of footwear quality for the Europe/Middle East/Africa minimize your environmental footprint, region based in the Netherlands. Accomplishments while at Nike included creating innovative organizational change programs, designing collaboration tools, building the business case for maximize your societal impact, and grow sustainability, and managing global employee training. sustainably. Justin conceived FMYI due to his passion for sustainability and an interest in how advances in technology can help lessen our impact on the planet while positively affecting society. He is currently Co-Chair of the City of Portland/Multnomah County Sustainable Development Commission as well as Chair of the Board of Directors for The Natural Step Network. Justin serves on the Board of Directors of the Portland Parks Foundation, the Northwest Earth Institute and Portland State University’s Center for Global Leadership in Sustainability. Formerly, he served on the Advisory Board of the University of Michigan’s Erb Institute For Global Sustainable Business, Portland State University’s Implementing Sustainability Program, and the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Justin has completed courses in the Executive Education Program at the Columbia University School of Business and holds a degree in International Studies from The Johns Hopkins University. You can reach Justin directly at justin@fmyi.com or 971.222.3016 x801.
  9. 9. WHY FMYI? THE TOP TEN REASONS: 8. SUSTAINABILITY FEATURES. Our sustainability commitment covers SUSTAINABILITY PEOPLE PLANET PROFIT three areas: our corporate practices, The key piece to a sustainability commitment Enables telecommuting by providing your team Empowers your team with templates and Saves money on printing and shipping is having a green online with an easy-to-use, content built in for office like fmyi. organized place for all Saves money when growing your features within every site (commuting Why? It serves as a information sustainability initiative people telecommute and avoid time lost when platform to grow your Creates community Promotes digital commuting team’s sustainability around your content, tracker, print views that minimize toner/ initiative, minimizes your bringing together a team collaboration Saves money when people are up to date on environmental footprint, across an office or around Reduces ink, toner, and and generates profits the world the site and flying is paper usage through reduced for catch up ink/pages, sustainability information, and through eco-effciency efforts and fmyi’s Reduces stress by special print view meetings workflow features. keeping everything Encourages sustainable organized and up to date Generates profits through commuting through a fmyi’s workflow features renewable energy offsets while you use Think about the hours each day your team in one place tracker embedded into (efficient project Connects people with each site management, institutional spends sharing information. Having them FMYI’s partnerships for knowledge base, sales FMYI purchases your site), and our template for running collaborating on fmyi’s sustainability including conferences, car sharing renewable energy tracking, etc) so opportunities don’t slip green online office is the credits for your perfect way to emphasize options, and more through the cracks computer energy usage your sustainability initiative. your commitment to sustainability. while on the site FMYI’s corporate practices commitment. Sustainability has been a part of who we are from the beginning and is written into our Articles of Incorporation. Our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint, and maximize our societal impact. We realize that sustainability is a marathon, not a sprint, and is an eternal learning process. Employees are encouraged to commute sustainably. We offer free public transit passes to employees, discounts on carsharing through Zipcar, access to bikes, flexible telecommuting options, and encourage use of public transportation to meetings on TriMet. We're a Recycle at Work partner, purchase renewal energy, compost at work, and have our offices in leading edge buildings with a sustainability commitment. We utilize paperless collaboration on FMYI, computers rated at least a silver through EPEAT, business cards from Pinball Publishing, and office products from Green Home. Sustainability is also part of the criteria we use when evaluating vendors. Every employee goes through Natural Step training and can take advantage of volunteer opportunities. We’re using our business as a platform to raise awareness about sustainability. It's how we empower teams to make a difference.
  10. 10. WHY FMYI? THE TOP TEN REASONS: 9. SUSTAINABILITY CLIENTS. Because of our sustainability mission, many sustainability initiatives and sustainability-related NGOs/associations/ social enterprises use FMYI for sharing best practices, managing ongoing communications, fostering collaboration, posting videos, calendars, setting green team tasks, building a library of sustainability files/links, and much more. The list is growing every day.
  11. 11. WHY FMYI? THE TOP TEN REASONS: 10. A GREAT VALUE. FMYI never charges a setup or extra customer support fee. And with our hosted version, new features are being released all the time so your site is seamlessly upgraded frequently. You also enjoy the peace of mind that we have experience handling sites with more than 20,000 invited users.