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Story Planet Episode


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Story Planet Episode

  1. 1. Sample Episode Max and Huh Segment One – Story Building – total duration, 3 minutes Max Intro - 1 minute Sci Fi web module - 30 seconds I’m MAX, and I love writing stories about weird things and designing new cool charac- What is Science Fiction all about, with some examples of this genre. ters. Here’s an awesome story I wrote about a confused alien called ‘Huh’, check him out… He gets lost on Earth when he stops by for an alien bathroom break! He meets up with Jules this teenager who, like, protects this sort of hideout for other lost aliens. As you’ve probably guessed, this is a science fiction story…
  2. 2. Sample Episode Max and Huh Max on creating a story - 45 seconds Character web module – 30 seconds I always start by drawing a character when I do my stories. This one sort of came to me Character development – what they look like, what they do, where they do it, who they because I was trying different body shapes and thinking about how a funny alien might do it with, dreams and fears. look. Then I thought about what things he does that make him funny and I came up with the idea off an alien who always needs to go to the washroom (nothing like me!) and that gets him into all sorts of crazy trouble! I also thought about who his side kick might be and that’s when I came up with Jules.
  3. 3. Sample Episode Max and Huh Segment Two - Preproduction Max conclusion – 15 seconds Max Intro - 30 seconds Because I love to draw, I really wanted to create an animation of my story, check in on Hey, I’m Max, I’ve written this story called, “Huh. The Story of a Lost Alien”. I really like Segment Two to see how I work with a real animator to create, “Huh. The Story of a Lost my drawings for the characters and today I get to meet with, like, the actual real team Alien” that’s gonna help me make them into an animation. These are people that make anima- tion and get paid for it, and get to show their stuff on TV!
  4. 4. Sample Episode Max and Huh Production Team web module - 30 seconds Max and the brainstorming session - 45 seconds Who they are and what they do - Producer, Director, Designer, Mentor Animator, Story- Using documentary style shooting, we follow Max and the team (with a focus on the board artist animator, director, and Max) and look at the style of Max’s drawings and what the back- grounds (settings) might be. Max prompts some discussion when he asks, “Can we mix my drawings with some real backgrounds, sort of like photos?” After briefly reviewing different kinds of animations, Max decides on drawn animation as the medium, “I really want to see my own drawings come to life!”
  5. 5. Sample Episode Max and Huh Drawn Animation web module - 30 seconds Max’s on getting his pictures ready – 45 seconds Ok, to get my characters ready for the next step Stacey showed me how to draw dif- ferent views of my characters and what they looked like doing stuff like walking and also, this is pretty fun actually, what they look like when they’re angry, or excited or surprised. We also had to think about the setting, like the backgrounds and everything which I don’t usually because I usually just concentrate on the characters!! Next we have to put the story all into pictures called the storyboard – yikes!
  6. 6. Sample Episode Max and Huh Segment 3 - Production Max Intro - 30 seconds Storyboard web module - 30 seconds Hey Max here!. So, this story I wrote, “Huh. The Story of a Lost Alien” is going to be- come a drawn animation film! I’ve come up with the story and the pictures of the char- acters, now I’m gonna work on the storyboard with Stacey – the real animator who’s helping me…
  7. 7. Sample Episode Max and Huh Max in production - 45 seconds Max on finishing his animation – 30 seconds Doc style following Max and Stacey, the animator, through character build, layout and It’s so awesome to see my story come to life! I loved watching Stacey make Huh move animation. and she even liked that idea I had about how we should do the really cool close up shot. But you know what really shocked me? What a difference the music and sounds make!
  8. 8. Sample Episode Max and Huh Segment 4 Reveal Sound track web module - 45 seconds Max Intro – 1 minute 30 seconds I wrote this great story and you won’t believe what we did with it .. Recap of the process from the previous three segments. I’m very excited about it ... check it out…
  9. 9. Sample Episode Max and Huh Animation including credits (Created by The One and Only MAX! ... ) – 1 minute 30 seconds
  10. 10. Thank You!