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The purpose of this presentation is to outline the top 10 slide tips to best aid one's presentation. The top 10 slide tips were created by Garr Reynolds. The link to Garr Reynolds' Top 10 Slide Tips:

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  • Garr Reynolds Top 10 Slide Tips
  • Slides are not “stars of the show”
    Simple slides help audiences listen to you
    Slide itself should not be overly important- what one says should be most important
  • There should not be many words on slideshow
    Slides are meant to be support system for speaker
    Keep slides simple and three to four words on them
  • Keep professional- too many animations are not professional
    Only two to three transitions
    Do not place transitions on every slide
  • Your own photos or photos off the internet- make sure they creative commons photos
    Do not stretch small image
    Avoid Clip Art
    Make sure photos add to professionalism
    Try using photos of people- helps them connect emotionally
  • Consistent theme
    Try creating your own theme
    Purchase professional template
  • Give appropriate amount of information
    Choose the chart that aids your data
    Pie Chart
    Line Chart
    Vertical Bar Chart
    Horizontal Bar Chart
  • Colors pull to one’s emotions- the right color can motivate
    Professional colors- make the slideshow looks professional
    Cool colors work well in the background
    Warm colors work better in the foreground
    Tailor your color scheme to the environment you are presenting in
  • Use San-serif fonts
    Avoid font Helvetica
    Make sure text can be read from the back of the room
    Use same font throughout presentation
  • Use video to show concrete examples
    Video is a change of pace in presentation
    Make sure audio is meaningful- an irrelevant noise can be annoying
  • Logical flow in the presentation
    Information is learned better in smaller chunks
    Keeping slides simple can help learning- remove any unnecessary graphs or visual data
  • Top10 Slide Tips By Justin Selep

    1. 1. Top 10 Slide Tips Article by Garr Reynolds Source: Image Credit : Paul Hudson
    2. 2. Keep It Simple Image Credit: Sean MacEntee
    3. 3. Limit Bullet Points & Text Image Credit: Sean MacEntee
    4. 4. Limit Transitions and Builds Image Credit: Gwen Vanhee
    5. 5. Use High Quality Graphics Image Credit: John ‘K’
    6. 6. Have A Visual Theme Image Credit: Tom Magliery
    7. 7. Image Credit: John Gardner
    8. 8. Image Credit: Albastrica Mititica Use Color Well
    9. 9. Choose Your Fonts Well Image Credit: Leo Reynolds
    10. 10. Use Video or Audio Image Credit: Laineema
    11. 11. Use Slide Sorter Image Credit: Noaman Ali