How I would grow Airbnb in NYC as City Manager: A 100 day plan


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Airbnb is growing it's New York office. This slide deck takes you through what I would do as City Manager of the NYC office in my first 100 days. I'm passionate about Airbnb and what to help them continue to grow in NYC. So please spread the word!

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How I would grow Airbnb in NYC as City Manager: A 100 day plan

  1. 1. GROW AIRBNB IN NYC A 100 day plan on what I would do as City Manager of Airbnb NYC By Justin Reitman
  2. 2. DEFINE THE STRATEGY • To grow the NYC market, Airbnb must grow the SUPPLY • Why? 1. ‘In most cities [we] are supply constrained‘ -Brian Chesky Pandomonthly (2:13:20) 2. Tourism & visitors to NYC grows 5% yoy on average International visitor growth averages 10% yoy
  3. 3. STRATEGY TO GROW SUPPLY Supply will grow when four requirements are met 1. Clarification on best practices 2. Open channels of communication 3. Positive repeatable experiences 4. Opportunities beyond the current market
  4. 4. 100 DAYS OF EXECUTION Clarity + Communication Enhance Experiences Grow Market Opportunity 0 - 30 31 - 60 61 - 100
  5. 5. 0-30: CLARITY + COMMUNICATION • Clarifying the legality of Airbnb and best practices are key to keeping a strong user base and growing that base • Why? • Uber overcame similar obstacles in NYC ‘Our goal was to grow Uber within the confines of the law. It allowed us to solidify the supply side [drivers] so that we could meet the demand.  This was paramount because in the beginning drivers were concerned with the legality in New York‘ -Andrew Chapin (Head of Operations Uber NYC 2011-2012)
  6. 6. 0-30: CLARITY + COMMUNICATION • Create guides for best practices • Execution: 1. Engage all stakeholders to understand concerns local concerns • Stay and meet with New York hosts • Host guests; meet with neighbors, landlords, supers and policy makers 2. Work with the Policy Team to develop a best practices guide • Initial focus ‘How to operate within the bounds of the law’ • Goal: Ease any friction to on-boarding a new host and limit the number of current hosts that leave the platform • Grow best practices guide around wiki model (1) Alerting neighbors and stakeholders, (2) Logistics for having guests* *Some of this is being captured in Groups but its not public to ‘new hosts’
  7. 7. 0-30: CLARITY + COMMUNICATION • Improve communication with stakeholders • Execution: • Create @Airbnb_NY: A direct line for hosts, guests, other stakeholders to communicate more effectively with Airbnb in NYC • Bring on another member or expanding the community manager role • Establish regular meetups that engage stakeholders beyond the “host meetups” • The first meetup is scheduled for November 14th at Alley NYC. Panel will discuss best practices of the shareable economy in NYC and how to work with the City. Panelists include Justin Ginsburgh GM NYC Bike Share, Josh Mohrer GM Uber NYC
  8. 8. 31-60: ENHANCE THE EXPERIENCES • “We [Airbnb] are a hospitality company at the end of the day.” Brian Chesky (Techcrunch TV 6:06 10/7/13) • Airbnb must grow the user experience beyond booking to become a more robust hospitality company • Why? • Positive repeatable experiences bring users back and helps ensure a great experience for first time users
  9. 9. 31-60: ENHANCE THE EXPERIENCES • Air-lounge: local places where travelers can relax and connect with other travelers* • Execution: • Select local coffee shops, pubs and cafés to be designated Air-lounges • Test Air-lounges in three neighborhoods (two in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn) • Goal: Launch 10 Air-lounges by day 60. If validated, establish at least one Airlounge in each of the 52 neighborhoods by the end of 2014 • Air-lounges reduce the burden on logistics for the host; provide meeting places for other travelers to meet and share experiences; grow exposure for local businesses *Air-lounges have been experimented with in San Francisco. A continued roll out to NYC is important to reducing any friction to hosting guests and connecting travelers.
  10. 10. 31-60: ENHANCE THE EXPERIENCES • Host Tours: allow hosts to share their city to more guests and beyond the confines of their home • Execution: • Connect hosts with guests staying in the neighborhood to give local walking tours • Use data from Airbnb Groups to create repeatable walking tours • Test Host Tours in three neighborhoods (two in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn) • Tours allow hosts to expand their entrepreneurial offerings beyond the home
  11. 11. EVALUATION Guides for best practices Air-lounge • Does host retention stabilize after introduction • How many guides beyond the initial three are created by the community • • @Airbnb_NY What percentage of NYC guests and hosts engage with the channel Are hosts and guest utilizing the establishments similar to San Francisco Are local businesses experiencing increased foot traffic and revenue Host Tours Are hosts stepping up to be tour guides or do we have to bring on additional staff • • Has @Airbnb_NY identified problems on the local level that can be mitigated easily • • Which tours are the most popular
  12. 12. 61-100: AIRBNB ENTERPRISE • Airbnb’s focus has been on the experience of the vacationer, but they should expand to accommodate the business traveler in certain markets • Why Expand to Enterprise? • Total travel and tourism industry is roughly $2 Trillion -World Travel Tourism Council • Global business travel is expected to exceed $1 Trillion this year, $273 Billion in the United States alone -Global Business Travel Association • It’s in Airbnb’s DNA! • Airbnb started out at an alternative accommodation at a design conference 2007 connecting business travelers in San Francisco
  13. 13. 61-100: AIRBNB ENTERPRISE • Offer the experiences business travelers need to be productive • Execution: • Target small and local businesses, conferences, consultants • Establish Enterprise certified hosts: have wifi, access to cleaners, etc • Leverage sharable economy companies to complete the experience for the traveler • • • Transportation: Uber and ZipCar Productive meeting space: Co-workings spaces provide desks and meeting rooms (Alley NYC, Green Spaces, Grind, New Work City, We Work, etc) Expand into the longer term stay market - corporate apartments
  14. 14. RECAP: 100 DAYS OF EXECUTION Clarity + Communication Enhance Experiences Grow Market Opportunity 0 - 30 31 - 60 61 - 100 Guides for Best Practice Launch @Airbnb_NY Expand Meetups ✓ Air-lounges Host Tours Airbnb Enterprise