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Get More Email Subscribers: Keys to Growing Your Blog's List


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Are you building your blog's email list as fast as you could be?

If you're anything like most bloggers, probably not.

In this presentation, you'll learn what your forms must do to make people want to subscribe, how to turn your most popular pages into subscriber magnets, and where to place your forms so that every visitor, no matter how they get to your site, can join your list.

This presentation was originally given at #FinCon12.

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Get More Email Subscribers: Keys to Growing Your Blog's List

  1. 1. Get MoreEmail Subscribers Justin Premick @justinpremick
  2. 2. At 9:15,You’ll Know:• 2 things your forms must do to make people join your list• How to turn your 2 most popular pages into subscriber magnets• 3 more places on your blog to build your list
  3. 3. Normal Blog• Header: title, picture• Navigational tabs: about, contact, topics• Main column: posts• Sidebar: related posts, social media links, search bar
  4. 4. Normal BlogSucks at building an email list!
  5. 5. Normal Blog• Links for RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ (really?), Pinterest (come on...)• But no email opt-in form -- or it’s buried somewhere• Doesn’t get anyone excited about subscribing
  6. 6. To Get People To Opt In,Your Forms Must... • Make a COMPELLING offer • Put the subscriber at easeMost Forms FAIL TO DO THIS!
  7. 7. How To Get MoreSubscribers From Your2 Most Popular Pages
  8. 8. Your Homepage• It’s not just about the sidebar form• Creatively place inline forms• Test lightbox/hover forms
  9. 9. “Greeter” Forms• First-time visitors don’t usually return• Don’t be shy about asking for the opt-in
  10. 10. Your About PageOne of your most visited pagesWhy not build your list from it?
  11. 11. 3 More Places to Build Your Email List
  12. 12. #1: Sidebar• Appears on every page• Easy to add via WordPress widgets• Higher = more visible = more opt-ins• Keep it simple. Why should I subscribe?
  13. 13. #2: End of Posts“Like what you just read? There’s more great stuff where that came from...”
  14. 14. #3: Comment FormCommenters are extra engaged than non- commenters.Make it easy for them to join your list and come back later.
  15. 15. WIIFM?
  16. 16. Thank You! Get the Find Me Here @justinpremick