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Our core message is “joined up governance”. We are joining up project/portfolio governance with service delivery governance, financial governance, outsourcing governance and corporate governance within a single cloud-based system and SLAs, KPIs, actions, risks, issues, projects, financials, commercials, people’s opinions - all in one place at last. Drives ownership and accountability. Brilliant reports and even better context, perspective, accountability and audit trails across the big things you are managing.

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  • If we look at the core capabilites of the system3 primary2 secondary
  • Joined-Up-Governance

    1. 1. Interested inJoined-Up-Governance across multiple suppliers (or clients)? Justin Mullen Director of MSS Multi-sourcing Governance Strategic Vendor/Client Management Project Portfolio Governance
    2. 2. Governing Multi-sourcing Internal Stakeholders Financial Services Public Sector Customers Manufacturing Government Etc. Executives Supplier - 3rd Party IT Service Provider CLIENT Managers ORGANISATION SLAs, Projects, CCNs, Actions, Risks, Issues Multiple Suppliers / Vendor Management Supplier - 3rd Supplier - Any Party BPO Other 3rd Party Service Provider Service ProviderWeb: Contact:
    3. 3. Governing Outsourcing (or shared services) Finance Business Unit 2 Client Side SLAs, Projects, CCNs, Actions, Risks, Issues Manufacturing Business Unit 1 3rd Party IT Service Provider OUTSOURCER SHARED SERVICE SERVICE PROVIDER Retail Supplier Side Business Unit 3 SLAs, Projects, CCNs, Actions, Risks, Issues Multiple Clients & 3rd Party BPO Service Any Other 3rd Multiple Suppliers Party Service ProviderWeb: Contact: Provider
    4. 4. Governing Portfolios/Projects Stakeholder Communications Multiple Projects Complex Governance Progress, Deliverables, Key Milestones, Benefits, Actions, Risks, Issues, Changes, Costs CAPITAL / IT TRANSFORMATION DEVELOPMENT PORTFOLIO PROGRAMMES SERVICE TRANSITION IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS PROJECTS Resources, roles, responsibilities, etc.Web: Contact:
    5. 5. Delivered From The Cloud Executives Stakeholders Managers iPhone iPad Hosted / shared Web reporting performance Suppliers and governance Secure Area Connecting Disconnected Information to enable Governance Information sources for reports include peoples opinions and systems e.g. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, transaction systems, etc. MS Project MS Excel Manager MS PowerPoint Plans ACD, Helpdesk, CRM, Risk and Progress status reports ERP, BI tools Issues LogWeb: Contact:
    6. 6. Running live in Under 4 WeeksWeb: Contact:
    7. 7. Managed Service Solutions - Areas we supportProjects (Transition / Transformation) Service Delivery (BAU) Performance (Operational/Financial)Strategy and outcomes maps Portfolio view Service SLA report view Value chain impact view Corporate outcome scorecard Outcome map views Critical milestones view Risk profile Benefits view Functional scorecardsCorporate change schedule Portfolio effectiveness scorecard Change Workflow management Service risk scorecard Major KPI and risk scorecard Transformational scorecardPrioritisation view• Strategic outcome • Portfolio management • Multi-client, multi • Outsourcing • Outcome maps linked • Risk management mapping model supplier portal requirements/evaluation to risk, performance system and reporting• Initiative prioritisation • On-line PIDs/definitions and delivery • Workflowed CR and • Service operations • Governance action and (9/10) • Initiative approval CCN processes reporting • Bespoke MI/BI status tracking• Transformation KPI gates/workflow solutions. • Service reports • Connect to multiple data • Data mapping/ definition • PPM consolidation from sources and supplier • User customisable transform/ correction. • Service improvement• Stakeholder and MSP/other tools systems scorecards. plans (SIPs) business alignment • Status and effectiveness • Daily, weekly, monthly • Library of 50+ ‘topic model • Online service Tracking and reporting. measures views’ drilldown definitions and SLAs• Resource modelling • Workflowed CR mgmt • Scorecards, value chain • Contract managementWeb: Contact: views
    8. 8. Core Components Stakeholder Governance & Reporting Programme ServiceGovernance & Governance &Performance Performance
    9. 9. “The system has created added value for Unisys with a major client in the 9 months we have used it, ……………….from improved CSAT scores to increased profitability of the account. Richard Lawson EMEA Procurement Manager UnisysWeb: Contact:
    10. 10. “It’s one of those solutions you rarely encounter, where you can say Within a month The ‘that’s going to system came back 80- make a huge 90% set-up and just difference’. required some Bob Thomas finessing” CIO, Mole Valley DC Paul Anderson Policy and Performance Manager, Mole Valley DCWeb: Contact:
    11. 11. KEY BENEFITS • Operational in 2 weeks • Easy to adopt – gets used immediately and comprehensively • Costs – Pilot circa £10-15k – On-going costs equivalent of 1 • Training < 4 hrs per person – (max 2) FTEs depending on usage reduces cost • Uses existing data feeds for – Vendor Performance • Significant savings over – Programme Performance other alternative solutions – Service Performance – potentially exceeding £200k in licenses and integration costs – Governance and OUTSOURCERS SHARED SERVICES END CLIENTS
    13. 13. Sample View Overall StatusCritical Tasks/DeliverablesKey Assurance Indicators Critical Milestones Aggregrated progress Risks and Issues
    14. 14. CIO Scorecard
    15. 15. Programme Governance Scorecard
    16. 16. Vendor financial management scorecard
    17. 17. More samples in full sample scorecard OUTSOURCERS SHARED SERVICES END CLIENTS