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Conducting music with react native and machine learning

Today's smartphones have all that's necessary to be an electronic conductors baton. You can use accelerometers and machine learning to detect music conducting gestures that affect the tempo (BPM) and dynamic range of MIDI music.

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Conducting music with react native and machine learning

  1. 1. React native Overview It’s a mobile app framework that allows you to build a native mobile app with JavaScript You can expect the same level of performance as a native mobile app Web developers can use their existing JavaScript skills
  2. 2. JavaScript Bridge iOS Android Bass Midi C++ GRT C++ GRT C++ Bass Midi C++
  3. 3. Counts the number of zero crossings that occur in an N dimensional signal over a given window.
  4. 4. • Dynamic time warping (DTW) • Supervised learning classification algorithm • Measures similarity between two temporal sequences that very in speed • Common used for speech and signature recognition
  5. 5. Links to the Code and to Learn More Demo Code: Gesture Recognition Toolkit (GRT) Bass Midi: AirConductor App: conductor