Profile Of A Successful Youth Program Slides


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Presentation from DC Youth Consortium (July 2008) on what a successful youth programme has and what some different models to consider might be.

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Profile Of A Successful Youth Program Slides

  1. 1. Profile of a Successful Youth Program
  2. 2. Youth Program Must-Haves
  3. 3. 1. Where is your youth involvement?
  4. 4. 2. Build the Case for Youth Involvement • Have a thorough understanding of the chapter’s strengths in service delivery • Consult the chapter's strategic plan and highlight the added value youth and young adult involvement will bring • Have a team of dedicated youth volunteers that will take on the challenge of forming a youth council • Build a business case for youth involvement • Have access to key decision makers in the chapter’s leadership team and board of directors and secure their support • Document and tell the success stories
  5. 5. 3. Have a Permanent Youth Programs Staff Member Ensure continuity in building your youth program by having a permanent contact – paid or volunteer staff
  6. 6. Youth Program Models
  7. 7. volunteers at chapter youth youth chapter youth youth
  8. 8. youth group at chapter, no clubs chapter youth council
  9. 9. clubs at schools, no youth leadership at chapter club club club chapter club club
  10. 10. chapter with clubs and youth council chapter youth council clubs
  11. 11. youth council a youth leadership group at a Red Cross unit that engages local youth in mission-related lines of service
  12. 12. types of youth council structures
  13. 13. members, director-led ys director member member member
  14. 14. coordinators, director-led ys director disaster international preparedness response
  15. 15. coordinators, youth-led youth chair(s) ys director disaster international preparedness response
  16. 16. committees youth chair(s) ys director international disaster preparedness coordinator response youth youth shelter measles instructors team committee
  17. 17. Tentative Activities • Preparedness & • Leadership training Response (LDC) • International Services • Webmaster • Service to Armed Forces • Red Cross clubs • Blood Services • Volunteer Recruitment / Volunteer Management • Health and Safety • Retention / Recognition • Marketing & Communication • Fundraising
  18. 18. Empowering Youth to Deliver the Red Cross Mission Develop a network of school clubs
  19. 19. Empowering Youth to Deliver the Red Cross Mission Plan and deliver mission- related service projects
  20. 20. Empowering Youth to Deliver the Red Cross Mission Build partnerships with other local organizations